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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - her 9mm and the AK 47 rifle, another vehicle, a Toyota SUV, arrival of the assassins, a hotel in Festac town, I want the poison to do its work, Channels television station, a proxy to administer some poison to them, multi million naira business in Accra.

When darkness had begun to spread over the city later that day, Lavonne spotting one of her masks took a taxi down to Apapa. When she arrived at the back of the private house which Evelyn and her friends were to use for their meeting with the assassins; the back gate was open just like Gabriel had told her. She eased through the gate, gently handling the case which held her 9mm and the AK 47 rifle, and quietly closed the small gate. With the key given to her by Gabriel, she unlocked the back door to the house and went in. Before anyone arrived she checked the whole house for any surprises and planned her attack and exit. She took her position and waited for Evelyn and her friends to arrive. About 8:00 pm two vehicles drove into the compound, Evelyn, Chukwudi, Matthew and Flora came out and made their way into the building. When Lavonne saw four of her old business colleagues, she felt there was something odd about them.

She could not place her hand on exactly what it was but she felt something wasn’t right. She however explained her gut feeling away by thinking it had been thirteen years since she saw any of them, there was no way they were going to look the way they did thirteen years earlier. Within two minutes’ interval another vehicle, a Toyota SUV, drove in and three guys came out holding assault rifles. Lavonne was concerned with the presence of the three guys. Gabriel had told her he would delay the arrival of the assassins. Inside Evelyn and the others were already seated, waiting for the assassins to arrive. The three guys with guns entered the house, and Matthew told them to search the whole house for any surprises. When he spoke, Lavonne wondered why his voice was that much cracked, he sounded almost like someone else. The four of them, Evelyn, Chukwudi, Matthew and Flora pulled out their guns and took different positions in the living room while the three guys with assault rifles searched the house.

At this point Lavonne couldn’t help thinking she had been betrayed a second time. She held her AK 47 firmly and waited to shoot the first person to come her way. One of the three guys with guns drew closer to her position and turned away. Lavonne took a sigh of relief. She didn’t have to attack earlier than she had planned.

After some minutes all the three guys returned to the living room and told Matthew and the others that the house was safe. Evelyn and the others returned to the seats. Lavonne couldn’t stop wondering why the three guys did a shabby job of searching the house; she thought perhaps Gabriel hadn’t betrayed her after all. Not long after that, Evelyn fell off her seat thrashing about on the floor as if she was having a heart attack. Matthew and the others ran to help her. Flora shouted at the three guys outside to come in and help them. In a rather bizarre manner, the three guys locked the entrance to the building from outside and drove off in their car. Chukwudi, Matthew and Flora could not make head or tail of what was going on, before they could get a hang of the fact that they had been betrayed, they went down one after another with heart attacks.

By now Lavonne understood what was happening; Gabriel had poisoned Evelyn, Chukwudi, Matthew and Flora with the aconite he took from her. She relaxed, watching her old colleagues struggle with death for a while. She came down stairs and observed them for a moment. She wanted to put a bullet to each of their heads and make their death easy, but she decided against it. “You all connived to betray me and slaughtered my family; I want you all to know what it feels like to be betrayed. I want you to know as you die that I will hunt down the members of each of your families and make each one of them feel the cold embrace of death like you did to my family members,” she said to them not bothering if they could hear her.

She fished her phone from her hip pocket and dialed Gabriel, “Thank you Gabriel, it is done. I don’t have to shoot them; I want the poison to do its work. I am enjoying the drama; you can come and join me.” Gabriel didn’t sound pleased, there was alarm in his voice when he told her to get out of the apartment fast. Lavonne thought about it momentarily and went over to the dying bodies on the floor, kicked Evelyn’s body, cursed her and violently pulled at her hair. What followed next left Lavonne stunned; when she pulled at Evelyn’s hair, a face mask came off and revealed the person on the floor was impersonating Evelyn. She ran to each one of the bodies on the floor pulling off the masks on their faces and found out they were some other people.

She put bullets to each one of their heads and fled the house. Outside she called her sister and asked her to flee from Gabriel’s apartment, shouting several times on the phone, “Gabriel has betrayed us run! Run! We have been betrayed run Agatha!” When Lavonne and her sister, Agatha, met much later at a hotel in Festac town, they were still dazed by what had happened earlier that day. “Agatha, I can’t believe Gabriel betrayed me. It just doesn’t make sense to me! Why save me a few days ago and then turn around suddenly and betray me to the same people you saved me from. I can’t wrap my head around it Agatha!” “Maybe Evelyn and her friends made him an offer he couldn’t walk away from.” “That is not possible! They didn’t even know he was working with me.” “What if he told them Maria? Think about that!” “It still doesn’t add up. I saw enough at the house in Apapa to believe he was helping me. I called him while I was at the house and he told me to get away from the apartment. He sounded very concerned.”

Just then a call came in on Lavonne’s phone and it was Gabriel. Agatha and Lavonne stared at each other in disbelief. Agatha whispered to her sister to take the call and she did, “Hello Gabriel, what do you want from me?” “Maria, do you have a television set where you are?” Gabriel asked sounding excited. “Why do you ask?” “Answer me Maria; is there a television set where you are right now?” “Yes there is one.” “I want you to tune in to Channels television now.” “Why would I do that?” “Just do it stubborn girl!” Gabriel yelled as the phone line went dead.

Lavonne stood up from the bed and turned on the television on the wall and began to search for Channels television station. When she found the station, a piece of news she couldn’t understand was being broadcast; four dead adults were being moved out of a hotel in Ikeja into some ambulance vehicles. The dead bodies were found in one of the hotel rooms by a maid about three hours before the news flash. The four adults, two men and two women, according to the hotel management had checked into the hotel about 6:00 pm in the evening and were not seen again until a hotel maid found them dead in the double room they had rented.

Lavonne didn’t get a good look at the faces of the bodies as they were moved into ambulance vehicles, so she couldn’t tell who they were. She picked her phone to dial Gabriel, but Gabriel’s call crashed in at that moment and she picked it, “Gabriel I don’t understand, whose bodies are those?” “They are the dead bodies of Evelyn, Chukwudi, Flora and Matthew!” “How is that possible? Who killed them? How did it happen?” “I killed them with the poison you gave me. They became suspicious of me and began to ask me questions about where I was when the shootings took place at TBS. The way I saw it, they thought I might be the person who helped you at TBS. I just can’t figure out why they became suspicious of me. They feared I was leading them to their death at the house in Apapa; so behind my back they sent those impersonators you met at the house to do the deal on their behalf. My boys, the three armed men you met at the house poisoned them thinking they were real.

“When I found out what Evelyn, Chukwudi, Flora and Matthew were up to, I used a proxy to administer some poison to them before they left for the hotel where they died. They would have killed me if they had found out that the impersonators died at the house in Apapa. And even if the impersonators didn’t die there, your old colleagues would still have killed me; I dug up a lot of dirt about them. Believe me when I say it, your friends were filthy and evil. I want you to stay low for a few days; I will get back to you soon. And you will like this, Hunter has been found; he was spotted at a local airport in Kenya yesterday.” “Are you serious Gabriel?” “Yes I am. But I want you to do nothing. There is so much dirt about your friends which is now in the open. You died in an Indonesian prison thirteen years ago; I want you to stay dead! Can you do that Maria?” “Yes, I can do that.” “Goodnight Maria.” “Goodnight Gabriel.”

Agatha had sat close to her sister to hear all the telephone conversation between her and Gabriel. When she dropped the call, Agatha asked, “So do you think those bastards are dead for real?” “From what we saw on television, they are dead for good.” “Glad to know Gabriel did not betray us.” “Yes Agatha; I don’t know what I would have done to him if he had.”

“Maria, you haven’t told me how you made it out of the prison in Indonesia. You don’t want me to know, do you?” “No Agatha, I am not hiding anything, at least not from you. It took me all the money I had saved and much more to get in touch with my police friends in Jakarta, and thankfully when I did, they came through for me. I don’t want to recall my ordeal in the prison. I am grateful that my police friends got me out. They were the ones who gave me Hunter’s contact. You see, Hunter is a professional cleaner. By that I mean he kills people for a living. Dealing with him will be a lot trickier than it was with my friends.” “So are we free now?” “I think we are at least until Gabriel calls us back. But by tomorrow I would like for us to confirm the deaths of Evelyn, Chukwudi, Flora and Matthew.”

The next day Lavonne and her sister paid their way through official at the city morgue to check the bodies of those four adults brought in from a hotel in Ikeja the previous day, they were indeed the bodies of Evelyn, Chukwudi, Flora and Matthew. Lavonne removed a camera from her purse and took photos of the dead bodies. “What are you doing Maria?” Agatha asked. “Chukwudi runs a multi million naira business in Accra through his brother Felix, I want to recoup all the money I lost Indonesia by going after Felix. When I am done I will go after the family members of each one of them to do to them what they did to our family.” “Shouldn’t we walk the high road at this point and forgive, Maria?” “I will forgive only when there are no members of their families living or breathing.” “While kill their family members and allow Hunter to walk free?” “Who said Hunter will walk free? I will find and burn him alive.”


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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - her 9mm and the AK 47 rifle, another vehicle, a Toyota SUV, arrival of the assassins, a hotel in Festac town, I want the poison to do its work, Channels television station, a proxy to administer some poison to them, multi million naira business in Accra. An African Literary Blog
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