DISTURBIA - Episode 3

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - sex before marriage, he loved me, romantic with sex in it, relationship, sex, love, until I became pregnant, my innocence, virginity and happiness, I am sorry, forgive him, pleaded, My sister loves you.

“Greg is the reason I am filled with so much hatred. From my secondary school days to my university days, I was focused on my dreams. Even though there were lots of guy who wanted to date me, I knew how much a distraction men could become when you allow them into your heart. The worst aspect is that most of them are only interested in getting inside a lady’s pant. I kept waiting for the right guy who was different, a guy who would truly love me and respect my values; when I met Greg I foolishly believed I had found that man. I told him there would be no sex before marriage and he agreed. So, we dated for two years without sex because I wanted to be sure he was not in it for sex. I was deeply in love with him; and I felt bad when he began to constantly remind me that he was sexually active in his last relationship. He often moaned about how he was not getting sex from me for two years because he was waiting for me to be ready.

“Typical of an average, the moment Greg had sex with me, he began to avoid me. His attitude toward me changed. I could not figure out the reason for the change in his attitude because I thought he loved me. I had expected that our relationship would become much more romantic with sex in it. Sadly, it became a nightmare for me. I cried many nights and in my desperation and pains, I ran to his best friend Eric. Eric was the one who helped me see the truth. Greg was only after sex and since he had got it from me, there was no longer any reason on his part to keep the relationship with me. I was torn apart when I heard those words. He told me point blank that Greg did not deserve me. He told me I was a good girl and should have no business with a guy like Greg. It was hard to let go, but he told me to forget about Greg because I would only get hurt. I needed answers, so I went to see Greg only to find him sleeping with another woman in his house. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me, I was heartbroken.

“This fool right here had the guts to tell me that it was my fault. He asked me to explain to him how I expected him to go without sex for two years. He claimed that every time I refused to spend the night in his house he had to bring home a girl to satisfy his morbid cravings. I really was torn. I could not deal with the imminent breakup and so when he apologized I went back to him, but things didn’t get better. Greg stopped caring and showing me love, I was the one calling his phone every now and then, I was visiting him frequently and spending the night often in his apartment. It was almost like I was the only one trying to keep the relationship going. The only times Greg called me was only when he wanted sex. Our relationship became a sex union, I did it to please him. The moments he had sex with me were the only times I felt his love and attention.

“After sex with him, it would seem as though I was an entirely different person to him, a slave of some sort to him. I was more like his house cleaner and sex mate. I was blinded in my so-called love for him until I became pregnant. I was very happy and thought that our baby would change the way he was treating me. I felt he would love me more with our baby on the way. When I told Greg I was pregnant for him, he told me…” Helen paused. “I will quote exactly what he said, ‘bitch go and get rid of that bastard you just called my baby, because it’s not mine.’ I felt like dying, I felt used and rejected by the man I loved. For months I cried and begged Greg, but he insisted that he would have nothing to do with the baby and me if I chose to keep it. When I was six months pregnant, Greg put an end to our relationship.  He told everyone I was a sex freak and that I got pregnant while cheating on him. He claimed I didn’t know the father of the baby and was trying to pin the baby on him. Till this day, the only man I have ever slept with is Greg.

“There is a thin line between love and hate. I loved him and hated him with so much disgust, I couldn’t understand why. I could not keep the baby of a man I hated passionately. I had to get rid of it at a grave cost. Greg stole my innocence, virginity and happiness. He killed the trust left in me and he destroyed my chances of getting married and living happy. I cannot have babies anymore,” Helen narrated, crying bitterly. By now everyone in the house was crying. “No it can’t be, it has to be a lie! Greg tell me it’s not true, speak you bastard!” Amber shouted. “Helen I am sorry, please forgive me for I am a changed man now. That was a long time ago, please forgive me,” Greg pleaded.

“You destroyed my sister’s life, and somehow contrived a way to find your way into my life to destroy it too! You are the devil! I swear you deserve to die! I trusted you because I thought you were different, but I was totally wrong!” Amber shouted. “Amber that was five years ago. I am a changed man now. Yes, I deserve to be punished. My sins have caught up with me, so let Helen punish me but please I can’t have you hating me, Amber, because I am in love with you for real,” Greg pleaded. “Liar! Don’t you dare play your games with my sister. I still remember how you would then often profess your undying love for me!” Helen yelled at him. “Helen I am sorry. I never loved you; back then I was a player and I only dated you because of a bet I had placed with my friends. I heard you were the most difficult girl around and so…” Greg tried to explain. Helen sprang to her feet, slapped Greg across the face and put the knife on his throat. “Please, don’t kill me Helen! Please I beg of you!” Greg pleaded.

“Helen please don’t do something that you will live to regret.  Please forgive him. I know it’s difficult, but killing him won’t change the way you feel. Think it over, I beg you,” the stranger pleaded. “A pig will always be a pig and can’t change. He placed a bet on me and he wasted two and a half years of my life. So how much money did you place on my sister this time around? Tell me!” Helen asked angrily. “I am sorry…” pleaded Greg. “Will your being sorry bring back my womb? You will bleed to death, you filthy dog!” shouted Helen. “Helen, please don’t kill him. I care about you and I can’t stand to see you go to jail,” the stranger said.  “Liar. You don’t even know me,” Helen said. “I do now, and if you give me the chance, I promise to love and protect you,” said the stranger. “Shut up liar! You think I am stupid, don’t you? Do you think you can actually talk me into dropping this knife and perhaps open the door?” Helen queried.

“Door yes, but the one which leads to your heart. This might be a wrong time to say this, but everything happens for a reason. I live opposite your house, every morning I jug pass you on your way to work. You have not for once taken notice of me. I have greeted you quite a number of times, but you have never responded to any of my greetings. It’s almost like you are scared to look me in the eyes. I have admired you from a distance for more than a year. I hope that after this night, I will get the chance to share a drink with you. Did you know that we work for the same company? I am on the sixth floor while you are on the fifth. I have approached you about three times and each time I re-introduce myself. It was almost like you looked at me and at the same time looked through me. I also noticed that is the same way you treat every other man around you. Can’t you see what hatred is doing to you? Helen you are a good person, even in your anger, I can still see love inside you.  Someday if the opportunity presents itself, I will ask you to give me the chance to love you to prove that not all men are evil; but tonight I’ll ask you to give your heart the chance to love again, not for me but for you, because you owe it yourself,” the stranger said passionately.

“I am not good enough to be a wife. I can no longer have children,” Helen explained tearfully.  “I already have two children and even though I am not the biological father of my son, I love him and his little sister very much. I won’t ask you to bear me more children, all I want is a companion, a heart that is open to love, one that will be my wife and a mother to my children. So what do you say?” the stranger asked bullishly. “I don’t know what to say, I don’t know if I can trust you, why are you telling me this, what if I want a baby?” Helen asked, hardly believing her own words. “If you would want us to have a baby of our own, we will try together, and if we won’t have a miracle baby, then we will adopt one.” “Amber is he telling the truth?” “I don’t know what to say, what to believe and whom to trust anymore. Tonight has been one long night and I pray it’s all a nightmare and I will wake up from it soon,” replied Amber.

“Greg might be telling the truth that he is a changed man, but you will never know unless you give him the benefit of doubt. Please open the door Helen,” the stranger gently requested.  “But why should I trust you?” “The lips can lie but the eyes can’t. Open the door and look me in the eyes, only then can you tell if I am telling the truth. I left my children alone at home, so I will be leaving soon. what do you say Helen?” “Helen, please open the door, what if this man is right? What if Greg has changed and he really loves me? Don’t you think you should forgive Greg?” asked Amber. “In your sister I found love and happiness. I will be happier when you find a man who can love you like you really deserve, and wipe away all the pains I caused you. What if your dream man is standing outside the door? I deprived you happiness once, I don’t want to do that twice. If you go and meet this man, I promise to do whatever you want even if it’s to walk out of your sister’s life for good,” Greg reasoned.
My sister loves me and I love her very much and I want her to be happy, if you ever hurt her, I promise to find you. I will ask you for the first and last time, ‘do you love my sister?’” “Yes! Yes! I do, and with all my heart. Helen, please find it in your heart to forgive me,” Greg replied, crying. Helen opened the door only to find Amber. She hugged Amber and then asked, “Where is the man?” “He just went outside.” Helen ran outside to meet with the man. Amber ran inside the kitchen, untied Greg, and took him to the bathroom to dress his wounds. 

“Wait! Please wait,’ Helen said to the man. The man stopped, crossed the street and walked back toward Helen. “I just want to say thank you and…” she stuttered. “And what?” asked the man. “…and to ask you if you meant the words you said back there and…”  she stuttered again.  “And what?” “…and to look at your face and ask what your name is.” “My face or my eyes?” “Both.” “So what do you see in my eyes.” “I don’t know.” “What is your heart telling you? …Listen to your heart.” Helen lowered her head and listened to her heart. “I think it says that I should give you a try.” “And what else? “That I will be safe in your hands...perhaps…maybe.” “My name is Dave.” They looked each other in the eyes for a few seconds and smiled. Helen was so emotional she began to sob deeply. With her hands over her mouth, she tried to stifle her sobs. Dave took her in his arms and held her firmly. Helen dropped her head on his shoulder and let out through nerve-wracking sobs, the bitterness she locked inside of her. “I am afraid to let myself love again,” Helen whispered. “It’s okay. I have been there once. I will be by you as you fight to overcome it. I promise,” Dave replied.


Written by:
Andrew Magege

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: DISTURBIA - Episode 3
DISTURBIA - Episode 3
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - sex before marriage, he loved me, romantic with sex in it, relationship, sex, love, until I became pregnant, my innocence, virginity and happiness, I am sorry, forgive him, pleaded, My sister loves you.
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