WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 5

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - secret service, President, Republic army chiefs, the president's wife, General, the Captain, five military barracks, Soldiers, intelligence report has it, in war propaganda is used, Congo, to bomb civilian settlements.

Kuma, a Low Cost Hotel, 8:20 am
“Look at the news! It has already begun. I told you I was not lying!” Zuri shouted at Khamisi, pointing at the television. “We have to get in touch with KRF now.” “Don’t worry Khamisi, I already have. What do you think I was doing in that telephone booth last night?” “So you are in Kilwasi secret service and you lied to me.” “I am not. Actually I had not heard of Kilwasi secret service until you mentioned it last night. All I knew about was KRF. My father, brothers and sisters are all KRF. I think we have to leave for Kilwasi right now. A purge will begin very soon in Kuma and other cities to silence us from reaching the world with what has begun in Congo. “I think the entire Kilwasi people owe a lot to you for getting this information to us in time. Even our top secret service agents did not hear about it. They knew about the independence of Kilwasi but had no clue about the assassination plot against the president and the invasion of Kilwasi.”

“Don’t thank me yet. I know when I will draw on that good deed to my people. We have to leave now, soon all entrances to Kilwasi will be blocked,” said Zuri. Before they could step out of the hotel room, new broke on the television that the wife of President Imamu Kibwe had been found dead. She was found dead in her car at the outskirts of Kuma. There were no injuries on her body or sign of struggle. Khamisi knew she must have been injected with poison. “They won’t find anything even if they conduct an autopsy. Whatever they injected into her body must have vanished by now. Soon they will lie to the nation that her death was natural. Sadly, the people will accept it and so also will those who are sponsoring this evil against the people of Kilwasi. They won’t get away with this. They have sown the wind, they will reap the whirlwind,” Khamisi said angrily. They hurried out of their hotel room and left for Kilwasi immediately. On their way, Zuri placed calls to many military officers she knew in the army who were from Kilwasi. They were grateful Zuri got to them in time. They had the suspicion that something was going on but had no clear understanding of what it was. The army officers knew what to do. They were some of the people who helped train KRF members. Two hours after Zuri made those calls, three major Bridges which led from Kuma to Kilwasi, the Central Bank headquarters and the army headquarters were blown up.  Causalities in the bomb attacks were in thousands. Across the nations fear seized the hearts of men.

Kilwasi, Teneme Military Barracks, 9: 21 am
Some top Congo Republic army chiefs were in a meeting. “This was supposed to be a clandestine operation. How come bridges, army headquarters and the central bank building in Kuma are being blown up?” Major Berhanu asked. “We must have a mole in our midst! Someone amongst us is giving us away!” General Masamba barked. A captain dashed into the room, saluted and announced, “Five of the six military barracks in Kilwasi have been bombed by KRF. They used jets! How did they get Jets?!” asked Masamba in shock. There was pin drop silence in the room, as the army officers consider the consequences of KRF having access to jets. “Who is the leading the KRF campaigns, Captain?” General Masamba asked. “Solomon Jelani,” replied the Captain. “Major Berhanu, you have to take the streets! Move tanks into the strategic positions we discussed. Raid the known camps of KRF. Bomb some residential parts of Kilwasi. I want KRF crippled before even this war starts. “Excuse me sir, do you want us to bomb unarmed civilians?” Major Berhanu asked. “Do it! We are at war!!” The Captain and Major Berhanu looked at each other in disbelief.

“Are there any video clips of the raids on the five military barracks,” asked General Masamba. “Yes sir, we have one,” replied the Captain. “Bring it to my office now,” Masamba instructed and left for his office. Seeing General Masamba had left, Major Berhanu pulled the Captain closer and asked, “Why should we kill innocent people, our target should be KRF. Is there something I do not know about this invasion?” “No sir?” the Captain replied. The Captain saluted and left the room.

Shirley had been locked in a room and knew nothing about the war which had begun. Soldiers barged into her room and dragged her away. Every step of the way, she fought to break free. But the soldiers were too strong for her. When they reached the General’s office, they opened it and pushed her in. “To convince you that I am serious about protecting you, I killed one of my soldiers. Right now I regret doing that. Look at this…” Masamba turned on the screen. The picture of a jet fighter raiding bombs on a military facility began to play. The general paused the video and continued. “Our intelligence report has it that your husband is leading this attack. Congo Republic and KRF are now officially at war. They have killed the president’s wife and poisoned the president. They want to secede from Congo. If you do not agree to help us infiltrate KRF…” Masamba picked up his gun and cocked it. “…I will shoot you right here for my soldiers whom your husband killed today, and before a week is over, we will kill him!” he concluded, pointing his gun at Shirley.

“I don’t believe Solomon can do any of these without a good reason. He is a good man!” “Shut up! For how long have you known him. You married him within six months of your arrival in Kilwasi. You don’t know Solomon! We are talking about a hardened criminal trained by the Russians. I told you that KRF will do worse than what you saw yesterday and now it has happened. Shirley Robinson, we need you to infiltrate KRF!” “Why me? Why not send some of your soldiers?” “They will be easy to spot. As for you, no one will ever suspect you. I want to know where KRF will attack, where they get their weapons from and how they got those Jets. I want to know how many they are and the locations of their new camps. Most of all. I want to know who amongst my men is working with them. You have till the count of three to accept my offer or I shoot you now! One! Two!” he threatened. “Okay! I will do it! I will do it!” Shirley shouted, raising her hands. “Thank you Shirley Robinson. My soldiers will drill you on how to carry out your assignment and how to reach us with the information you find. The president is dead. In the light of the present situation, our nation needs a strong man. I will leave for Kuma in the next two hours.” Masamba said smiling. Shirley nodded with her mind full of thoughts.

After Shirley had been led away by soldiers, General Masamba placed a call to one of his men in Kuma, “I think the leak about the invasion of Kilwasi may have come from my side. I was in a hotel with a young girl yesterday. I feel strongly she understood what I said over the phone with our Belgian contact. I will send you her picture right away. Please find her and kill her immediately. I sent a team to find her last night, till now I have not heard from them. I think something went wrong. Find also the two men I sent after her. I want to know what happened to them. You can extract the identities of the two men I sent after the girl from my personal assistant.” “Okay sir!” The general dropped the call. He had been thinking about Zuri since they found out about the bombing of the five military barracks. He knew those barracks were strategic in helping Congo invade Kilwasi. Whoever bombed them and the three bridges had a lot of information. Another thing which worried him was that all the top service chiefs from Kilwasi had gone missing with their entire families. The plan was to keep them in the dark about what was going on until he had been made president so he could have them framed up. Things were spinning out of control faster than he planned and he knew his western friends would not hesitate to dump him if he failed.

Shirley was not sure all she had been told were true, but the things she had seen about Solomon were shocking. She also knew that in war propaganda is used. However, her fear was that if General Masamba was right about Solomon, then she had married a monster. On the other hand, if he was wrong, she might be working against the man she had pledged to lay her life down for. She wanted to talk to someone, but the General had mentioned that she should not, citing examples of those who foolishly revealed that they were spies and ended up being butchered by KRF.

Kilwasi, KRF hidden Camp, 12:36 pm
“I am getting text messages from an anonymous number in Teneme barracks. At first it sent me a picture of Shirley being beaten up by soldiers. Now the number has just sent me a message that Congo army are planning to bomb civilian settlements in Kilwasi,” Rev. Kato said to a few of KRF officials. “So they are keeping Shirley in Teneme. I have to go and rescue my wife!” Solomon said excitedly. “We are at war Solomon. This might be a tactic to lure you out. They must know by now you led the raid on the five barracks. Allow us to handle this,” Rev. Kato said. “I want my wife back!” “I know, but you and I know you have a lot of dirty secrets in your past. They might use them to turn Shirley against you. Think. I want you to think. Why did they take Shirley? I did not tell anyone here when I got the picture of Shirley in Teneme barracks. I had to get in touch with her father first. Rev. Robinson wants us to be careful if they send her back to us in one piece or even beaten up.” “Rev. Kato, I have nothing to hide! I have told Shirley all my secrets. I told her even before we got married. I have to rescue my wife!” “Solomon calm down and listen to reason!” “No! I won’t! This is not reason! My wife is in danger and I need to save her!”


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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 5
WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 5
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - secret service, President, Republic army chiefs, the president's wife, General, the Captain, five military barracks, Soldiers, intelligence report has it, in war propaganda is used, Congo, to bomb civilian settlements.
Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog
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