WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 10

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - impeding aerial strikes, jets, fighters, soldiers, bombs, Missile launchers loaded with missiles, Congo armed forces, ordered Congo war jets, in battalions and platoons, end the war that night, take control of the oil wells, United Nations Security Council members, general, information, the barracks, driver of the van.

Southern Kilwasi, 12:12 am
The evacuation from the makeshift camp was done carefully and at lightning speed. Within an hour, hundreds KRF fighters had fanned out of the camp and spread across Southern Kilwasi. Civilians were stealthily moved into bunkers in readiness to the impeding aerial strikes. Missile launchers loaded with missiles were positioned across Southern Kilwasi. Solomon, Rev. Kato and Chuimbo were determined to end the war that night. Their strategy required patience. They could have acted quickly on the information Shirley provided, to attack first before the bomb raids, but that would have blown Shirley’s cover as the source of the information leak. So, they played the waiting game and gave Congo armed forces the privilege to strike first.

Teneme Barracks, 12: 15 am
“Go! Go! Go!” a captain ordered Congo war jets. Within minutes, the jets soared into the sky. Toward Southern Kilwasi, they headed. Inside the barracks, trucks, tanks and thousands of soldiers, battle ready, positioned themselves in battalions and platoons, waiting for orders to head out. General Masamba was determined to end the war that night so he could take control of the oil wells in Kilwasi.

Kuma, Presidential Villa, 12:18 am
“General Masamba, United Nations Security Council members are planning to launch an enquiry into the war in Kilwas and into the deaths of President Imamu Kibwe and his wife. We don’t know how long we can keep them quiet from here. Rev. Robinson has powerful friends in the White House. KRF’s use of propaganda is working well. They have flooded international media with shocking images of the pogrom in Kilwasi. How did you let that happen? This mission was designed to be executed under the raider. You have to make it end tonight!” Julien Florian barked. “I know all that Julien. Someone leaked information about the invasion long before we even had the chance to execute it. I think you should look amongst those working with you…” General Masamba said. “No General! The leak was from your side. My name has even been mentioned in connection to this war! How  did KRF learn about me?! How on earth did KRF mix my name into the war?! I think your extreme need for women may have compromised this mission. One of your sex partners may have got hold of information about the invasion while you were beside yourself with your depraved cravings!” The thought of Zuri flashed across Masamba’s mind.

“I don’t like your use of words Julien Florian. The leak was not from my end. Are you aware that President Imamu Kibwe knew about the invasion the same night you called me? How did he get the information? A certain Kilwasi secret service agent also passed a note to the president’s wife that same night about the invasion. How did he get the information Julien? For our own good, let’s hope the war ends tonight. If Kilwasi survives tonight’s strikes, then the mission will have failed.” “Make sure it doesn’t fail General Masamba! If it does, you will find out that you have no friends in Europe and America, and will be tried for war crimes and genocide!” “Are you threatening me Julien Florian?!” The telephone line went dead.

General Masamba removed his phone from his ear, stared at it angrily and cursed, “Belgian maggot! The son of a whore. For our sakes, let’s hope KRF is destroyed tonight. If not, we will wash our undergarments in public glare.”

The Outskirts of Southern Kilwasi, 12:35 am
Shirley and ten Congo soldiers were in a van driving down to Teneme barracks. Shirley had successfully sold a gamut of lies about KRF to Masamba through Mr. Green. Congo war generals and Masamba had bought the lies hook line and sinker. Shirley had given them locations of KRF fighters, their armoury, camps and their war strategies. All the information Shirley provided them with that night were classified information. The only difference was that KRF leadership wanted Shirley to hand those pieces of information to the Congo army. A mind game was in play and General Masamba was already neck deep into it.

Above the sky, Congo jet fighters buzzed toward their target locations. Shirley looked up and prayed that all would go well. General Masamba had decided to throw more jet fighter into the battle in hope to win it promptly and swiftly. The information Shirley sent to him through Mr. Green had fooled him into thinking the war was already over.

On the rocky red ground, the tyres of the van squelched, as they van headed toward Teneme barracks. Shirley knew she would not be allowed into the barracks. Some KRF fighters were meant to intercept her. She was worried for Solomon and the KRF fighters she left in Southern Kilwasi. Managing to keep a hold of her nerves, she played along with what she was told to do.

Gboom!!!” The ground shook. Then the sound reached them repeatedly. “Gboom!!! Gboom!!! Gboom!!! Gboom!!!” That was the sound of Congo jet fighters dropping bombs on Kilwasi. The sounds of the exploding bombs shook Shirley’s heart. She could not imagine the fate of the people in Southern Kilwasi. The exploding bombs had drawn the attention of both Shirley and the soldiers with her. So when their van stopped, they wondered why it had to. Looking ahead, they saw a troop of Congo soldiers.

“Who are you?!” a voice demanded from among the soldiers who mounted a roadblock. “Congo soldiers, delivery a highly important agent to Teneme barracks on the orders of General Masamba!” their driver shouted. He had expected the mention of Masamba’s name to make the soldiers grant them immediate passage. The clicking sounds of assault guns being cocked and pointed at them left the van driver and the soldiers with him in shock. Shirley felt her heart shake. She lowered herself in the van and began to cry.

“Drop your weapons and step away from the van!” the same voice demanded. Soldiers surged out from the bush like ants, ready to shoot at the van. The driver of the van, the ten soldiers with him and Shirley stepped out of the van. “Lie down on the ground!” the same soldier barked. Shirley and the soldiers obeyed. “Secure the van and the weapons in it!” the voice instructed. Soldiers ran to the van and drove it off the road. By now the van driver and the soldiers in his company could smell something foul. Masamba’s name had failed to work even though they were in a zone in Kilwasi which they supposedly had under their control. “Search the soldiers!” More soldiers ran forward, and began to search the driver and the ten soldiers. They removed from them their pistols, grenades and knives. Without any word said, a soldier picked up Shirley from the ground. “Leave me! Leave me alone! Help!! Help me!!!” she shouted, kicking the soldier who had picked her from the ground. Another soldier ran over and put a gag over Shirley’s mouth. In spite of that, she continued to shout though muffled.

“Who among who is Faraji?!” the voice demanded. “I am Faraji!” the driver of the van replied. “Stand up!” The driver stood to his feet, visibly shaken. A soldier grabbed him, put cuffs on his hands and took him to where they kept Shirley. A whistle blared and immediately a staccato of gunshots gang out, “KAKAKAKAKA!!!!” Without warning, the ten soldiers on the floor were torn to shreds by bullets. The soldier who had been giving instructions since Shirley and the soldiers with were intercepted, stepped away, and placed a call to Solomon Jelani. “Sir, the package has been intercepted and is in good condition.” “Thank you soldier!” replied Solomon. “Now head to your bunker. It is time to answer fire with fire,” Solomon added. While the man made the call, soldiers took the ten dead soldiers into the bush.

Slowly Shirley began to realize that those who intercepted her were KRF fighters and not Congo soldiers. Exactly sixteen minutes after Shirley was picked up, four jet fighters flew over Teneme barracks and began to rain down bombs on it. Kilwasi had begun to fight back. On the ground, about five thousand KRF fighters waited eagerly for instruction to move into Teneme barracks and finish off whatever the bombs missed and to overrun all oppositions in East Kilwasi. In Southern Kilwasi, Congo jet fighters began to fall out of the sky as KRF began to launch their missiles at them.

Outside Teneme barracks, Major Berhanu happily informed General Masamba about Kilwasi fight back. “General! KRF has bombed Teneme barracks and has on the ground thousands of fighters. It appears they have more sophisticated weapons than we were told. East Kilwasi is under heavy attack sir! What do we do?!” General Masamba could not speak. It felt like his tongue had glued to the roof of his mouth. How KRF could have rallied that quickly to carry out retaliatory attack in Teneme was beyond him. “What do we do sir?!” Major Berhanu asked. His voice brought back General Masamba. “We have a mole amongst us. Someone leaked the attack to KRF. Do not loose East Kilwasi. Hold your ground in Teneme. I will send air support from Kuma!” “Okay sir. What you have asked us to do is suicide, but we will do it sir,” said Major Berhanu. “Do it soldier! Use everything you have,” General Masamba ordered.

As soon as Major Berhanu was done talking with General Masamba, he placed a call to Rev. Kato. “Reverend, Masamba is going to send air support from Kuma. You must destroy them. Do not let the jets enter Kilwasi air space!” “Thanks Major!” responded Rev. Kato.


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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 10
WAR: LOVE AND LIFE - Episode 10
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - impeding aerial strikes, jets, fighters, soldiers, bombs, Missile launchers loaded with missiles, Congo armed forces, ordered Congo war jets, in battalions and platoons, end the war that night, take control of the oil wells, United Nations Security Council members, general, information, the barracks, driver of the van.
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