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“I have lost faith in friendship…in you!!” Azubuike said to Chisom over the phone. “What do you mean, Azubuike?” Chisom asked. He was utterly surprised. “Stop asking as if you don’t know what I am talking about!!!” Azuibuike barked at him. “I have no idea what you are talking about. In fact, I was going to call to tell you something very important.” “You were going to call to try to cover your tracks with lies? Oluchi told me you’d say that. She told me you’d want to tell me stories to cover the fact that you have been trying to sleep with her for months now. My best friend? I am in shock. We have known each other for years now. Come on, why would you stab me in the back?” “You have lost your mind, Azubuike. I did not do anything. Oluchi has been sleeping around here. She told you lies because she knew I’d tell you the truth. Open your eye are being used. Your girlfriend is a snake!!!”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you again, Chisom. I am done with you.” Before Chisom could utter another word, the line went dead. Azubuike had dropped. Chisom could not believe what was happening. This is preposterous. This girl is a serpent, he thought to himself. He called a common friend of his and Azubuike, Umunna and told him what was happening. “I am not surprised. I have told Azubuike that Oluchi will kill him one day. I have always known she was the devil! I am sorry, Chisom, but you should forget them both and carry on with your life,” Umunna advised him. Then, he called Bernard and told him what Oluchi had done. “I am in shock,” Bernard said. He could not believe Chisom at first. When she called Oluchi, she was full of conceit. “Azubuike does what I tell him, so don’t think that either of you will convince him,” she bragged.

“I no longer want to be with you!” Caitlin shouted at Chisom. Caitlin was his American girlfriend. They had been seeing each other for close to seven months and Chisom really liked her. She was fun, funny and loving. She had warned him from the beginning that she could not handle promiscuity. “For what?” Chisom asked. “I thought Oluchi was just your friend, but you have been trying to sleep with her behind my back. What is wrong with you? You talk about morals and go to church yet to try to cheat on me behind my back. I hate you!!!!” Caitlin yelled. She was hysterical. “I never did a thing like that!” Chisom shouted back, but his plea fell on deaf ears. Caitlin refused to listen to him. Weeks grew into months and there was no sign of a change of heart from her.

“I am losing my mind,” Chisom complained to Bernard. “I really love Caitlin. It hurts that our beautiful relationship had to end because of a lie. Telling lies to Azubuike was not enough for Oluchi…she went for the kill. She told Caitlin the same lies and she believed her. I have to hit Oluchi below the belt too. I have to make her pay for this…particularly for Caitlin,” he said somberly. “There is a way out,” Bernard suggested. “What?” Chisom asked eagerly. “I told her that I took pictures of her and Prof Evans kissing the other night and I think she believed me. Meanwhile, I did not take any pictures. We can use that against her. If she believes that you have the pictures, she’d do anything to get her hands on them.” Chisom smiled for the first time in weeks.

“I called to tell you that I have pictures of you kissing Prof. Evans in front of the bar near Euston Road,” Chisom said to Oluchi over the phone. It had been two weeks since the initial incident between them. Their classmates had been asking them what went wrong. They stayed away from each other at university and barely said anything to each other having been friends since their arrival in London…way before then even. “What are you talking about?” She asked Chisom trying to sound brave. “I am ready to do everything possible to clear my name and save my relationship with Azubuike. I knew him before I met you, so I am not going to let you come between us. I will send him the pictures that Bernard has sent to me in clear and honest attempt to clear my name from the smear you threw on me,” Chisom explained. He could hear Oluchi breathing harder. “Why would you do a thing like that to me?” She asked. Her family and Azubuike’s had already met and wedding bells were ringing. Azubuike was waiting for her to return to Nigeria after he studies for the formal marriage rites to commence.

“It is not any different from what you did to me,” Chisom said. “Anyway, I am making plans to make sure the pictures are directly delivered to Azubuike. You can tell him whatever you like. If you wish, tell him that those are ‘photo-shopped’ images; I am convinced that when he looks at them…with your tongue rummaging through the old man’s mouth, he’d inclined to believe it. You can’t dodge this bullet, Oluchi.” She took a deep breath. “What do you want?” She asked him. “Nothing. Bye.” “Please don’t hang up, Chisom,” Oluchi begged. Chisom hung up. He sat back on the couch in his apartment with a smile on his face. Bernard was on the opposite couch laughing hard.

Moments later, Bernard’s phone rang. It was Oluchi. He did not answer it at first. She called repeatedly. “Hello,” he said casually after he finally picked. “Bernard, why did you pass the pictures to Chisom?” She asked bypassing pleasantries. “I guess you forgot them when you rushed to your boyfriend and Caitlin with your lies?” “You can’t do this!!!” Her voice had fear and worry written all over it. “Well, I have done what I could to help a dear friend,” he answered her. Chisom was smirking. Bernard had his phone on speaker, so Chisom heard everything. “I will do anything you want…please talk to him. Azubuike cannot see those pictures,” she pleaded. “Chisom is a man of his own, so I can’t tell him what to do. I gave him the pictures already, so what he does with them is none of my concern.”

“But why did you give him the pictures?” “Why did you sleep with that old hag and told lies about my friend?” Bernard shot back at her. “If you need to stop the pictures from reaching your boyfriend, talk to Chisom, not me.” Bernard hung up on her. The next morning, Oluchi was at Chisom’s door. “Please you have to delete those pictures. I beg of you, please don’t send them to Azubuike,” she pleaded. Her eyes were filled with crocodile tears. “I have no business with you. Please get out of my way. I have a discussion class to attend,” Chisom said arrogantly. “Please!!!” Oluchi begged, dropping to her knees. “Come in,” Chisom said. “Remove your clothes,” he ordered. “For what?” “If you don’t want those pictures reaching Azubuike tonight, you will sleep with me,” he answered coldly.

“Please, let’s not do this,” she pleaded. “Then leave my apartment now!” She thought about it for a moment. “Why are you taking long? You have been doing it with the old ma, so you should be happy to have some ‘young blood’, right?” Chisom said impudently. Slowly, Oluchi removed her clothes. “You promise to delete the pictures?” “Yes, I do.” Moments later, they were both in bed, wrapped around each other in their birthday suit. After a riotous session, Chisom lay beside her breathing hard. She too was breathing heavily. “Are you happy now?” She asked. “Not yet. Bernard will be waiting for you tomorrow. When he has had his fill, then we’ll delete the pictures,” Chisom said callously. “It is not fair. That was not part of the bargain.” “It is still better than Azubuike having your pictures with Evans,” Chisom reminded her. She grumbled. “Promise me there would be nothing more after that!” She said. “There should be nothing more, unless Bernard had any further requests.”

The next morning, Oluchi was climbing out of Bernard’s bed. “How does that make you feel?” Oluchi asked Bernard after he had hopped off her. “Great! It feels great to have you in this position…a more subdued position, that is,” he answered with a haughty smirk. “I want to see you delete all the pictures now,” she demanded. I already did…here is my phone,” he said handing her his phone. She flipped through his files and there were no compromising pictures of herself. “Do you have the pictures saved elsewhere?” “No.” “What of Chisom?” “I can’t speak for him. You have to ask him.” She got dressed hurriedly, grabbed her purse and left. As soon as she alighted from the bus, she rang Chisom up.

“I am through with Bernard. You should delete all the pictures now. I am coming to campus. If you are still there, please I would like to look through your phone to make certain that the pictures are all deleted,” she said arrogantly. “What makes you think you can tell me what to do now? Because I slept with you? Is that what happens between you and Prof. Evans? You sleep with him and tell him to pass you…just like you tell Azubuike what to do.” “I thought I had a deal with you, Chisom?” She said frustratingly. “This is only the beginning of your troubles, Oluchi. I recorded the lovemaking session between you and I with a hidden camera in my apartment and Bernard did the same thing. We not only have your pictures, but now we have recordings of you sleeping with two different guys. I don’t care who sees them because you already took away what really mattered to me. So, I will be happy to pass the recordings to Azubuike and whoever cares to see them. You are in for a ride, Oluchi. If you thought this was going to go away like that, think again!”

Oluchi felt her knees begin to creak. Fear jumped into her voice. “Please Chisom, don’t do this to me. I did what you wanted. How can you be so callous?” “I can’t be as callous as you are. You ruined my beautiful relationship with Caitlin for no reason. I will not spare you at all. I will release the videos on the internet and have the world see you for what you are. You put a sword to my chest and gored me to death. Now, you’d have to grapple with my spirt. I loved Caitlin so much but you destroyed our relationship!” “It was the devil, Chisom. Please show mercy on me. I will call Caitlin and tell her that I lied. I will tell Azubuike that I lied too.” “It is too late, my friend. Caitlin already has a new boyfriend, and because of you, she won’t date a black guy again….especially Africans. She thinks we are all crooks. I won’t let you get away with this…no, I won’t!”


Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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