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“What are you doing here? Have I not told you that you are no longer welcome around my son?” Urioma asked Chinagorom. Her voice was filled with disdain and anger. “I just wanted to find out how he is doing. I…I did nothing wrong to your son. I love him with all my life. I would give my life to save his, if I could…if that would work,” Chinagorom explained. They were standing at the door to Chikere’s new room at the hospital. He was still in coma. “Please, I beg of you, let me see him. I love him with all my life.” “No is the answer. I don’t want you near my son, period.”

“Let the girl come in, Urioma,” Ikemba said from inside the room. “Stay out of this!!!” Urioma shouted. “Chikere! Are you moving?” Ikemba asked inside. He rushed to Chikere’s bedside. Urioma dashed in too, trying to shut the door behind her, but Chinagorom held the door. She rushed in after her. “He is moving!” Ikemba shouted. Chikere opened his eyes, groggily. His eyes squinted as a wave of light rushed into them. “Honey!” Chinagorom shouted. “Chii-chii,” Chikere said. “What? What are you saying my son? You are alive. Thanks be to God!” Ikemba declared. “Chinagorom!” Chikere said. “Yes honey, I am here. I am here my love!”

She sat beside him, placing a hand over his eyes. Then, she picked up a bottle of water and placed it over his mouth. “Drink some water my love.” He sipped it briefly, and then opened his eyes wider. “Is that you, my Chinagorom?” he asked. “Yes my love, it is me. Your parents are here too.” “Yes my child, we are here, Chikere. I don’t even know how to describe my joy,” Ikemba said. “Is this you talking, Chikere,” said Urioma. “What happened to me? Where am I? What day is it? Chinagorom my dear, I am so glad to have you beside me.” “I am more than glad, my love.” Chinagorom quickly called Njideka, Joy and her parents to inform them that Chikere had come around.

The courtroom was filled to capacity. The judge was to deliver his verdict in the case of Izundu Amadi versus Enugu State. After lengthy arguments by the defense and plaintiff, the judge had reached a decision. The court rose as the judge walked in. Chikere had been briefed on the events of the past few weeks that left him in coma. He wore an ash suit, an ash pair of trousers to match, a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of brown shoes. He sat quietly beside Chinagorom. Their hands were locked as they sat back down after the judge had made his entry. His parents sat behind them, while Chinagorom’s parents sat to their left.

Izundu sat in the box. He wore a forlorn look on his face. He could barely look anyone in the eye. He raised his handcuffed hands every few minutes to wipe tears off his face. “In the case of Mr. Izundu Amadi versus Enugu State government, I do hereby find the accused, guilty of double attempted murder, a plot to commit bodily harm and complicity to murder.” “Thanks be to God!” Chinagorom said with tears racing down her face. “I can’t believe this. Izundu of all people?” she said. “My goodness, so he is truly the guilty one?” said Urioma. “Boys of these days…They have lost it,” said Ekenna, Chinagorom’s father. The courtroom was buzzing with murmurs.

“In light of the gravity of the crime, I do hereby sentence the accused to forty five years in prison,” the judge continued. “Hmmm!!” Echoed the courtroom. Izundu was crying profusely. “I did nothing…I did not do it,” Izundu said to the hearing of the court. “He is still denying it. He will rot in jail,” said Urioma. “Mr. Chikere, do you have anything to say before Mr. Izundu Amadi is removed from the courtroom?” The judge asked Chikere. Chikere took a deep breath. He rose to his feet and said, “Yes, I have a few things to say.”

“Your honor, I have something to say before Mr. Chikere bares his mind,” a voice erupted from the back of the courtroom. “And who are you?” The judge asked the young man who was standing at the back. “I was the one that shot Mr. Chikere, your honor. You have just sentenced the wrong man.” “What?” asked the judge. “Yes, you have.” “Could you please come forward?” The court security circled Irunna as he walked to the front of the court. He was hobbling. “What did you just say?” “I am here to confess, sir. I shot Mr. Chikere. My friends, Diogu and Martin shot Mr. Chikere at University of Nigeria Nsukka on July 21, 2012.” “Why did you do that and why are you coming forward now?”

“My friends, who are now late and I were paid nearly a million naira to shoot Mr. Chikere. Both of my friends were brutally shot in connection to this case…” He paused for a moment. “I am…I am lucky to be alive, sir and the people who saved me made me promise that I would confess my evil act. Besides, I can’t stand to see the man over there go to jail for a crime he did not commit.” “You said you were paid to shoot Mr. Chikere. Who paid you?” “Him…he paid us to shoot Mr. Chikere!” “What!!!” The court echoed. Irunna was pointing at Chinagorom’s father.

“Liar! Liar! I have never met this young man,” shouted Ekenna, Chinagorom’s father. “I have evidence,” shouted Irunna. “You better have one because you are accusing a reputable member of society,” said the judge. Irunna dipped his hand in his pocket and produced his phone. He swiped the screen and located the recording he wanted to play. “Can I play a recording sir?” “Yes, you may.” Ekenna rose to his feet and began to leave. “Please do be seated, Mr. Ekenna,” ordered the judge. Ekenna reluctantly sat back down. Irunna began to play the video. Ekenna’s voice rang through the room.

“I will pay you in cash. I don’t want any traces back to me. I am sick and tired of watching my daughter run around with a riffraff. I have a good friend…a reputable man whose son will be willing to marry my daughter, but she is busy falling in love with no-goods. I need to get this one out of the picture. Shoot him. First go after her roommate and ask her to poison my daughter. She is unlikely to agree, but if she does agree, back out. The important thing is that you create a hocus pocus that will likely lead to the other idiot, Dubem that she used to date should the police investigate the matter. Afterwards, shoot the young man on this picture. He will be visiting my daughter in July. Be sure to make sure he does not survive…”

A wave of shock swept through the courtroom, as Ekenna’s voice echoed through the room. Chinagorom could no longer stand it. She fainted, forcing the security and Chikere to rush her outside. “I am sorry for my action,” said Irunna after the room had quieted down. “I pray you to forgive me, your honor. I am willing to do time for attempting to kill an innocent young man, but in light of the evidence I have provided today and for bravely turning myself in, I ask you to tamper justice with mercy,” Irunna pleaded. He went further to inform the judge of Arinze and his fellow corrupt police officers.

Ekenna was arrested; Izunna was released, while Irunna only served a few months in jail. Ekenna later confessed that he had sent another hired killer to finish off Chikere at the hospital. The killer had left the room just before Izunna arrived. Before Ekenna was taken away, Chinagorom rushed towards him, having gathered her composure. “I can’t believe you did this, daddy. You knew I love Chikere. It is shocking to know that you were willing to put me through all this. You did not even stop to think of me…of Chikere, another man’s son? I have made mistakes in the past, but now I understand it…I get it. You have never truly cared about me. You wanted me to fit into a mold you had predesigned for me even before I was born.

“You claim to love me, but you don’t – you do love me when I do what you want and when I don’t, you withdraw your love. You drove me to Dubem, because I wanted to break out of your controlling nature. I wanted some air to breath, so Ieft home. You always wanted me to date certain people, hang around certain people, and keep a certain pedigree of friends. You have never cared about what I truly wanted and what makes me happy. You are the true abuser, worse than Dubem who brutalized me for years. You were willing to throw him to the wolves, Love is not controlling, papa.

“Unfortunately, yours is and I never want it. You have abused me emotionally beyond words. You accepted me back when I returned from Dubem’s not because you were truly happy for me, but because you finally saw your opportunity to make of me, what you had already planned for me – to marry one of your well to do friend’s son. You have been very abusive – showing love towards me when I meet your expectations and doing the opposite when I do not. I am sad, because you are my father, and for that, I forgive you. I will always love you despite what you did…It hurts, but I don’t want to carry the burden of unforgiveness around. May God forgive you.” Chikere had tears in his eyes, and so did Chinagorom’s mother. She could not look her husband in the eye. Ekenna was eventually sentenced to twenty-five years in prison as well as the dirty, corrupt policemen, Arinze and his group. Some years after graduation, Chikere and Chinagorom married.



Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - love, all my life, son, recording, father, sentenced, court, judge, security.
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