KILLER - Episode 5

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“When he comes in, be sure to lure him to the bedroom,” Oifie explained to Maureen. He, Gbolahan, Uzokwe and Ogechi had camped in Maureen’s bedroom and store as they awaited the killer to make an entry. Outside, they had men hiding in the street to make sure that the killer had no escape route whatsoever. Maureen left her door open. “Are you sure you don’t want a pistol, just in case, you know,” Uzokwe suggested. “I don’t know how to use a gun. I might end up shooting myself,” Maureen answered. “Okay, we are here for you. Be calm and act as though you were dying for him,” Oifie urged her. “I will do my best. They took their positions, having set their mobile phones to vibration mode. By 11:00PM, Maureen peered through the window into the street. Her heart was running helter-skelter. She could hardly breathe as she awaited the killer’s grand entry, yet, there was no sign of him. She began to worry that he might not show up. By midnight, there was no sign of him either. When the clock registered 1:00PM, Oifie and his team emerged from their hiding posts.

“I don’t think he is going to make it tonight,” he announced. “I think we should call it a night, but you have to come with us. It is not safe for you to sleep here alone,” he suggested. Maureen began to park a small bag for the night. She was too afraid to sleep in her apartment alone. “Yes, you are right. I can’t stay here.” Quickly she stuffed her personal effects in a small bag and joined them in the living room. As they headed for the door, her phone rang. She did not know the number, yet she answered it. “Hello Mau-Mau my darling,” that distinctive voice announced over the phone. Her heart sank into her stomach. It was the killer. He has my number? Maureen wondered. Chills went through her body. Her throat suddenly turned dry.

“Hi dear, what is keeping you?” She asked managing to hide her apprehension. “I had to attend to a few things but I was thinking of you all along. I would love to feel your soft tender skin rubbing against mine,” he said with an eerie tone that instilled more fear in her. “I have been lying naked on the bed thinking of you,” Maureen lied. Oifie and his team listened attentively. Maureen activated her speaker so that they could hear the killer’s voice. Ogechi began to record the discussion. For the first time, they got an idea of what the killer sounded like, although he made an effort to mask his voice. He was certainly being hyper-meticulous.

“Really?” “Yes. I am naked right now wishing that you were here with me...breathing heavily as you make love to me with ferocious passion.” Oifie signaled to Maureen that she was doing a good job. “Are you still coming?” She asked him. “I would like to make love to you under the gaze of the moon. It is a night of a full moon. I am standing somewhere outside, some streets away from yours. I want you to meet me here.” “Really? You don’t want to come over to make love to me here?” “I don’t like boring sexual experiences. We have already done that. I want to do something different. Come and meet me here.” “Where is that?” “Just go outside and walk towards the east end of your street. I will call to give you further instructions.” “I will be there,” Maureen answered feigning strength and courage.

“She can’t go…this is a bait!” Gbolahan shouted as soon as Maureen hung up. “Yes, I think so too. Why did he decide not to return here all of a sudden? This guy is addicted to sex, yet he is offered an opportunity for sex and he is declining it? I think he suspects something, and if he does, then he might kill her if she goes to meet him tonight,” Ogechi explained. “I think they are right,” Uzokwe added. “I think she should go. If he wanted to kill her, he would have done so last night. He is not saying no to sex, actually. He is asking sex to come to him and not the other way round,” Oifie explained. “She must go, if we are to catch this guy,” he continued. “Then, we have to follow her somehow,” suggested Ogechi. “If he finds out, he will kill her before we even get there,” Oifie countered. “The best way is for you to ring me now with this phone, Maureen. When I pick your call, just leave the phone in your purse and leave your purse open, so we are listening in from here. Once, you are with him, you have to say something that will tell us where you are. Then, we can swoop in while you try to seduce and distract him. Do you think you can do that?” Oifie asked Maureen.

She thought about it for a moment. “I want this guy caught and executed for killing numerous women. This is scary, but I am willing to do it,” she replied. “You can back out now. I don’t want your life to be in danger, but if you decide to carry on with the plan, I will appreciate that a lot,” Oifie urged her. “I will do it!” She said, sounding more emphatic this time around. “Great!” With the phone that Oifie had given her connected on a call to Oifie’s phone, she walked in the direction the killer had suggested to her. The Streets were empty except for the barking of a few stray and watch dogs and the chirping of crickets. She looked sharply in a direction from which the slightest sound emanated. Her cell phone rang. Her heart was pounding. She took the call. “Hello, where are you?” she asked him. “I will tell you shortly. Walk towards Secretariat Quarters and then take a right turn to St. Michael’s Catholic Church. There is a narrow lane just past the church. Take it and walk towards the River (Mmiri Ani),” he explained. “Okay, I will walk towards the River after the church,” she said out loud. Oifie and his team heard her very well.

“He is going to kill her there,” Uzokwe warned. “That area is dead at night. There is nothing there. No one lives there. This is a perfect area to ambush anyone, and before we get any closer, he will escape by crossing Mmiri Ani and running over to the other side of town,” he added with a hint of concern. “I am worried too. I know that area very well. I doubt that he is going to spare her life,” Gbolahan agreed with Uzokwe. “Let us leave now then. We will follow her carefully at a distance. By the time she reaches the River, we should be much closer. He cannot see us,” Oifie suggested. They walked carefully towards the area taking a different route.

When Maureen took a right turn past the church, her heart sank into her stomach. She thought about quitting. Why am I doing this? she asked herself. Somehow, her quest to help catch the killer propelled her further. There was no light in the area. She had to take out her phone and use the light on it to illuminate her path. The chirping of crickets on the path intensified. Soon, she could hear the flowing of the River. Also, she smelt the dirty River. Mmiri Ani was a dumping ground for all sorts of wastes, which left it dark and stinky. “You came!” That voice said to her emerging from nowhere. She flashed her light in the direction of the voice and beside a mango tree was the figure of the killer. His face was still masked, with holes around his eyes, mouth and nose. “Of course I did,” she said attempting to mask her fear. “Have you brought the police with you to arrest me?” He asked. “If you look around, you can be sure that I came alone.” “Why are you doing this? You know I could kill you here?”

“I guess I should say that I like the adventure. There is something about you that draws me even closer to you.” “If the police show up here, I will kill you before they get any closer,” he warned her. “I am here alone. Are you going to make love to me or are you going to talk all the way?” “Hmmm!!! You like it, right?” “I sure do!” She walked closer to her. He had been atop the tree all the time watching her and scanning the area for the police who might come with her. He had not seen any. He placed his head around her neck and smelt her perfume. Then, he grabbed her busts aggressively and squeezed on them. She moaned as though she was having the time of her life. “I can see that you like that.” “I have been waiting all evening for your touch…your strong manly touch.” “Come with me. There is a place I need to show you,” he said dragging her by the arm. She followed him flashing her light. It was a ploy by her to show where they were going in case Oifie and his team had reached the area. “Turn off the light. Your eyes will adjust to the darkness,” he suggested. She obliged him. “Where are we going?” she asked him. “You will see.”

Soon, they reached a small cave in a rock by the River. It was half-covered with shrubs and trees that masked its existence. To the ordinary eye, it was a rock by the River, but to someone who knew of its existence, it was a home in the woods. They waded through the shrubs carefully. Inside the cave was an old mattress. The killer covered the entrance with a wooden frame that shielded the light inside from reaching the outside. Then he used the flashlight on his phone to illuminate the cave. He found his lantern and matchbox and lit the lantern before turning on his phone. She looked around carefully. She wondered if the phone connection to Oifie still worked in the cave. “This is a perfect hideaway…a cave in the rock by the River. It is perfectly masked by trees and shrubs,” she said carefully raising her voice hoping that Oifie and the team would hear her and use the information to find the location.

“Her connection is bad. We are still connected to her but it is not clear,” Oifie complained. “She is saying something about rocks and trees, but I can’t hear her well,” he added placing the phone on speaker so his group could listen in too. “If we can’t hear her, how can we help her?” Uzokwe asked. “I knew this was a bad idea,” he continued. “Let’s work on finding her before playing the blame game,” Ogechi suggested. Oifie ignored Uzokwe’s criticism. “I think she was trying to tell us that they are somewhere in or around a rock with trees,” Oifie said. Let’s get closer to the river and walk along the bank in search of a rock,” he added.

“Maureen lay down on the mattress and expected him to jump on her, but he wanted to talk instead. He lay beside her, groping her again, but not doing anything further. “So, you really like me?” He asked again. “I would not be here if I did not.” “I am glad to hear that.” “So, do you have any friends?” she asked. He paused for a moment. “Anyone can have friends but whether your friends are true or not depends on you.” “Why do you say that?” “When I was a little boy, my mother used to ask her younger sister to look after me. Her name was Frances. My mother would go to work and Frances would watch me. Sometimes, Frances would come over with another of my mother’s younger sisters, Agnes. Together, they molested me non-stop. They played with my private part and made me do all sorts of things with them. I…I…hated them and still hate them so much. That destroyed my life. I never quite got over those experiences. I became sexually active ahead of time, and later on, they introduced me to pornography.”

He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “I became hooked on that thing and soon, I could not get enough of those images. I wanted the real thing and even my wife could not satisfy me. I wanted more…so much more. I wanted to sleep with every girl on earth, but I could not have them. So, I…I…I began to take what I wanted by force,” he said ominously. “I used to cry each time my mother left me to the mercy of her evil younger sisters.” “Did you take vengeance on them? They deserve to die for what they did to you,” Maureen said psychologically to give him the impression that she sympathized with his plight…that she was on his side, but more so, to sift out more information from him.

“I did not kill them,” the killer answered. “But I raped and killed both of their daughters…yes, my cousins. I left them both in anguish. They are both living with indescribable heartaches today for what they did to me. It is better punishment that killing them. They are dying slowly and painfully after losing their daughters tragically.” “I would have done the same thing,” Maureen replied. “I think I heard some noise outside. Are you sure that you did not bring the police with you?” he asked her. He got of the mattress and blew off the lantern. “You are being afraid for nothing dear. I came here all by myself. Your story is compelling,” she said managing to steady her voice.


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Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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KILLER - Episode 5
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - mobile phones to vibration mode, killer, east end of your street, sex, he might kill her, phone, River, flashing her light, evil younger sisters, police. An African Literary Blog
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