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“What you are doing is inhuman!” Oluchi yelled. “Kettle calling pot black,” Chisom replied with a confident smile. “You started all this…you and Bernard. Can’t you leave other people’s lives alone?” “You started all this, my friend. You told me lies about my friend Bernard and then told Azubuike lies about me. It looks like you have a short memory.” “No, you started it!!!” “There is no need to be hysterical. You should be listening to me now because the university is after you and I can end your relationship with Azubuike. I know you don’t love him…you just want his money and you are ready to marry him for that. So, you should do as I say or you will lose everything.” Oluchi was breathing heavily. She knew Chisom was right and that made her even angrier. “What do you want?” She asked him. “You want to sleep with me again? You want to make more videos, right?”

“I have no interest in that, Oluchi. How did you come about that HIV story?” “I ran into your cousin and he told me about your family. He sounded so sure about what he was saying. I guess he wanted to sleep with me by all means, so he was saying all sorts of rubbish.” “I see. So, he told you all that crazy stuff. Well, you have to bring him in.” “How do you mean?” “He was ready to sell his own cousin for nothing, so I think he should be made to pay for it.” “How?” “You have to invite him over. Take him to Bernard’s apartment and get him naked. Maybe you should sleep with him, actually.” “Why are you putting me through all these, Chisom?” “Because I don’t trust you or my evil cousin. I would like to make sure that both of you will never peddle rumors against me again!” “I can see there is bad blood between you and your cousin. Why don’t you leave me out of it?”

“You are in already. You were eager to use the story he told you against me, so you should be eager to wriggle out of the problem that has come out of it. You either do as I say or everyone in our class will have those videos by tomorrow…and Azubuike too.” Oluchi wanted to cry, but she fought back the tears. “Okay,” she said with resignation. “Good. This weekend, bring him over to Bernard’s and tell him it is your cousin’s place…you stay with your brother and it is not conducive to go there. You know how to lie, so I am sure you can fabricate a good story. Make sure you get him in bed and be sure to make sure he faces the camera which is opposite the bed.” She nodded. Chisom left, while she took a seat nearby and began to cry. She called her best friend in Nigeria, Folashade. “I’ve got myself in all sorts of mess, Fola,” she said. “I wish you were here.” “I am so sorry to hear that Olu. I wish I could come over to be by your side now.” Oluchi narrated some of her latest ordeals to Folashade.

“This is bad, Olu. Does the video really look that bad? You know you can deny that you are the person in the video if your face does not show very well,” Folashade suggested. “I will send you the video so you can judge for yourself. Please don’t show it to anyone else. In fact, delete it immediately after looking at it.” “Don’t worry about that,” Folashade assured her. “I will send it to you after we are done talking. I think it is really bad. I can’t let Azubuike see it…no, not at all.” “As for this Chisom’s cousin, if the video is too bad, then you have to do as he said to stop him from sending the video to Azubuike,” Folashade suggested. “But how can I stop him from hurting me by arming him with another video?” “You are right, baby girl but what option do you have?” Oluchi took a deep breath. Tears began to cascade down her face. “Are you alright?” A passerby asked her. It was a tall English guy.

“I am okay,” she replied. “Sorry, Fola, I was talking to someone here,” she explained to Folashade. “If you need help, I could hang around and help you,” the guy offered. “No, thanks for offering,” she replied. The guy looked at her one more time. He was convinced that she was deeply troubled. Reluctantly, he left, but not before dropping his card in her lap. “I think you should play along with him to postpone things for now. Maybe, he will let go in the end. It looks to me that he is after his cousin for now. If he wanted to send the videos to Azubuike, I think he would have done it already.” “You have a point there, Fola,” Oluchi said with relief. “Thanks for listening to me Fola. You are such a great friend.” “You are welcome. Please let me know how things go. Don’t forget to send the video.” “Yes, I will do that now. Oluchi send the video to her immediately afterwards and then left the university.

“Chisom, the university has made an offer of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds to you,” his lawyer announced elatedly over the phone. “I am doing my very best to push that figure to somewhere around eight hundred. They will pay ultimately.” “Do you think this is a good idea?” Chisom asked him. “How?” “If they pay that much t me, don’t you think they will find a way to witch haunt me afterwards?” “This is the United Kingdom my friend, not Africa. They are the ones to be afraid of you and not the other way round. If they try anything stupid towards you, the entire world would know that it is witch haunting and the university cannot entertain the slightest negative media. It will hurt their student enrollment terribly. They are willing to pay and eager to keep it quiet. Nobody…I repeat, nobody will dare come after you. I can guarantee that; not when you have me as your lawyer.” “Okay, keep haggling with them, while I think it through. I don’t think we should go too far up though. There is no need in bankrupting the university. It was Oluchi’s fault ultimately, so I don’t think the university should take the fall.” “You are a good man, Chisom. I will be considerate in my negotiations with them.” “Thanks. I am not sure I am willing to take the money, but carry on negotiating with them for now.”

Eloka was salivating as he climbed the stairs with Oluchi. She led the way while he followed. He looked at her ‘behind’ with great intent. His eyes were piercing through her clothes. “Come right in,” Oluchi said as she unlocked the door. Inside, she was quick to start kissing Eloka who began to yank off his clothes as though they itched. In less than a minute, they were both naked. Oluchi made sure Eloka was staring into the camera, as Chisom had instructed. He was stark nude and so was she. She made frantic efforts to have her back to the camera. Soon, they were both breathing beside each other with Eloka grinning happily. The camera was rolling, covering everything move he made.

“Eloka, longest time,” Chisom said over the phone. It had been over a week since Eloka had his rendezvous with Oluchi. Oluchi had called to ask Chisom if she was off his hook, and he said he’d get back to her. She had been panicking all week. Chisom wanted to make her suffer, so he took as much time as he could. In the meantime, he had unfinished business with his cousin, Eloka. “Chisom, you actually called me today. Is everything okay?” “Yes, everything is fine. I have something to discuss with you. Is it possible to meet with you?” “When?” “Maybe tomorrow?” “Yes, I will get off work slightly early tomorrow. Is everything fine?” “Everything is fine, Eloka. I just want to discuss with my cousin, that’s all.” “Okay. I will see you tomorrow. Where?” “Let’s meet at a Starbucks shop on Goodge Street. It is near the underground station,” Chisom suggested.

“I know it. I will be there tomorrow at 6:00PM.” “Great, see you there my cousin.” Chisom walked into Starbucks at 6:05PM. Eloka was already seated, sipping a cup of hot cappuccino. “Elo my man, longest time.” “Chisom, it is good to see you. How you dey?” “I dey fine my brother.” After pleasantries, Chisom asked Eloka, “Have you bothered to ask why your father and mine don’t get along very well?” Eloka looked at him in silence. He was pondering the question. “What did your father tell you?” Chisom followed up with another question.” “I guess we can talk about this openly, finally. My father told me that he helped raise your father. He helped him set up a business as well back in the day and ever since, your father has not bothered to help him with his own children,” said Eloka.

“And you believe him; I guess after all, he is your father.” “Of course I believe my father. And you think my father and his children are devils, right?” “Well, I guess your father could have done more to help my father.” “Eloka, my father is a civil servant. He left business…after his business failed to join the federal ministry of works. He has had to raise seven children. Where do you think he could have found the extra cash to raise all of you to make your father happy?” Eloka opened his mouth to speak, but Chisom waived to indicate that he was not done talking. “Besides, he helped your two older brothers when they were in university. He sent money to your father for their tuition back in the day and your father never told your brothers. Ask your father about this!!! Your other older brother, Clement was stuck and my father brought him to Ibadan when we lived in Ibadan to learn a trade. Now he is doing well, but he has never shown appreciation to my father for that act of kindness…because your father poisoned your hearts; all of you against my father.

“What about your sister, Ulumma? It was through my father that she found her husband…and when she got married, my father bought them a fridge, television, pots, plates, clothes for their unborn children and many more. What more do you people want from that man? My father married a first wife before my mother. Have you heard that?” Eloka shook his head. “When you talk to your father again, ask him about my father’s first wife. Your father is a liar, so I am sure he will lie to you, so let me tell you the truth!!! Your father slept with my father’s first wife…his younger brother’s wife. That was the reason my father divorced her…yet, he has done all the things I recounted for your family, all of you and your father still hate him…and us!!! My father believes that your father had a hand in the death of my mother, my late sister and brother, and I agree with him. Their deaths were mysterious, and I have enough hunches to believe that your evil father was involved. The next time you are home, sit down with your father for a chat.”

 Eloka did not know where to start. He had never heard about the things that Chisom brought up. “I will ask my father about them,” he said somberly. “I don’t believe he did any of that.” “Then talk to Uncle Raymond too…I am glad he is still alive.” “I will.” “So, why are you going about spreading the rumor that I have HIV? Is it because I was ill some years back? So I survived AIDS right? Is that how the illness progresses? You get ill, survive and then live on or does it take you out when it finally manifests?” “What are you talking about?” Eloka asked. “Have you heard about Oluchi Chijinka?” Eloka froze. He could not look Chisom in the eye. “I guess you have been talking to her,” Chisom added. Eloka’s throat went dry. He swallowed hard as he sought for answers to Chisom’s interrogation. “Anyway, I am sending you a video now. Take a good look at it for now. I haven’t decided what to do with it, but I might as well send it to your parents, brothers and everyone I know in our village.” Chisom hit the send button on his phone and Eloka’s phone vibrated moments later. As he began to look at the video, Chisom got up and left. Eloka quickly turned down the volume of his phone as he and Oluchi moaned pleasurably in the video. His hands shook in utter confusion.


Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - university, cousin, videos, naked, video, tomorrow, father, witch haunt me, mother, first wife, opposite the bed, phone, my father divorced her. An African Literary Blog
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