LIGHTHOUSE - Episode 6

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - with a native doctor, a couch in the living room, a container in the kitchen, entered the bedroom, removing her clothes, 2008 Honda Civic, The truck driver, the smoke that was coming out of the vehicle, police too were combing the village, orders of the police commissioner, Globacom.

“I am asking you, Dera, what is this?” Emeka repeated, raising his voice. “I have no idea what that is. Where did you find that? Ouch, that looks awful,” Chidera replied with a straight face. “In case you have not noticed, this is my Arsenal shirt. It went missing several months ago.” “How do you know, Emy?” “Look at that stain…I recognize it.” “That thing looks terrible. I can’t even look at it.” “This is Juju, Chidera. Did you put this together with a native doctor?” “Me? What are you saying, Emeka? It has to be your Ifunanya. Why would I do a thing like that? By the way, I need to use the restroom.” Chidera dashed into the bathroom, leaving Emeka in the kitchen. He wore a scowl on his face.

Chidera sat on the toilet seat, opened her purse and dug out a small container. Inside was a small statue, which she removed from the container. She put a finger in her mouth, took it out and rubber the saliva covered finger on the head of the statue. “You are under my control. You will do as I say. Your mind is mine and your life belongs to me now,” she said in a low tone. She stared intently at the statue, still running her wet finger over the head of the statue. About five minutes later, she came out. Surprisingly, Emeka was seated on a couch in the living room. He looked calm; completely at peace.
“How are you my love?” she asked him. “I am fine Dera, my love,” he replied. “What was that bothering you a while ago?” “What? Did I say anything was bothering me?” “I thought I heard you complaining about something…a wrap in a container in the kitchen.” “I don’t remember it my love. The only thing on my mind now is you. Can we pay a visit to the bedroom?” “Yes of course. Please go in and wait for me. I don’t want to see any clothes on you when I get in there.” Emeka headed speedily to the bedroom. Chidera went to the kitchen, picked up the dissected wrap and put it together the best she could. She stowed it back in the container and hid it in the store, behind bags of rice, garri and beans. “Are you ready my love?” she asked as she entered the bedroom, removing her clothes. “I am all yours love,” Emeka replied.

“What have you done, Agunna?” Amagu yelled at Agunna, rushing to pick up Arinze who was bleeding profusely. Agunna was stunned. He stared at Arinze. He seemed to have descended into a trance. He stood there with the machete in hand. Blood dripped lazily down the blade of the machete. Amagu lifted Arinze up and placed him in the car, while Ifeanyi helped Ifunanya to into the backseat. “Are you coming or are you going to stand there and mope at us like a sheep?” Ifeanyi yelled at Agunna. He dropped the knife and joined them in the car. They all squeezed into the 2008 Honda Civic. “Go, go, go!!!” Amagu yelled at Ifeanyi who was the only person who could drive in Arinze’s absence. He was a new driver with little experience, but he was all they had, so she revved the car to life and sped off towards the nearest hospital, which was off the highway.

Ifeanyi sped through the village and joined the tarred road which eventually hit the highway. His hands shook each time he saw a truck. “Pass the gwongworo (truck) now,” Amagu shouted. Arinze was shivering as blood drenched the backseat. “Please drive fast,” Agunna begged Ifeanyi. His voice was riddled with fear and guilt. “I don’t know if I can overtake the truck,” Ifeanyi complained. “Just pass it!!” Amagu shouted. “Babe, why are you shouting?” Ifunanya said without opening her eyes. A violent ache was ravaging her head. Ifeanyi shakily veered to the left of the truck and slowly began to inch closer as he tried to pass it. Gbam!!! It happened very fast. The truck had not seen the Honda Civic. The driver of the truck was trying to overtake the vehicle in front of it at the same time.

The truck driver had swung to the left. Before Ifeanyi could react, the truck rammed into them with a massive impact, knocking them off the road. The car tumbled off the road and into a ditch. Blood spewed in all directions as the car engine continued to run. A whiff of smoke drifted into the sky from the car as the truck continued as though nothing had happened. There was no sign of life in or around the battered Honda Civic. Onlookers had their hands on their heads as people dashed toward the car. “Be careful! It looks like it is going to catch fire!” A man shouted referring to the smoke that was coming out of the vehicle.

Umunna sped through the village searching for the Honda Civic. He had memorized the plate number. Any vehicle that looked remotely grey in color looked like the Honda Civic, but he was disappointed each time he got closer and saw the plate number. He was determined to find Ifunanya. The police too were combing the village and its environs in their numbers on the orders of the police commissioner. Umunna had been doing the same thing since he was released from detention; riding through the village searching frenetically for Ifunanya.

“Are you Mr. Michael Ogbufo?” the policeman asked. “Yes, what is the problem,” Michael asked. “You are under arrest for the kidnapping of Miss Ifunanya Okoye,” the policeman added. “What? Kidnaping?” “Yes. Handcuff him,” the angry looking policeman ordered his subordinates. “Wait…I need to understand what is going on here,” Michael insisted. “Amaka please call my lawyer right away,” Michael instructed his wife. She looked terrified. Nonetheless, she dialed Michael’s lawyer and informed him of his arrest. Shortly after Michael and the policemen arrived at state police head office, his lawyer arrived.

“I will file a suit against you and your bosses if my client is not released right now!” he shouted at the policemen in charge of the case. “Oga, this is from the highest level,” the police officer explained to him.  “I don’t care. What has he done?” “Kidnapping, sir. He is suspected of kidnapping a young girl.” “Kidnapping?” “Yes. Come with me, we are about to interrogate him.” The lawyer followed them to the room where Michael was being held. “Mr. Michael Ogbufo, do you own a 2009 Honda Civic? Grey in color with a tinted glass?” “Yes, I do.” “Where were you in the early hours of June, 2013?” “I was at home with my wife and children. What is this all about?” “Clam down…just answer their questions. I need to see where this is going,” his lawyer enjoined him.

“Are you saying that you were not driving the Honda Civic? Were you not at Pazola night club?” “Me? Club?” “So where is the Honda Civic?” “My nephew, Arinze has been using it for the past few weeks now. I left the car with him.” “You said your nephew?” “Yes.” “Where is he now?” I guess in the village. He looks after my house in the village.” “You need to take us there now. I will explain as we go.” The police sergeant explained Ifunanya’s kidnap to Michael and his lawyer as they sped to Agbani. “I hope my nephew is not involved,” Michael cried. “I think he is. Who else would use the car?” His lawyer asked. A short distance before veering off the highway, they saw a group of people shouting and working chaotically to free some people from a car that had been in an accident.

“Police help!” bystanders shouted on sighting the police car that had slowed down. “We need to stop!” Michael suggested. “No, we have important business at hand,” the sergeant insisted. “We can’t do that? We are supposed to help. Lives are at stake here. That is the job of the police…to save lives,” the lawyer added, raising his voice. “Okay, stop,” the sergeant instructed he driver. They pulled over and ran towards the car. On the other side Umunna’s motorbike rolled in. He quickly stopped and naturally gravitated towards the crowd surrounding the car. He was not the type to walk past people in need. “Break the glass!” “Can you get in there?” “Pull!” People yelled as they tried to free the bleeding and badly maimed bodies from the car.

Umunna’s heart sank into his mouth as soon as he saw the plate number. “It is my Honda Civic?” Michael shouted on the other side. “Really?” The sergeant asked. “Yes it is!” Umunna dove in and so did Michael, his lawyer and the policemen with them. The sergeant took over the operation, organizing and directing everyone. They broke the windows and began to pull the bodies out. Umunna could hear his heart pounding ferociously when Ifunanya was pulled out. She was covered in blood. They placed them in the police vehicle and sped off to a nearby hospital. It was hard to tell if they were still alive. He rode on his bike right behind the police car, refusing to lose sight of them at all.

“Nneka, something weird happened yesterday,” Chidera said to her friend. Nneka had become her best friend over the last few years. They met through Ifunanya. Nneka and Ifunanya were classmates back in university. “What was it?” Nneka asked. “All of a sudden, Emeka snapped out of his trance. Somehow he began to question me. He even found the charm I placed in the kitchen. I thought you told me that this would never fail.” “It shouldn’t.” “But he found the charm. He even ripped it open.” “Really? Did you use the other one in a cup that you are meant to carry in your purse?” “Yes I did. I managed to use that one to get him under control.”

“Good. I have no idea what happened. My husband has been with me for years now from the time were dating to now that we are married. He has never snapped out of the charm-induced trance. Something went wrong somewhere. Can you come to Awka tomorrow? I will take you back to Isiguzo to find out what happened. He still has Emeka’s hair, nails and shirt. We will have him fortify the charm.” “I am definitely coming tomorrow.  I can’t have this happen before our wedding. Never!” “Not to worry, Isiguzo will fix it.”

“Lord, please free that young man from the evil powers that have shackled him,” the girl from Shoprite, whose name was Nneamaka prayed. It was her day off, and she was relaxing at home. She stayed with her parents in Obiagu. She locked herself in the room and prayed for Emeka. “I don’t know why you showed him to me, but I think his life is the hands of the devil. Please set him free,” she prayed. “I still see him in flashes and he is still tied up in the tree with burning coal below him. Douse the fires that burn him and free the chains that hold him down!” Nneamaka said in prayer.

“Have you heard what I heard?” Nneka asked Chidera. “What?” “Ifunanya is missing.” “Really?” Chidera asked. “Come on, Dera. I am your best friend. You cannot keep things from me.” “How do you mean?” “Have you forgotten that I was the one that introduced you to this life…this line? I see things before they happen. Isiguzo can see beyond the clouds and the seas. Besides, I have other powerful seers that I consult. Before you even called, I knew you were going to call me. Do you know why Emeka snapped out of his trance momentarily?” “No.” There was a look of confusion on Chidera’s face.

“It is lack of faith on your part. If you had faith in Isiguzo’s charm and powers, you would not have made plans to finish Ifunanya off.” “What are you talking about?” “Stop pretending to me Chidera. I hate it when a friend whom I look after lies to me. I hate Ifunanya. I have hated her for many years now. She always thought that she was the brightest and because her parents are rich, she seemed to dominate everything and everyone. I encouraged you to use Isiguzo’s powers to snatch Emeka away from her. So, why did you decide to kill her without telling me? You were worried that Isiguzo’s charm might fail someday, so you decided to have someone kill Ifunanya. You found out that Ifunanya has been wallowing in pity and heartbreak, drinking and smoking herself to death. She literally lives in night clubs now, following men home for sex as if there was no tomorrow. You went to another seer who showed you Ifunanya’s lifestyle. The seer also showed you a group of young men looking for a head to sacrifice for money, so you approached one of them and informed them where they could pick up a girl that was willing to sleep with any man. You made it look like you were helping the young man whose name is Arinze get some sex, but in reality, you were setting machinery in place to have Ifunanya killed. It almost worked out…”

“How do you know all these?” Chidera asked anxiously, cutting Nneka short. “I know you made love to Emeka at 6:00AM before he left for work. I know that he has helped you land a job with Globacom, even though you have not told me about it…and I am your best friend. I know that you had bitter leaf soup this morning.” “Stop it Nneka! Are you spying on me?” “I see things my friend…I am in touch with the most powerful seers and they show me what I want to know.” “The job with Globacom is not official yet!” “Stop lying…it is! Emeka already told you that his friend there said you already got the job. In fact, they will call you tomorrow to inform you that you have got the job. I told you when I took in. I told you when I got a job. Why are you keeping things from me? If you had faith in Isiguzo, you and I would not be seeing him today!”

Chidera sat quietly on the couch in Nneka’s living room. She was dazed. Nneka stared at her intently for answers. “You are mistaking things Neky,” Chidera finally said. “I was going to tell you about the job with Globacom anyway. I was waiting for the confirmation.” “I could have waited to have my child before telling you! I told you when I took in. I told you when Nnamdi, my husband spoke to someone on my behalf for a job!” “I am sorry, Nneka. I am very sorry. I was not deliberately hiding things from you.”

“Why did you lose faith in Isiguzo? I told you, my grandmother worked with his father and my mother has worked with him all these years. His power is legendary. Never doubt him. I don’t think you should have tried to kill Ifunanya. We take what we want with Isiguzo’s powers. We don’t kill people unless they come after us. Ifunanya is lying still in the hospital now…I hope to find out from Isiguzo whether she is alive or dead. My ‘seeing mirror’ cannot confirm if she is alive or dead, and your man Arinze may be dead too. If Ifunanya is dead, Isiguzo will not be pleased about that.” “What happened? How come?” “They were in an accident. The plan to sacrifice Ifunanya did not work.” Nneka went ahead and explained the foiled attempt to sacrifice Ifunanya to her.



Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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LIGHTHOUSE - Episode 6
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - with a native doctor, a couch in the living room, a container in the kitchen, entered the bedroom, removing her clothes, 2008 Honda Civic, The truck driver, the smoke that was coming out of the vehicle, police too were combing the village, orders of the police commissioner, Globacom. An African Literary Blog
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