WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 2

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - prostitute in Kuma, president, war, Reverend, headlamps, Mercedes car, taxi driver, independence, The United Nations Security Council, They killed, kill.

The Street of Kuma, 11:07 pm
“It is going to happen sooner than we expected. General Masamba is the one to launch the attack. The lives in Kilwasi are in grave danger,” said Zuri, the girl who was with General Masamba when Julien Florian, the Belgian diplomat, called him. “Who is your source Zuri?” asked Rev. Kato. “General Masamba himself. I eavesdropped on his telephone conversation. Some Americans and Europeans will support him to invade Kilwasi when he becomes president. Rev. Kato, if we do not defend ourselves, no one will defend us.” “Hold on Zuri, you said General Masamba will do this when he becomes president. That means it is a future plan. President Imamu Kibwe won’t let such an evil plan take place in his regime. His wife is from Kilwasi.” “Reverend, they are going to kill the president in a few days. Once that happens they will invade Kilwasi. Please raise fighters. You know where our arms are stocked. I will talk to a few friends here for help.” “Zuri stop. You are only a child. You cannot swim with such tide at your age. I hate to think that you learnt all this while hawking your body as a prostitute in Kuma. The Lord hates prostitution. Please come back to Kilwasi and let me handle this from here. I know the people to talk to for help. Please come back child. Come home to Kilwasi,” Rev. Kato pleaded.

“I hate to work as a commercial sex hawker, but can’t you see that the Lord has used it to reveal to us what they are planning. The Lord works in strange ways. With the coming war, I will stop my shameful work, I promise Reverend.” “I can’t dissuade you from what you intend to do, can I?” “No Reverend, you can’t.” “Okay then; but please try to speak to your parents, they come to the parish every day to pray for your return. Also be careful who you talk to. This is beyond your age and experience. I wish you would listen to me and return to Kilwasi right now.” “I wish that too, but I know what I heard, they are going to kill us all and occupy our land for ten years. I believe it is my calling to convince men and women of Kilwasi descent in power to join forces with us. I maybe a girl, but I have seen things that will make you shudder. I have to go now Reverend.” She dropped the call before Rev. Kato could say one more word. She left the phone booth, her eyes darting about.

Hastily she walked back to the Taxi, yanked the door open and sat in. “Let’s go,” she said. “Look back. Do you see an old Mercedes car beside the refuse truck?” asked the taxi driver. Zuri looked back for a moment and replied, “Yes, I can see it.” “It drove into that position some five minutes ago, since then, no one has left it or gone into it. I think you are being followed.” Zuri went white in the face with fear. “Masamba,” she mumbled under her breath. Suddenly the street lights went off. That usually doesn’t happen. The Mercedes car started driving toward them with its headlamps off. In the Mercedes car were two men. One was driving and the other had an assault rifle in his hand. He had it sticking out of the car window. The driver also had an AK47 on his laps. Slowly they drove toward Zuri and her taxi driver, willing not to get their attention. “Drive!!” Zuri yelled at her driver. The taxi jolted to life and sped off. Zuri bent down to avoid bullets as she rummaged through her purse for her gun. She had begun to carry a gun since two of her customers raped and beat her up. “There is a police station three minutes away from here, can you get us there? I know some people in there.”

The driver stepped on the accelerator saying no word. “I don’t like this! How are they able to chase after us with their headlamps off?” Zuri asked in frustration. The driver turned off his headlamps and immediately the Mercedes car behind them turned on its headlamps. It had been using theirs to follow them. “We are not going to make it are we?” Zuri asked with her voice shaking. “This is my city; I know every route here! They are chasing the wrong guy!” the driver echoed, his voice laced with pride. He stepped harder on the accelerator and ate up the distance ahead of him. The Mercedes was struggling to keep up. The taxi driver made a sudden right turn, drove a few yards and turned further into another street and disappeared into the next one. Using the lights on the street he found a parking space on the street and skillfully moved his car in-between two other cars. “You are from Kilwasi. Why are those men after you? Did you steal their money after having sex with them?” “What?! Why did you ask me that?” Zuri demanded looking angry. “Don’t look at me that way. You are a prostitute. Imagine the way you are dressed. I can see your private part. Kilwasi girls are better than this. What is your story?”

Zuri pulled at her very short skirt as if she had just realized how short it was. “Don’t bother, it is not going to cover your nakedness. Next time you wear something this short, remember to put on some undergarment. You are Kilwasi, if you get raped or killed, nobody will give a hoot,” the driver cautioned. “I left my hotel room in a haste; in my hurry I forgot to put on my panties.” “So I was right when I said you stole something from those guys after us.” “No, I did not. I am in possession of a deadly information. Whoever is after me wants to find out what I know. This is a drill to scare me into confessing to what I know. If they catch us, they won’t be eager to shoot me until they have found out if I know what they think I might have heard.” “What did you hear young girl?” Zuri looked at the driver for a minute and asked, “What part of Kilwasi are you from?” “Teneme,” replied the taxi driver. Zuri was going to say something when the Mercedes car rolled into the street driving slowly with its headlamp on.

“How did they find us?” the driver asked, looking at Zuri suspiciously. “You are wearing a bug,” he added. “Am I?” “I think you are. Remove your clothes. Remove everything!” Zuri hesitated. The driver reached under his seat and pulled out a gun. Zuri was shaken at the sight of it. “You are a harlot, removing your clothes shouldn’t be hard for you. Do it now or we die!” With one pull at her short skirt, Zuri ripped it off. She pulled off her jacket and the t-shirt she wore under it. “Take your purse and gun and get into the gutter quietly,” the driver instructed.  Zuri nodded and opened the car, creeping on the ground she moved into the deep, dry gutter next to her. The taxi driver stepped out of his car, made toward a few cars nearby and folding Zuri’s clothes he threw them under one of the cars. He jumped into the gutter and ran toward Zuri. He was sure the bug was in Zuri’s clothes. Using the gutter, they meandered into another street.

“Now tell me the truth, who are you?” the driver demanded. “My name is Zuri. I cannot tell you what I know. It has to be kept secret. Please don’t make me tell you.” “My name is Khamisi. I work with the Kilwasi Secret Service Agency. I am one of those fighting for Kilwasi’s independence. You can tell me anything.” “Does Kilwasi have a secret service agency?” “Yes, we have been in existence for more than twenty years.” Zuri thought hard about what Khamisi said about himself and decided to tell him what she knew. “There is plot to invade Kilwasi by some people in EU and America. They are going to use General Masamba. That will be after they have killed President Imamu Kibwe.” “Why would they invade Kilwasi now? Our independence is close.” “No. We have got our independence already. The United Nations Security Council has agreed on it as I speak.” In a flash, Khamisi raised his gun and placed it on Zuri’s forehead. “Drop your gun!” he shouted at Zuri. Trembling like a plant shaken by the wind, Zuri dropped both her gun and purse.

Kilwasi, Lake City Hotel, 01:38 am
“Aah! Aah! No! No!!” Shirley screamed while she slept. Solomon leapt into the air from his sleep. When he landed back on the bed, he grabbed Shirley and shook her violently. Shirley woke from sleep, but sprang out of the bed and took a cover under it. She was panting heavily and crying. Solomon went down on all fours and looked under the bed. “Baby what is it? What is wrong with you? Please tell me. Come out and tell me,” Solomon pleaded. Shirley blinked her eyes severally and looked unbelievably at Solomon. “You are alive, Solomon. How? Is this real?” Solomon was stunned to hear her say that. “What did you dream about baby? This is our honeymoon. We got married yesterday,” Solomon explained. Shirley rubbed her eyes severally, and with much effort crawled out from under the bed. Solomon took her in his arms and gently sat her on the bed. “What did you see, please tell me?” “War. I saw war. They killed you. They killed you baby. They killed you…” she began to sob. Solomon held her warmly and whispered, “I am Solomon Jelani, lord of the streets in Kilwasi. I am very hard to kill. I mean, very hard to kill. Besides, it was only a dream. All you saw was a dream.”

“It was a revelation, baby. It was no dream. War is coming to Kilwasi. I saw it. We came back from our honeymoon and found out that our towns have been invaded.” “Relax. This is our honeymoon; we won’t get the chance to have it a second time. Nobody is going to invade Kilwasi. We are in a democracy.” “No!!! let’s go and warn the people! I know what I saw! War is coming! Please let’s go now. Please… please,” she began to cry. “Okay! Okay! Don’t cry. Let’s pack our stuffs, we are going now.”

Kilwasi, The Church Parish, 2:30 am
Rev. Kato was in an underground room in the parish. He was pacing frantically and talking to someone over the phone. “You must get to the President’s wife. That is your assignment. Everything depends on it. President Imamu Kibwe and his wife will be killed in a few days. There is a plot to invade Kilwasi. They want our oil rich land to remain a part of the Congo Republic. You have my order to die trying to reach the president’s wife. Reach her any moment from now.” He dropped the call and ran upstairs. Two young men were waiting for him. As soon as they saw him, one said, “Reverend, if the president is to be killed this soon, we need to blow something up quickly.” “No. if you do, you will have given them legitimate reason to attack us earlier than they planned. What we need to do is kill some people. We have to attack those around General Masamba. Get the message to our secret service agents in Kuma,” said the Reverend. One of the two young men dashed out of the room immediately. “Reverend, we have to get you out of Kilwasi now that it is possible. Leave us to do the fighting. You are a priest,” the other young man who remained behind said. “You are wrong. I am a trained soldier. I came back to Kilwasi because I knew a day like this would come. We will fight to protect our people and our oil till the world gives us what is ours.”


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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 2
WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 2
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - prostitute in Kuma, president, war, Reverend, headlamps, Mercedes car, taxi driver, independence, The United Nations Security Council, They killed, kill.
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