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“Who are those men?” One of the soldiers working for the vice president asked. They were nearing the location described by Idriga when they saw another group of soldiers ploughing their way through the forest. They were working briskly, cutting through the woods and climbing rocks, as they descended into the valley where Linda’s body was believed to be lying. “It is obvious,” replied another soldier. “They are here to remove the body…I guess, whatever remains of it. We can’t go any closer to them. Let’s watch them from here. The valley is very deep. By the time they come out with the body, we have to decide whether to attack them and recover Linda’s remains, if they have it, or follow them to see where they plan to take the body.” Carefully, they crouched down and scanned the procession of the other group of soldiers through their binoculars.

“Sale, I have no choice but to relieve you of your duty for the time being,” Dr. Michael Assimoke explained coldly to Sale. He had been stripped of his gun. His eyes were filled with concern as he sat across the table from the president. “I have served you loyally, sir,” Sale, countered calmly. “You don’t kill my nephew and tell me that you have served me loyally, young man.” “It was a mistake, sir.” “And you did not think I deserved to know?” “That too was a mistake, an error in judgement, sir. I never meant to be disloyal. I was only trying to protect you.” “Thanks for your services. You will be placed under arrest for the time being, until this turbulent wind blows by.” “But sir…” The president raised his hand indicating that the discussion was over. Three soldiers walked in and grabbed Sale. Briskly, he was taken to the special detention chamber within the presidential villa.

The vice president’s group of soldiers watched as the president’s group appeared from the deep valley after four hours of searching. They carried with them, a black, long plastic bag with the shape of what looked like a human in it. They dragged it through the trees and onto the road. They dumped the bag in the truck and drove off. The vice president’s group followed them at a distance. They had hid their car in the woods. They all hopped in and the driver who had been sitting in the car waiting for them followed the big military truck at a safe distance. Suddenly, the truck stopped, forcing the car to stop and quickly find a corner to stow the car behind trees.

Soldiers jumped out of the car and darted frenetically into the bush. The vice president’s men followed suit, leaving only their driver behind. They watched through binoculars, keen to observe what was going on. “I think I see Lieutenant Bature…he seems to be the leader of the group,” said Monti, the leader of the vice president’s group. “You are right, it is him,” Garagunga replied, peering into the binoculars. “Look, they are digging. It seems there is a grave there,” Monti pointed out. “You are right,” replied Nakunza. “I see a body…another body being lifted off the shallow grave,” said Monti. “We are in for something here,” Garagunga added. The body was laced in a black bag and then placed on the truck.

Soon, they followed the truck as it went north of the massive forest. On the deep into the northern region of the forest, the soldiers came out and dragged one of the black bags out of the truck. They carefully stuffed the bag with heavy stones and placed it in the mighty Jabiri Lake. Slowly, the bag sank to the bottom of the lake. Satisfied, the soldiers returned to the truck and sped back to Ilude. The vice president’s men took pictures along the trip. Monti quickly reported their findings to the vice president.

“Take the best divers you can find, return to the lake and dig up that bag. I want to find out what…I guess I should say who is in it,” the vice president instructed him. “Yes sir!” “And the other bag, where is it now?”  “It was taken to Federal medical Center in Zubba, sir.” “I want to know who is in that one too. I don’t care how you do it; just exhaust all your avenues and resources to find out whose body is in that bag, okay?” “Yes sir.” “Before I forget, I want Kasaru interrogated…and his wife to. I want to find out everything he knows. Where is he being kept?” “He is in a safe house outside town, sir.” “Good. Does he know I am behind his arrest?” “Of course not, sir.” “Good, Monti. I trust you. I want information fast!”

Katoo!!! One of Monti’s men punched Kasaru across the face. He cried in pain. Tawawam!!! The soldier lashed at him with a tough leather belt. An ugly grimace sojourned his face. “Who were you working for, Kasaru?” The soldier repeated the same question for the seventh or eighth time. “I work for the vice president,” he replied still wincing and grimacing. “Umar!” The soldier yelled. “Yes, boss,” Umar answered, poking his head through the door, which he held ajar. “Bring me that electric shocker.” “Yes, sir.” Umar disappeared and reappeared with a contraption. The soldier whose name was Iringi dropped the belt on the ground, plugged the contraption to an electric socket and then approached Kasaru with the pointed end, which had naked elements sticking out of it. Fear leapt into Kasaru’s eyes.

“I work for the president! I was recruited by Sale! He paid me a lot of extra money and guaranteed my fast promotions!” Kasaru began to spill the beans. He was shaking in fear. Iringi smiled. “Now you are talking!” “We are from the financial crime commission,” Iringi lied to protect the vice president for the time being. “We are aware that Sale has been mismanaging funds meant strictly for security. So, is the president in on this?” “No…it was just as Sale,” Kasaru lied. Iringi picked up the plugged contraption again. “Yes…yes, he was!” Kasaru said. “What do you know about Idriga. Did he kill Linda Adingo?” “No, I don’t think so. He would have killed my wife and I if he was a killer.”

Slowly, the team of divers organized by Monti lifted the bag to the surface of the lake. It took them nearly three hours to find it in the murky waters of Jabiri. They placed the bag on the beach and opened it. They found a rotting body. The face was badly rotten, but even at that, Monti could tell that it was Linda. He had seen her in those clothes several times. Beside her was a small handbag. Wearing gloves, Monti opened the bag. Her driver’s license was nowhere to be found and Monti knew she always kept it in her handbag. There was nothing to identify her in the bag. Her killers had been careful to take all that and threw them away.

Then, Monti began to wade through her jean pockets. He found a small receipt at Yahuza Suya Spot on Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Ilude.  Yahuza Suya Spot was a popular joint in town frequented by young and older people. Linda had paid with her credit card at Yahuza Suya Spot because her name was at the bottom of the receipt which had been folded up and squeezed into her pocket. “Sir, it is her,” Monti said somberly over the phone, having called the vice president. “Did you record everything?” “Yes, sir, we did.” “Please fly her body to the mortuary at Katiki hospital in my home state, Lendue.” “I will get that done right away, sir.” “I want a full report by tomorrow morning. Any word on the other body?” “You won’t believe this, sir. It is the body of the president’s nephew, Kufre.” The vice president frowned, wondering why the president would kill his own nephew. Maybe he saw what he shouldn’t have seen, the vice president thought.

“Mr. Vice President, this is Idriga.” “Idriga, good to hear from you. Your story checked out. We have found my daughter’s body.” “I am sorry, sir. My condolences to you.” “Thank you! I am deeply saddened. I loved her so much. I have moved her body to a safe place for now. I will be going to see her body after she has been cleaned up a bit by someone I know who can do that job very well. I cannot bear to see her current state.” “I will do my best to protect your family…and you to.” “Thank you, sir.” “We have to be very careful though. I have been made to understand that the president killed his own nephew, so he will not hesitate to kill you too. He won’t go down without a fight.”

“I know that, sir.” “Call me back tomorrow, I need to make plans on how to keep you safe. You need to testify in court against him.” “I will be glad to do that. Sir, but please could you find out where my family is? I sent them to a friend in Camuran; in Bamenda to be precise. I cannot reach them. I am worried that something happened to them.” “The president is good friends with the president of Camuran, but I know some people there too who can help me look for your family. Do you have any contacts there? Who did you send your family to?” “I will send you all that as soon as we get off the phone, sir.” “Good. I look forward to that. We will talk tomorrow.” “Thank you, sir.” “No, thank you, Idriga.”

Hmm! Haa! Agh!!! Mrs. Lekke Adingo, vice president’s wife moaned pleasurably. “I need you like the air I breathe, Michael,” she said after the president had climaxed. “You rock my world, Lekke,” the president replied, lying on his back, exhaling and inhaling fast. “Let’s do another one,” Lekke demanded. “You will kill me one of these days,” Michael retorted. “Give me some time to catch my breath, woman!” Lekke laughed loudly. Then her phone rang. “Lekke, where are you?” It was her husband, the vice president. “I am with some friends in town,” Lekke lied. She was at one of the president’s government-owned secret houses.

“I have found Linda’s body. I want you back at the villa now. And, I know who killed our daughter.” “What?” Lekke shouted. “Who killed her?” She inquired. “I can’t tell you over the phone, Lekke. I want you back at the villa. I will tell you when you get here.” “I will be back in a jiffy, honey,” Lekke promised. “What is it?” The president asked her. “My husband has found Linda…Linda’s body,” Lekke said, almost in tears. “And he knows who killed her!” “Really?” The president pressed. “Who might that be?” “He will only tell me in person. I have to leave!” Lekke began to get dressed.

The president picked his phone to call Bature while Lekke freshened up in the bathroom. His phone rang before he could dial Bature. “Who is this?” he asked angrily. “I will tell you my name later, Mr. President, but I believe you are holding a friend of mine, Colonel Sale. You are to release him with immediate effect. Also, you are to wire a hundred million Shillings to me within twenty-four hours.” “And if I fail to do that?” “Then, I will release evidence to the press and to the senate and House of Representatives that you killed Linda Adingo and three other women. Also, your men killed your nephew, Kufre. And…you have been sleeping with the Mrs. Lekke Adingo, whose daughter you killed. How about that, Mr. President?”

“You have no idea what you are saying?” “Well then, let the press and the legislative houses be the judge of that!” “How did you get my number? Who are you?” “Are you going to comply with me or do you want me to release what I just described to you to the public?” “I will call you back on this number in the morning.” “No, don’t call me back. Release Sale and wire the money to an account I will send to you in a minute!”

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Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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