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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - frown they wore on their faces, reached boiling point and tipped over, a pistol came out in a flash, a few culinary skills, a Puma fitted T-shirt, a grip over her rioting emotions, see him in her apartment, cult groups on campus, commend such a masterful work of his, was to plant a kiss.

Osun State University, Coca Cola Spot
There were five of them. In a circular fashion they stood together, discussing animatedly. The frown they wore on their faces, was foreboding, an indication all was not well. “Gosh!! How could this have happened?! A year one student hanging around with my babe!!” Mujib spat angrily. “Calm down senior man! We don’t know if anything other than walking around the campus with Suzan has happened. He could be na├»ve freshman besotted with her beauty. Let’s go see Suzan and find out if there is more to this,” Kunle suggested. A moment of silence passed. Mujib was breathing heavily, his right hand was shaking, his anger had reached boiling point and tipped over.

“How long is it since I have been away? Why would Suzan be seen with another guy, and a year one student for that matter?!” Mujib asked. His right hand reached for his waist and a pistol came out in a flash. Kunle and the others grabbed his hand and held it down. “Senior man!! This is an unconfirmed report! Please put away your gun!! The fresh man could be a kush man or a bastard! We just don’t know yet. Shooting him now might lead to another war!!” Mujib’s men pleaded, holding firmly to his hand which held the pistol. “I don’t care what he is!! Who in this school does not know Suzan is mine?! I will kill that boy and send his head to his parents!!” Mujib yelled.

His men were unrelenting, they held his hand refusing to let him use the gun. “Mujib, let’s go see Suzan before you shed an unnecessary blood!  What if the guy in question is her town’s guy or distant relation? Suzan can solve this for us. Let’s go see her please,” Kunle persuaded him.

Michael’s Apartment
“Egbon, how has it been going with Suzan?” Tosin asked. “You mentioned you have a gist for us,” he added. “Suzan is hot! Guys that girl can kill. If I don’t date her make I kpai! (let me die!) I saw her naked in her apartment! She is endowed in ways none of you have seen…” “Did you go in Michael?!” Deji asked, almost beside himself with excitement. “No!!! She did not let me. She could only allow me to kiss her. She was clearly in need of it, but for some reason she could not bring herself to let us do it. I don’t know why she refused. The image of her naked body is driving me crazy. I swear that girl must be my wife!!!”

The weekend had been very fruitful for the three of them in terms of satisfying their sexual appetite. The two girls, Deji and Tosin were expecting, had come with two extra girls to spare and had spent the weekend in their apartment. They had non-stop sexual romp and even recorded some of it on their phones. In spite of that, Michael’s mind was still glued to Suzan.

Michael’s phone rang. He sprang for it. The ring tone was assigned only to one person – Suzan. Michael put his hand on his lips, a cue for his friends to keep quiet. He picked the call, “Hi Suzy, are you missing me?” Michael asked with mirth. “I am not. Are you missing me?” asked Suzan. “Very much. In fact, I think I am going to drop dead if I don’t see you this minute.” “If you are missing me that much, come over then. I am cooking. Maybe you could lean a few culinary skills.” “Mmmwaa!” Michael blew her a kiss. “I am coming right now baby,” he said, jumping to his feet to get dressed. “Make sure you don’t keep me waiting.” “I won’t, I am already on my way!”

Suzan’s Apartment
Suzan was spotting a bum short and a Puma fitted T-shirt. Her nipples were very prominent under the T-shirt since she wore no bra. Her waistline also looked extremely seductive. She looked herself over on the mirror and then unzipped her bum short a little, revealing a little more of what lay behind the shorts. She had taken time to shave herself over the night and had prepared for what was coming. Even though she had warned Michael to stay away from her and to admire her from a very far distance, she had been the one pulling him closer than she had planned for them to be when they met earlier.

She picked a whiff of burning food and ran over to her kitchen. Her stew had begun to burn. She stirred it a bit and set it down. Then a thought flashed through her mind, “What would Mujib do if he finds out you are flirting with another guy?” Instinctively she zipped up her bum short, leaned on the wall as her face creased into a frown. “I should have listened to Sesi when she warned me. Mujib is not my type, and will never be in a thousand years… no, a million years. How could I be stuck with the man I hate while the one I love pines for my love and I for his too?” she soliloquized. A knock on her door snapped her out of her reverie. With a skip to her stride, she made for the door expecting Michael. The thought of Michael standing outside the door with his face wrapped in his trademark smile made her to leak much more. Before her door she stood for a moment to get a grip over her rioting emotions.

Slowly she opened the door. “Mujib!!” she shouted and sprang on him, playing the part of a girl who had missed her lover. Inside her heart, she cursed. Mujib smiled in spite of himself and carried her into her apartment. “You left me! You left me for too long!” Suzan protested, still pretending. “I told you why I had to go away. I am here now.” “Wait! When did you come back? Last night I saw a shadow like yours, but thought my mind was playing a trick on me. Please don’t tell me you have been around for more than a day,” Suzan said, extracting herself from him. “You know who I am and the way kush game is played on this campus. I just can’t come back after the war and walk into the campus without first finding out the situation of things around.”

“So you are telling me you have been around for more than a day without bothering to see me?” “I have been around for two days… today is the third day.” Suzan looked at him angrily, rolling her eyes with disgust. “My pot!!” she shouted. She had forgotten she placed an empty pot on her gas. The pot had heated up so much that it had begun to give off burning smell. There was a knock on the door. Mujib stood up to get it. He knew who was knocking. From the kitchen Suzan fled out to get the door. She was expecting Michael and knew it be bad for Mujib to see him in her apartment. “Relax baby, go cook your food, that is Kunle and my guys,” Mujib said, certain of who was at the door.

He swung the door open; Kunle, along with three other guys stepped in. “The sky is bright,” that was Kunle, using code language to tell him that there was no imminent danger around. Suzan took a sigh of relief and went back into the kitchen. She came out of the kitchen and took her phone. She was going to send a text message to Michael to warn him not to show up in her apartment. Sadly, it was too late. Before she could type the first word, another knock was heard on the door. Mujib and his guys did not bother to get the door. Their hands were on their waits for their guns. The last war had left many dead and had deepened the acrimony between cult groups on campus. Many were still threatening fire and brimstone.

With unsteady steps, Suzan went to get the door. Her heart was beating so loud she feared Mujib could hear it. When she opened the door, Michael was standing there and smiling in his usual disarming fashion. “Baby you look like you have seen the devil. What is it?” asked Michael as he pushed his way into Suzan’s room. His intention was to plant a kiss on Suzan inside the room, but when he saw five rough looking guys inside, he held his peace. There stares at him were like javelins goring into him. There were other things on his mind. He could not figure out how Suzan could dress the way she did with five strange looking guys in her apartment. He also noticed her face was marred with fear. When she walked, she seemed to stagger. “Something is wrong,” Michael thought. He turned his attention to the five guys in the room. They were looking at him with mean stares. He was confused and did not know if to return the stare or walk away.

“It’s him. The Jinetero. Let’s get out of here,” whispered Kunle. Michael heard the whisper but could not make out what was said. The five guys stood up and left the room. From the kitchen, Suzan ran out and followed them. For what seemed like five minutes, she did not return.  When she eventually did, she wore an unhappy look. “Who were those guys?” Michael asked. “Don’t bother about them,” replied Suzan. Michael remembered what Suzan had told him about admiring her from a distance and decided to leave. “Baby, I got to go now. I need to go somewhere with Deji and Tosin,” Michael said. “Please don’t leave me alone, baby,” Suzan pleaded, almost in tears and her voice giving away her fear. “Okay, I am here,” he said. He stood up and hugged her. Suzan took him in her arms, squeezed her eyes shut as tears rained down. Michael was in danger and she felt responsible for it. Worst still, she did not know how to tell him. On his part, his head was still swooning. He was sure he had heard Suzan call him baby.

Abuja, Ceddi Plaza
“Why are you staring at me?” Candy asked, fuming.  He smiled at her with a broader smile. “Gosh! He is cute,” she thought. “I know what you are going to say. Please save yourself the stress and get lost,” she spat. “What do you think I want to say?” he asked, still smiling, which did much to unsettle Candy. “That you love me! Which we know is a lie and another way of saying you want to get into my pant. Please leave my table now!” “You got it wrong, pretty. I wasn’t going to say that.” The sound of that left Candy disappointed. She folded her hands over her chest and asked, “So what were you going to say? Please don’t tell me that I was your girlfriend in your former life or your long dead grandmother.” She was really pissed.

“I was going to tell you how pretty you are. I was going to tell you that you would make angels pale in beauty. I was going to tell you that the look of your shape is the best I have seen in all my twenty-seven years of being a man. Please make sure you don’t walk by the road side on a busy day, you could get men killed. I am glad I wasn’t driving when I saw you.” Candy could not help blushing. She looked away for a few seconds and turned to face him. “How many times have you told a girl those words?” “I have never said those words before. They sprang from my heart like fountain. I could not let today pass without telling you how great you look. God would have been angry with me if I had failed to commend such a masterful work of his. That was all I wanted to say.”

He stood up and turned to leave. “He did not even ask my name or for my phone number,” she thought. Candy was furious. “Come back here!” she demanded. He turned, bowed a bit and said, “At your service ma’am.” “Sit down and tell me your name,” Candy demanded. This time he did not smile, he looked like a man who was before some great authority. Quietly he sat down and said with all gravity, “My name is Felix Simon, I am from Rivers State.”


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Written by:
Andrew Magege

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - frown they wore on their faces, reached boiling point and tipped over, a pistol came out in a flash, a few culinary skills, a Puma fitted T-shirt, a grip over her rioting emotions, see him in her apartment, cult groups on campus, commend such a masterful work of his, was to plant a kiss. An African Literary Blog
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