THE PROMISE - Episode 8

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“No, I can’t do this,” Everest protested. He pulled away from Lydia. “What is it honey? Please don’t do this again. You wanted me here and now that I am here, you want to treat me like this again? What is it?” “It just doesn’t feel right,” Everest answered. “What is wrong honey?” She asked again as she removed her top. “Please Lydia, stop it. I am sorry for asking you over, but I cannot do this. I still love Shomaila.” “But she is with someone else!!!” “I know but I love her nonetheless. I believe she will come back to me with time.” “Then why is she not here now?” “Don’t you worry about your boyfriend who is in coma?” “His family is in town, so I don’t have to be there all the time.” “That is not what I mean. In your heart, don’t you feel like you are cheating on him?” “I…I don’t love him anymore, so I don’t feel anything towards him.” “Then wait for him to get better and then you can end the relationship like a mature person. Yes, I am fighting my desires right now, so it seems like sleeping with you is the right thing. I won’t go through with it, Lydia. Please forgive me.”

“Why do you treat me like a tramp? What has Shomaila done to you? I was the one you loved and wanted first!!! Why can’t you get over her? Is it because she is thinner than I am? I can lose some weight if that is what you want. I’d do anything for you!!!” Lydia was yelling by now. “Please keep your voice down. I don’t want my neighbors hearing our discussion.” “I don’t care. Just make love to me…make me feel like a woman!!!” Lydia shouted. “My dear, making love to you is one thing, but loving you is a different thing. I am really sorry, Lydia. Let me walk you to the bus stop,” Everest begged her. Lydia removed her clothes and took a spot on the bed. Everest could not look. He opened the door and walked out leaving her alone in the room.

Shomaila walked into the club with Hannah and Megan. They had agreed to go clubbing at Leicester Square to help Shomaila forget some of her worries. She had mentioned to Hannah that she missed Everest. The music was blasting at full steam, shaking the walls when they descended the stairs. Megan was an American who worked with Hannah. She had come to know Shomaila through Hannah. The club was packed to the brim. Sweaty bodies rolled over one another as revelers rocked to the beats. Shomaila froze. She could not believe her eyes. Hannah noticed that she was standing still and followed her eyes. Then, she saw what had caught Shomaila’s eye.

Priyesh was on the dance floor with a white girl. He leaned over and kissed the girl who reciprocated completely. The girl was dressed in a micro-mini skirt, a skimpy top that barely covered her body and high-heeled shoes. Shomaila almost broke down in tears. She pulled herself together and walked over to him. She touched him on the shoulder while he was busy kissing the girl. Priyesh turned angrily. He was not pleased that someone was disturbing his smooching. His eyes got bigger when he saw Shomaila and Hannah. Shomaila dealt him a powerful slap, “Tozaa!!!” he held his face. There was a bemused look on his face. “What is going on here? Priyesh, who is this brat?” The white girl asked him, but he was too dazed to answer.

“And who are you, skunk?” Shomaila asked her. “He is my boyfriend!!!” Shomaila yelled at her before she could answer. “Well, not anymore,” she added. “Priyesh, is that correct?” Priyesh was still holding his face as he pondered a way out of his dilemma. “Tozaa!!!” The white girl delivered a slap on his face. “You told me you loved me!!!” She shouted. “You chased me like for one year telling me you loved me, and now, this?” She was furious. She walked past Shomaila, Hannah and Megan and left the club in anger. Shomaila followed her and left the club. Hannah and Megan followed her. “I am really sorry, Shomaila,” Hannah said as they left. “I have no idea why these things are happening to me. I thought it was because I broke my promise to my late father and now, someone who shares my roots is worse,” she replied.

“Doctor!! He is awake…my son is awake,” Abhimanyu’s mother shouted. She was at the door yelling randomly at a doctor who was passing by. The doctor walked into Abhimanyu’s room and looked at his file. “This is great news madam. I will send for his doctor immediately,” the doctor announced. “Thank you. Thank you very much!” Abi’s parents echoed enthusiastically. Abi looked confused. He stretched on his bed while looking around to find out where he was. Shortly afterwards, his doctor walked briskly into the room. “What is going on?” Abi asked. “You are talking! Oh! We are so happy,” his parents shouted. “Please, could you allow me some time to talk to him briefly,” the doctor requested. “Papa? Mama?” Abhimanyu said with a bemused look on his face. “How are you Abi?” “I guess I am fine. What happened?” “You had a heart attack that left you in coma for several months. Do you remember having a heart attack?” The doctor probed him. He looked at his doctor and then at his parents. He was flickering through his brain in search of his memory.

The doctor waited patiently. Then, he began to nod his head. “I remember having breakfast. I was off duty, so I relaxed at home to watch TV after my breakfast. Then, I began to feel pain in my chest. What happened afterwards?” “You had a heart attack. We have been running toxicological tests on you, but we have yet to find anything to suggest that the cause of your heart attack was external. We think it might be something to do with your weight. We are still running more tests, but for now, we strongly suggest that you cut back on your weight…seriously. You have been in coma for quite some time,” the doctor explained to him. “Where is Lydia?” Abhimanyu asked. “She was here yesterday. She should be back at some time today or tomorrow,” his mother answered. “This must be so hard for her. I have to see her. Please can I call her?” The doctor handed him his phone which his mother had charged for most of the day.

Lydia lay naked on Everest’s bed when her phone rang. She thought it was Everest calling to say that he was returning to his apartment, so she grabbed it. She was surprised to see Abi’s name on her screen. She thought that his parents might be calling her with his phone. “Hello,” she answered. “Honey, it is so good to hear your voice. Where are you? I can’t wait to see you,” Abi’s voice rang out. He was eager to see her. “You are well now. Oh! I am very happy. I am home. I will be at the hospital immediately. This is great news.” “Yes it is. I wonder how tough this must have been for you.” “Very tough. Good to have you back dear. See you in a bit.” “I am dying to see you honey.”

Lydia quickly got off the bed and searched for her clothes. She jumped into them angrily, picked up her purse and left the apartment. She was sad that Abhimanyu had recovered. Over the time he had been in coma, she had slowly accepted that he would die and somehow, she had smothered the initial guilt she had for poisoning him. Everest sat quietly on a chair in-between flower hedges on his street and watched. He saw Lydia walk briskly to the bus stop. He was relieved to see her leave. He returned to his apartment, changed his bed sheets and sat in front of the TV thinking about Shomaila.

The moment Lydia walked into the room; Abhimanyu got off the bed and hugged her. “I missed you so much,” she lied. “I guess I can say the same, but I was in come, so I didn’t know. What I know is that the moment I regained my consciousness, I wanted to see you,” he replied humorously. “It is good to have you back,” Lydia said. Abhimanyu dropped to his knees abruptly. “No one knows tomorrow, Lydia. I could have been dead. We can no longer wait. I don’t want to have to wait any longer. It is now or never. Lydia, will you marry me?” He asked.

His parents watched expectantly. A nurse in the corner of the room also watched with excitement. She took out her iPhone and began to record the proceedings. Lydia wished she had not come. She had been put in the spot. She could not say no to him in front of his parents. The nurse streamed the video live on Facebook, so other nurses saw it on their Facebook app (on their phones) and quickly rushed to the room. Within seconds, the door to the room was cramming with nurses scrambling to witness the proposal by the man who had just come out of coma to his longtime girlfriend. “I don’t want to live another day without you honey. Say yes now…let’s make this official and live together for the rest of our lives. I have already spoken to my parents and given everything that happened in the past few months, I have their support,” Abi explained.

 Lydia smiled, but underneath her smile was blazing anger and frustration. Why did you have to ask now Abi, she thought to herself. I wish you died. She continued to mull over her next line of action. “I will marry you darling,” she said still smiling…artificially. “Yea!!!” The nurses shouted in utter jubilation for them. “Congratulations to you two,” Abi’s parents said with a smile that spelt relief. “I will love you till my dying day. I will never let you down, Lydia. I will worship the air you breathe and adore the words you speak. My heart will be a fortress for you to rely on for the rest of my life,” Abhi declared with burning excitement. “Aww!!!” The watching nurses echoed. Two days later, Abhimanyu was released from hospital. He hit the gym almost right away in an effort to lose weight. He was eager to get back in shape – to look good and to stay healthy.

Everest returned from work, fixed himself dinner and sat at his computer. He could not stop thinking about Shomaila. Each passing day made him realize how much he loved her. He carefully typed an email and sent it off to her. The email read:

Dearest Shom,
I can’t seem to stop calling you that. It gives me something to hang onto…a tiny bit of hope that something might still exist between us given what has existed between us before. I wanted to let you know that I still think of you like I did when we were together. In fact, it is worse now…in a good way. I crave you like air and my heart runs amok in a desperate quest to hold you again.

Let me say this, I am not perfect, so I lay no claims to that. Hannah was trying to protect you, and I understand that, but it does not mean she was right. Lydia has been after me like a wolf stalking its prey with relentless desire. She came to my apartment and I told her to leave. She and I actually met up some few days back, but each time I see her, I know even more deeply that you are the love of my life…the one I am willing to die for…the one I am willing to wait for, even if waiting for you takes a lifetime. I am sorry for ever letting her that close to me, but I swear in God’s name, nothing happened between us. I never cheated on you…I never even entertained the idea. I love you with every breath in me.

I want to take this time to remind you that you once made a promise to me and I made one to you that we would never leave each other. I meant that promise with all my heart and I am still keen to keep my part of the bargain. Please, be reminded that you made that promise to me first before you promised your father that you’d marry from your root. If it bothers you that being with me nullifies your promise to your father, then, it should bother you just as much that leaving me means that you are breaking the promise you made to me…first. The same Hannah was here the day we made each other that promise with tears in your eyes.

I know you are an honorable person, so I still expect you to keep your promise. If the gods are watching, they know who you made a promise first and in that sense, I don’t see why you should be afraid of the promise you made to your father more. I guess because he is late…and because he was your father. If I don’t see you soon...if we don’t get back together soon, I can assure you that I too would be dead and if I do, you’d have two promises to worry about my love. The one you made to me was first, so I think it supersedes any other. In that case, you are more likely to suffer more tribulations for not keeping your promise to me, if you choose to believe that in your heart.

You know who loves you – it is me. I will fight for you with everything drop of blood that runs in my veins. I will wrestle a lion for your sake. My heart quakes and aches for you, Shomaila. Deep within my heart is a deep slow-moving abyss of love for you and you alone my dear. Come home…come home to me. Come home to my heart where you truly belong. If you want me to go on my knees and beg you, I’d gladly do that because the pain of not having you in my life is worse.

I wait to hear from you.



Story continues...

Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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THE PROMISE - Episode 8
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - club, busy kissing the girl, making love to you, clubbing at Leicester Square, phone, nurses, love, heart. An African Literary Blog
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