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“It has been a while since I saw you, Fola,” Azubuike said. “Yes, it has. I wanted to stop by to see how you are doing,” Folashade answered. Azubuike was walking to his car when Folashade arrived. He looked tired after a long day at the office. “It is very kind of you to come,” he said. “You look like you have been working yourself to death. You should take it easy,” she answered. “I was just leaving. Join me in the car, let’s get something to eat at Mr. Bigg’s,” Azubuike offered. “Why don’t we go home? You should rest while I’ll fix something for you to eat. I am sure your apartment is probably a mess. I can help you with a few things. I have not been doing my part since Oluchi left. Let’s head to your house. I’d love to help you fix a few things while you rest. You don’t have to eat fast food today,” Folashade suggested.

Azubuike obliged and they both hopped onto his Toyota Highlander. He cranked the massive engine to life, placed his foot on the accelerator and jolted the vehicle into motion. They meandered their way arduously through Lagos traffic before reaching his house at Ajao Estate. Azubuike quickly jumped in the shower while Folashade took charge of the kitchen. By the time he came out, there was a plate of sizzling jollof rice at the dining table waiting for him. He devoured the rice ravenously and took his usual position in the living room in front of the television. Folashade took a quick shower and reappeared in the living room in hot, skimpy jean shorts and a transparent top that left her belly exposed. She tucked herself into the couch beside Azubuike who could not help but notice Folashade’s ‘endowments’.

“So, how often do you talk to Oluchi?” She asked as she left her leg hanging. She made sure to make contact with Azubuike. His breath was slowly ramping up as Folashade’s skin rubbed gently against his. “We talk quite a bit. I think she was not feeling well a week or two ago, but she is fine now. I miss her,” he replied. “I am sure you do, but Zuby, do you not think that she is up to something there?” Folashade asked him abruptly. “Like what?” Azubuike asked. There was a look of surprise on his face. She moved closer, making sure that her busts brushed against him. Azubuike felt electric waves run frenetically through him. “Haven’t you noticed that Oluchi has been disappearing and reappearing of late? She doesn’t take your calls for long and then she takes them when she likes and tells you that she was sick. You are a good man Zuby. You deserve better. I have to say this…I know it must be difficult for you, but believe me, it is not any easier for me. Oluchi is my friend, but I don’t like it when people play with someone else’s heart. The truth is, Oluchi is seeing someone else!”

Her busts pressed further against his arms. She could feel his blood rushing through his veins like a jet slashing through the sky. “It is not true!” Azubuike protested. “I am afraid, it is, Zuby. Open your eyes…Oluchi has been cheating on your for long. What you need is a girl that will be utterly committed and loyal to you. Oluchi is definitely not the one!” “I don’t believe that Fola. Oluchi is your best friend. You don’t have to bad mouth her.” “I am not bad mouthing her…I am helping you Zuby! Look here…there is no point beating about the bush.” She pulled out her phone from her pocket. She was sure to let her bare belly flash at him while she searched for her phone in her pocket. Slowly, she leaned further into him as she pressed play on the video that Oluchi had sent to her. “Watch…watch and see for yourself, Zuby,” she said.

Azubuike could not believe his eyes. There was Oluchi making love with another man whose back was to the camera. A wave of rage swept through him. “How did you get this?” He demanded. “Wait,” Folashade said as she fiddled with her phone. She went on the internet and searched for what she was looking for. Her eyes got bigger to indicate that she had found it. “Here Zuby. I found the video on this website. Your fiancĂ©e has been sleeping with multiple men under the gaze of a camera and posting the videos on the internet,” she explained. Folashade had posted the video on the internet by herself at a video sharing website she had found some days earlier. “This is the website from where I got this video. In fact, a friend of mine who knows Oluchi called to tell me that she saw Oluchi in a pornographic video. She sent me the link. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. I wonder how many other people have seen it…and who knows how many out there are on the internet?” she explained.

Azubuike’s eyes were threatening to pop out of their sockets by now. He was breathing heavily, while his fists clenched as though he was getting ready to throw a punch. “It is okay dear,” Folashade said. She was all over him by now. “I can’t believe this. That bitch!!! And she has been taking my money!!!” Azubuike yelled. “Just thank God that you found out before marrying her, honey,” Folashade consoled and cajoled him. She put her hands under his shirt and stroked his chest. Soon, her soft tender hands were working magic all over him. He spoke in languages he had never heard before, asking for more. In a matter of minutes, they were both wrapped around each other, completely naked as he made love to her passionately. He took all the anger he felt against Oluchi and rolled them into a lovemaking session. Afterwards, they lay beside each other. “I will always be here for you, Zuby. I will never let you down honey,” Folashade said. He stroked her hair gently. Stupid Oluchi, you actually thought you could eat your cake and have it back? Folashade thought as a malicious smile traveled her delighted face.

Oluchi walked into the office of the secretary of the University. She had been waiting for the past hour to talk to him. “Miss Chijinka, what can I do for you today?” The secretary asked. “I understand that the University is considering throwing me out,” she replied. “I cannot comment on that at the moment. There is an ongoing investigation into your complaint, so I cannot comment on that at the moment.” “It wouldn’t be unfair to throw me out. I had information that he was HIV positive. It was your fault for not testing him before arresting him!” “That may be true, but if you actually read your student handbook, you would see in section 19 that there is provision for the University to rusticate you should you file a damaging false complain against another student or staff. I am afraid, you don’t have a case. You should hope and pray it does not get to that young lady!!!”

“Look at this!!!” Oluchi said, showing the secretary pictures on her phone. “These are nude pictures of me and your distinguished Professor Evans, a renowned expert in Pharmacokinetics,” she said as she swiped her Samsung Galaxy S7 to show the secretary numerous nude pictures of herself and Prof. Evans. The secretary had a frown on his face. The idea of staring at the nude pictures made him uncomfortable. “I have seen enough now. What has that got to do with your case?” He asked. “I will release these pictures to the press telling the world how your professors sleep with their students to pass them. They use young, innocent students like me. He is older…he used me…fooled me. I did not know what I was doing. I am already talking to a lawyer. You know the public will lose it on your University should I go to the press. You can fire the professor, but your image would have been damaged and if I am rusticated afterwards, the world would see it as victimization for speaking out against a depraved and corrupt professor.”

The secretary knew she had a point. This was double jeopardy. He began to sweat profusely, cursing Imogen under his breath for dumping such a complicated situation on him. “I am sure you see my point,” Oluchi remarked. “I am leaving with the hope that my place in this University will not in any way be jeopardized.” She rose to her feet and left. As soon as she was gone, the secretary summoned an immediate meeting with Professor Evans, the vice chancellor of the university and a few members of the University senate. “I am afraid, you have to resign your position with immediate effect,” the vice chancellor instructed Prof. Evans. “I am not going to tutor you over what you have done, but it is in your best interest to resin. You have to address a press conference first thing tomorrow morning informing the press as to why you are vacating your position in the University. You will still get your retirement benefits, so you are better off doing it soon enough to avoid losing everything,” he further explained.

Evans hung his head in shame. “You must take full responsibility for your actions,” the secretary remarked. “You must fully exonerate the University of any wrongdoing in your press conference,” he added, stressing the need to absolve the University in his actions. The secretary quickly organized the press conference. By morning, the renowned Professor Evans sat before the press and narrated how he had let down the University by violating their tenets and the tenets of his profession at large. “I am ashamed of myself for stooping so low. The University of Brunel has high standards and they have been very clear to me that they will not tolerate my shameful acts. I am guilty as charged. I ask for the forgiveness of my colleagues.

“It is unacceptable to sleep with my students – the ones I am supposed to look after. I hope that any student that I may have wronged forgives me. Some pictures that graphically portray my sexual escapades may come to the fore in the coming days. I ask for the public’s forgiveness ahead of time. Please, bear in mind that the University has nothing to do with my acts. I am a grown man and I know the rules. I broke them on my own and should be made to suffer alone for them. Therefore, I do hereby resign my position immediately. I am no longer fit to teach here. Please forgive me. I am not in any mood to take any questions at this time. In the future, I will address another press gathering to fill your questions. Thanks for your time.”

The University was bustling with the news of Prof. Evans resignation. Oluchi was in tears when she heard of it. Her last line had been taken away from her. Those bastards have gone ahead of me to force him into resignation, she thought. After crying, she managed to pull herself together to talk to a lawyer. She found a popular lawyer in Kensington. After she narrated her situation to him, the lawyer smiled. He was a dirty lawyer, known for his penchant for dirty cases. Oluchi’s case was right up his alley. “I can have those boys arrested if they release those videos. This is blackmail and they can go to jail for it,” explained to her. “As for the University, don’t worry about them. Come back in two days. We’ll address another press conference telling the world the true story behind the professor’s resignation. By the time we are done, the world would know who is lying and who is not. I will put a spin on the case that will send the University running for their dear lives,” Barrister David Benfield explained.

He asked her more questions and took notes frantically. “You can leave now. Here is my private number. If they try to rusticate you, I will make them pay millions to you…millions!!! They will make you rich,” he explained. The sound of millions was music to Oluchi’s ears. For the first time in days, she smiled. She was all smiles when she left the lawyer’s office. A shot while later, she called Azubuike. She sank into the sofa in her apartment and rang him up. After dialing him multiples time with no response, she texted him asking him to call her back. Azubuike sent the video he had gotten from Folashade to her in reply and followed it up with a message that read:

I am through with you BITCH!!!

Her hands shook as she read the message. Tears fell heavily down her face. Her legs shook violently too. It was as though she was having a convulsion. Her world came crashing down. She wanted to text him back, but neither her mind nor her fingers worked. She was utterly frozen. As she tried to pull herself together, another text arrived. It was from Eloka. The text came with a video…the video of herself and Eloka recorded at Bernard’s apartment. The message read:

If only I knew you were a spy. I might as well share this with your parents in Lagos. I guess I have nothing more to lose. Why did you do this to me…I will never forgive you. Be rest assured that I will come after you with all that I have. If I sent this to your parents and friends - I have added some on Facebook already and they added me back – your world would be over.


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Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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