NEVER TOO LATE - Episode 2

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When Maryanne finally appeared, Lucy excused herself and headed for the bedroom. She could not wait. She quickly called their eldest sister Chizoba, who lived in the US. She went on and on about how classy Michael was.

Michael was delighted to see Maryanne. She had hardly changed. She still wore her trademark low-cut hair style, and had a likeable childish demeanor to her. He gave her a warm hug. She liked the hug, but as ever, she cautioned herself not to make anything of it. This was just a friendly visit and soon, they would carry on as friends, she assured herself. She made sure not to sit close to him. They chatted about life abroad, their time at Oceanic Bank, and life back home. “Have you offered him something,” Lucy asked. She had been in the bedroom, hanging by the door as she eavesdropped on them. Realizing that they had been chatting for nearly two hours, she took the liberty to interrupt them.

“I forgot,” Maryanne replied. “I think you should serve him something,” Lucy suggested almost authoritatively. She took her handbag and left. She had a date with her boyfriend. Maryanne had been very absorbed in her discussion with Michael that she forgot to offer him anything. “I am very sorry. I am never this rude,” she said apologetically as she headed for the kitchen. “Can I give you a hand?” he inquired “Not to worry. It won’t take long.” “Well, I offered. Often, women especially African women accuse African men of not being helpful at home, so I don’t mind grinding tomatoes for you if you need help,” Michael said jokingly.

“African men help when they are dating. Once they get married, they spell out to the woman why they can no longer help with certain chores at home.” They both laughed as Maryanne dished rice and stew. She placed it in the microwave for a few minutes. When it became warm enough, she took it to the dining table and sat opposite Michael who ate ravenously as they continued to chat. He offered to share the food with Maryanne, but she insisted she had eaten just a while before he arrived. Michael found himself admiring her. He knew she was beautiful from their time at Oceanic, but knowing that she would soon leave the country, he made sure not to make any serious moves with regards to formalizing a relationship with her. In between their chat, he began to wonder what might have been between them if they had dated back at home. They spent most of the entire day talking. By night, she walked him to the train station. “Seriously, you are looking very beautiful Maryanne,” he said at the station. “Thanks. You are looking great as always yourself.” He looked at her for a moment. Their eyes met, and she quickly starred to the ground avoiding his eyes. As he descended the stairs of the London underground to catch his train, every brain cell in his head was thoroughly infused with thoughts of her beauty and pleasant nature. She too battled similar thoughts, which she tried to dispel as nothing.

Lucy would not let her sleep that night. She went on and on about Michael. “I think you have finally found the man for you,” she insisted. “You should not get ahead of yourself,” Maryanne said in her usual cautious manner.

Despite her efforts to keep herself from thinking of him, she found herself doing the opposite. When she did not hear from him, she’d call and he was always pleased to hear from her. He craved to take her in his arms, but he restrained himself from asking her out. Soon, she will be heading home and that will be it. The more he tried to face the reality that they would never be together, the more he wanted her. He told his best friend about her; and on her part, she finally confided in her sisters that she was beginning to fall in love with him.

“I knew it!” Lucy shouted. “They guy is special. You’d be out of your mind not to fall in love with him.” “But I think I am older than he is,” Maryanne pointed out. “He might not want to go out with me if he finds out. Besides, he is studying here and I am heading home soon. It will not work Lucy,” she said to her with pains visibly jumping off her voice. Lucy was the optimistic type. It took a lot to stop her from achieving anything. Her optimism was infectious. “You are busy looking at the negatives which may never be,” she encouraged her older sister. “You are not even sure he is younger. Simply because you left school ahead of him does not mean you are older. Besides, if he loves you the issue about you two leaving in different countries will sort itself out with time. Age or no age, if the guy is crazy about you, forget it.”

Despite his busy schedule, Michael would make time to take Maryanne out. They took long walks from Regents Street to Piccadilly Circus in the evening, soaking in the near-inimitable beauty and allure of London. The lights and signs in the streets dazzled their eyes, while being with each other filled their hearts with joy. The rose gardens of Regents Park and the stunning beauty of Hyde Park left them both short of words as they happily explored London. They saw plays together at the Royal Court Theater and went to the movies often. Through it all, Michael kept himself from asking her to be his girlfriend. He was the very organized type who did everything sequentially. A major battle raged within him, and with each passing day she craved him more. She found herself leaving her past hurts behind her, willing to love again. She would write him short love notes, which she stowed carefully in her bag. They were her secret communication with Michael which would never see the light of day.

She would lie in bed with the ceiling light off, and would place the notes against the table light which was beside her bed and read the notes over and over again. Each morning, she prayed he would ask her out. Most days went by and he did not. As months shrank into weeks and then days, her hopes began to fade. Her new-found joy contorted into pain. She began to avoid him methodically as she prepared herself for a painful return to Lagos. Somehow, albeit painfully, he accepted her avoidance. Maybe she has accepted our fate, he thought on noticing that she was no longer keen to spend as much time with him.

“So, do you care to see me off to the airport?” she asked him unemotionally over the phone as she fought to conceal her pains. “Of course,” he replied. “I will be there in the morning before six.” “Okay, I will see you then,” she said fighting back tears. “Okay see you Maymay,” he answered. As soon as she hung up, she began to sob. She was not even sure she wanted to see him in the morning. It was too painful to have come that far, and still be very far away. She was now resigned to her fate that she had no luck with men. Lucy had tears at the edges of her eyes as she watched Maryanne cry. She could tell that she loved Michael very deeply.

She left the living room where Maryanne was crying while curled up on the couch. She went to her room and called Michael. “Mike what is wrong with you?” she asked feistily. “What do you mean Lucy?” “I mean about my sister Maryanne. Do you realize she loves you beyond measure? And I like to believe you love her too.” “You know I love your sister to death Lucy, but I am very confused and worried as to what would become of us given that I am still in school and she has a job back home. Besides, her visa expires soon, so I am not even sure how we can make things work over the distance if we decide to start dating officially,” Michael replied.

His voice was clearly laced with pain and dejection. “I am not supposed to tell you this but I will anyway. Maryanne is sobbing like a child, and I know you are crying deep inside now, that is if you are not actually raining tears. You both love each other and for reasons best known to you, you have refused to formalize your relationship with her. Years from now, you may look at this moment and regret your rigid nature. Love is not Physics my friend. In Physics you control processes and reactions. Things are fixed within a system, but that is not the case with love and emotions. Sometimes, you have to go with the flow when your heart feels right about the other person. What are you waiting for? Stop structuring things and breaking your head as to whether things will work out and when. Start from somewhere. I am leaving for my boyfriend’s now. If I were you, I would be coming over to be with Maryanne tonight before she leaves tomorrow. And I would tell her how much I love her and want to be with her,” Lucy said ardently. She hung up without waiting for him to reply.

When she returned to the living room, Maryanne was still sobbing uncontrollably. She tried to console her to no avail. “Why am I very unlucky?” Maryanne asked rhetorically. “Why? I love him so much, yet I can’t be with him. I believe he loves me but he alone knows why he has refused not to formalize our relationship. Tomorrow morning, I leave and even if I come to visit, it will never be the same again.” Tears drenched her eyes. Lucy hugged her tightly as she tried to console her. She too was crying. After nearly an hour, she managed to calm Maryanne down. She decided not to go over to her boyfriend’s so she could keep her company.  Then, the doorbell rang. Lucy rushed to get it. She prayed very hard it was Michael. “You are still here?” Michael asked when she opened the door. “I am getting ready to leave,” she answered. “How is she doing?” “She would be better when she sees you.” “Lucy went to get dressed and leave, while Michael walked into the living room. Maryanne was not expecting him.

He went to the couch, took her in his arms and kissed her. Even though Maryanne knew Lucy was still home, she did not resist. It was as though balls of rain were dropping gently on dry, parched land after a long and hot dry season. She sobbed gently, this time out of relief and joy. She held him to herself and squeezed him so hard. She would let go of him for a moment and grab her yet again. The door latched as Lucy quietly left. As she stepped into the cool summer evening she was the happiest girl in town knowing that her lovely sister was happy too.

Neither Michael nor Maryanne had said anything. They wanted to roll back the hands of time so they could cherish each other more. He squeezed onto the couch and they both lay beside each other. She stroked the back of his neck as they kissed for what seemed like eternity. “I am sorry Maymay,” he finally said after letting go of her lips. “It is okay Mike. I am glad you are here now. It means a lot to me that you came.” “It means the world to me that I did Maymay. I should have said this sooner, but I wanted everything to fall into place first. Now I realize that sometimes things don’t fall into place if we don’t choose the path we want to journey on. I have been very rigid, stubborn and afraid. I love you Maymay. When I look into your beautiful eyes, I just want to be with you like this for time unending. I have been dying to feel the warmth of your breath, your touch, to bare my heart to you; and to kiss you with every drop of life in me. I don’t know how it is going to work out, but I believe it will. Please, will you be my girlfriend?” “After you had kissed me so beautifully heh?” she asked jokingly.

“Of course Mike. You know I love you so much so that I am afraid of how much I love you. It has been really hard and painful having to wait for this moment. I wish it happened sooner, but I am delighted and thankful that it did finally happen. Yes, I will be your one and only girlfriend. But I must say that I am probably older than you are. I don’t know if that is a problem for you.” Her heart was beating fast. She wondered how he would respond. He could feel the intensity of her heartbeat as she said that. “It does not matter to me Maymay,” he said with a smile. “Sure?” “Yes my dear.” “But in future your family might think I am too old for you?” “You are my choice Maryanne and that is all that matters. No one will influence that. Besides, how old are you my dear?” “I am thirty-two,” she answered still panicky. He smiled broadly and said, “I am thirty-three Maymay, not that it would have mattered.” Relief coasted through her. She pulled him closer and kissed him from the core of her heart!


Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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NEVER TOO LATE - Episode 2
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - African women accuse African men, Oceanic, love, beauty and allure of London, relationship, kiss. An African Literary Blog
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