LOST - Episode 3

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We lay still on the ground as our hearts pounded away rapidly. The light was getting closer, and from the appearance of it, it seemed like a walking beam/column of light. No human being could have been responsible for that. It just was not possible. Imagine a pillar glowing with bright light and walking on two legs, that was exactly what we saw. When it reached the spot where we were, it stopped. With unnatural ability, it turned in every direction. Its head part shot out bits of flashes that seemed like lightning. I was so afraid that I could not even breathe. The lady next to me, held my hand so tightly that I felt she would break my finger bones. The fact that the monster light stopped where we were before we saw it and ran for cover, meant it had seen us and must have come for us. The monster beam of light stood for long, turning in every direction. We remained still, waiting for it to leave. By now the both of us were dirty, soaked with rain water and shivering with cold. I could not wait for dawn. From the much we had seen, I was certain that we were in some evil bush bounded by evil clans.

After the evil beam of light had waited long enough, it switched off its light and suddenly the eerie darkness in the evil bush took over the night. We strained our ears, listening to know when it would move away and then it dawned on me that we had heard nothing when it was coming. We only saw its light. The grim reality was that we would not be able to tell when it had gone away, and we were really cold. We had need to get to a shelter. I could hear my teeth clattering as biting cold seeped into my body. The lady beside was shivering far more than myself. Her shivering was both from cold and fear. I had to say a word of prayer for her.

We could not tell how long waited, but we had given up hope of surviving the night, when the beam of light suddenly came on, blinding our eyes. There was noise some distance away from us. An animal or a head hunter must have made the noise. Faster than you can imagine, the beam moved toward the direction of the light. I saw it clearly and the image will stay with me forever. The evil pillar of light grabbed a man, took him high and shoved him into its body and the man disappeared into its body of light. There were feet of men running in every direction, shouting in tongues dark to us. On the ground where the beam of light stood, we saw butchered human parts and dismembered babies. I was right, we were in some evil bush or forest owned by evil tribes of men. Having swallowed a whole human being, the evil light was eager for more, it glowed brighter than before. 

As swift as light, it went after the men in flight. We heard shouts I would gladly pay money to forget. From nowhere, strength came. I was not the one tapping the lady for us to run, she did. We sprang to our feet and bolted toward the direction I was originally going. For reasons beyond me, I felt we would be safer going in that direction. I don’t know what you believe or what you have been told; I know the things we saw that night and this is my conviction, the spirit world and creatures in it are as real as our world and the creatures in it. Spirits are real, and there are both good and bad ones. I guess that also says much about after life. The lady next to me had earlier told of being refused entry into heaven and was pointed toward hell when she died. The night was way too eventful for my unreligious mind, but believe me, the night also made a believer out of me.

We had to stop running. The rain was still pouring down and we were exhausted. Holding each other like two lost children, we wandered through the bush. Every few minutes, I would look up to the sky and pray for dawn. Sadly, the sky was pitch dark and offered me no hope. Then we stopped. Something was in front of us. We could feel it. We didn’t know what it was, but its presence could be felt. I knew it was risky to turn on my phone light, but I had to do. “Stay behind me,” I whispered to the lady. She moved behind me and held me with two hands. I dug my hand into my hip pocket and removed my phone which was wrapped with a nylon. With my hands shaking terribly, I turned on my phone light. In front of us was a mud wall. We had found some human settlement. The wall was the presence we felt. I turned off my phone light and quickly wrapped it with the nylon. There was hope, though faint, but it was hope nonetheless. With our hands we began to feel for a way to get past the wall. When we found a passage on the wall, it was not locked.

In my head, I was expecting to see several mud houses behind the wall, but it was not to be. The moment we stepped behind the wall, lightning began to flash across the sky; for me, that was God showing us the way. He was shining his light for us to see. I could not but whisper thanks to him. There were several trees and no building in sight. We picked our steps carefully, while God continued to flash his light our way. We were expecting to run into a human being, the wall did not build itself. However, the more we searched for shelter, the more we wondered what that place was. There was no shelter in sight. “Should we leave this place, something is not right about it?” the lady asked. “No, there must be some shelter in here. We have to get away from the rain or we die of cold,” I replied, sounding strong as I could. A few more flashes of lightning revealed something ahead of us. “There is a hut ahead of us,” I whispered as I picked up my pace. The lady quickened her pace, but made sure she stayed behind me. “I think I saw it too,” she concurred.

Truly, there was a hut in front of us. Not knowing what we might find inside, I looked for a sizeable stick I could find on the ground. I didn’t have to look for long. Picking one up, I wielded it dangerously as I approached the hut. I pushed at the door and stepped back. There was a momentary wait before I hit the stick on the door, hoping to rouse whoever was inside. There was still no one running out of the hut. I had to barge into it with the stick, swinging it in every direction. There was no one crying out in pain. I turned on my phone light and flashed it around the hut. There was not a soul in the hut. “Come inside,” I whispered to the lady. She ran in and I shut the door. She removed her phone from her purse which she had miraculously held unto all that night and turned on its light. Together, we took a good look around the hut. It was some form of store house for whoever owned it. There were ladies’ bags and shoes, I mean costly ones. I saw smart phones and ATM cards on the floor. The corners of the hut were lined with Ghana-must-go bags. We opened a few of the bags and found them stuffed with clothes and so many items.

“This must be a hideout for a robbery gang,” I said. “Or maybe the ritualists use it to store the personal effects of those they kill,” she suggested.  Eager to find out more we opened a few more bags, they contained several item from clothes to electronic parts, hand-held devices and canned food. One bag in particular was stocked with ladies’ undergarment. The lady with me took a particular interest in that one. “Do you think it will be wrong to change into one of those?” I asked her. I knew she was very uncomfortable in her blood, mud and urine stained clothes. She stared blankly at me and said nothing. She was still shaking. “This is a race for survival, do what needs to be done to survive. Tonight, the only rule is survival… I am going to change into one of these male clothes and I am not going outside to change,” I said and began to remove my clothes.

As though I would change my clothes and run away from her, she began to peel her clothes off in a hurry and fell to the floor twice. My heart broke. I went over to her and sat her down on one of the bags, found some cloth and covered her with it. “Don’t do a thing, I will help you as soon as I am done,” I said to her. She nodded with tears dropping from the corners of her eyes. I dressed quickly, changing every piece of wear on me with whatever I could find in the hut. Then I dragged one of the bags containing ladies’ wears closer to her and began to fish out the clothes inside until she found what fitted her. Though I was helping her, she still could not stand to her feet. I had to improvise a way to help her dress up. I laid clothes on the floor and asked her to sit on them; while sitting, she changed into the wears we found in the hut. After she had dressed up, we lay on the clothes I spread on the floor, knowing that none of us would sleep a wink till morning. “My name is Frank Obi, I am a GSM cell base engineer, what is your name?” I asked. “My name is Maya Priye, I am a beautician.”

Before I could ask her my next question, we heard voices and saw flashes of light outside.


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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: LOST - Episode 3
LOST - Episode 3
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - still, lightning, beam of light, light, beam, evil bush, lady, evil, night, phone, wall, flash, clothes, bags, we.
Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog
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