THE PROMISE - Episode 13

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - dropped after just two sips, money will kill you, kill, she said to the operator, phone, water, in London, friendship, friend, ambulance, hospital, love.

“Oh! My wine spilled,” Raleen squealed as she tried to catch her falling glass. Her glass of wine had dropped after just two sips. “I am sorry Raleen,” Lydia said as she offered her tissue paper to wipe her dress and the table. How on earth did that drop? Lydia thought as she handed her a folded clump of tissue paper. I hope she had already sipped enough to kill her. Idiot…you want to have Abi, just like that? Your greed will kill you. After we had agreed on what to do you tasted money and changed your mind. That money will kill you, she thought to herself while pretending to be helping Raleen clean up. “Do you want something to eat?” She asked Raleen. “I have fried rice and chicken vindaloo,” she suggested. “No, thanks. I am feeling a bit funny. It has not been long since I ate anyway,” Raleen replied. Good. I hope that thing kills you soon enough, she thought. “Okay, I will let you be. I am so glad we have ironed things out Raleen. I will be heading off to see one of my work colleagues. I will catch you sometime next weekend. Maybe we should go to a movie or something,” she suggested.

“Sure, that would be nice.” Raleen answered excitedly. The only movie I will be seeing will be your funeral, Lydia thought to herself, maliciously. “Great. I will call you later in the week then.” “I will be looking forward to it, Lydia.” Raleen left the apartment and began to walk down the stairs. All of a sudden, she felt as though she had been hit by a truck. Her vision was suddenly blurry and she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and chest. She managed to push herself out of the building. Outside, she stood by the roadside, supporting herself against the pole of a street light. She dug into her purse and found her phone. Shaking, she managed to call for an ambulance. “Please, I think I am dying,” she said to the operator. “Where are you?” “I am…I am at…” Her phone fell off her hand and dropped to ground as he body slumped down. “Are you still there?” The operator asked frantically. “Mam are you there?” Raleen could not hear her. Her body lay on the ground as bystanders rushed to help.

“Ure, please could you help me with a napkin,” Everest requested. “Where is it?” Uremma asked. “I think I left it on the crib in the room.” Everest had just finished bathing Kingsley while Uremma prepared breakfast. She had spent the night in the apartment. It was a Friday night, so she offered to sleep over to help. She dashed into the room and returned with a napkin. She helped Everest wrap it around Kingsley’s waist before pinning it into position. Her body brushed against Everest’s as they worked together. She smiled inwardly to herself. Soon, Kingsley was kicking and yapping on his crib. “Your breakfast is ready,” Uremma announced. “Thank you so much, Ure,” Everest said and he sat back at the dining table. “Do you remember how we used to play when we were kids? We would splash water on each other from the water hose while watering your parents’ lawn and garden,” Uremma reminisced. “Wow! Those were fun days. You would cry sometimes if I splashed the water hard enough on your face,” Everest answered. “Me? Cry? Come one, you were the one who would run into the house to tell your mother that I splashed water into your ears,” Uremma retorted. “Yes, indeed. That is what we call selective memory. You remember us playing with the water hose, but you don’t remember crying as if you had been hit by a truck?” Everest teased.

Uremma laughed, took a deep breath and said, “I miss those days.” “Me too.” “You will always be my best friend,” she said. “You are a true friend Ure. I really appreciate your coming around to help.” “I’d do anything for you,” she said staring at him in the eye while licking her lips. “Thanks. I really appreciate your friendship.” “If only I had known you had been in London all this while…we sort of lost touch after you guys moved away. I was so thrilled when my father told me that you are in London. I am here for you. I want you to know that.” “Thanks Ure. Your friendship means a lot to me.” “I can stay till tomorrow if that is fine by you,” Uremma suggested. “Are you sure? I don’t want to hold you to ransom because I know you have other things to do.” “What would be more important than helping a friend? I know you have to go to the hospital today, so I can keep Kingsley while you do that. I can leave after you have returned.” “Thank you very much Ure.” “Don’t even mention it.”

A short while later, Everest was at the hospital while Uremma looked after Kingsley at home. He stood over Shomaila who lay still on the bed. “Hi honey! I wonder if you can hear me. I came to check in on you. You look beautiful even in coma. You look even more beautiful when you are wide awake. Kingsley and I miss you a lot! We really do. We are praying and hoping that you are back soon. I am doing my best to take care of Kingsley, but I need you…I really need your help. Overall, I need your love. Please snap back to life…for our sake. We love you so much.” He sat beside her and took her hand in his. He squeezed it gently and then kissed it. He closed his eyes while squeezing her hand. “I miss you so much my love,” he muttered.

At the apartment, Uremma was talking to Kingsley. “Hello King! You look very much like your father. Soon, he is going to be mine. Yes, you heard me right…mine. I have loved him all my life. Your mama is not likely to make it back, so I am here to occupy what rightly belongs to me. You and I will make a good team, so I expect you to be a good boy when you grow up. When we were young, I would watch from the window of my room as your papa walked down the street. I have been longing to wrap my arms around him…kiss him and make him mine.” Kingsley giggled. “Great! I am glad you agree with me,” she said to the giggling Kinsley. Her phone rang. She placed Kingsley on the crib and answered her call. “Hello dad,” she said into the mouthpiece. “Hello my lovely daughter. How are things going?” Her father asked. “Great, dad. I am in the house now. I have been here since yesterday. It does not look like the Indian girl is going to come out of coma. I am carefully working my way back into Everest’s heart.” “That is very good. Everest’s father is here and the phone is on speaker. He is delighted that things are progressing very well. You need to make your move now…Make him your own my daughter. You are a beautiful and charming young woman. Use all of your charm to win him back,” he urged her. “I will dad.” “Please Uremma; this is very important to Everest’s mother and I. We want our son to be married to one of our own,” Everest’s father chipped in. “You can count on me sir,” she replied.

An ambulance arrived swiftly, shrieking as it zeroed in on the spot where Raleen was lying on the floor. Some passersby had rung the ambulance as well, even though they had already traced Raleen’s location via her phone. They worked quickly to get her hooked to an oxygen line before placing her in the ambulance. “I remember picking another young man here over a year back. What is wrong with this place? I would like to know how this young lady got to this point,” one of the paramedics pointed out. “She came out of that door and slumped shortly afterwards,” one of the passersby remarked. “This door?” The paramedic asked. “Yes, that one.” “Interesting. This is very similar to the case of a young man who had a cardiac arrest sometime two years ago. He slumped just like that. Well, thanks I will note all that in my report for further investigation,” the paramedic said as she scribbled frantically in a notepad. The ambulance sped off towards the hospital. Lydia looked on from her floor through a window. Let her burn in hell, she thought to herself as she saw the ambulance screech off towards the hospital.

Everest lay on the bed reading a book. He could hardly concentrate. His mind was filled with thoughts of Shomaila. The door to the bedroom swung open and Uremma walked in. “He is sleeping,” she announced referring to Kingsley. It was Sunday and she was still staying on. She had been making her move back to her apartment every morning. She wore a tight, skimpy top and an equally tight pair of jean short that was ripped extensively. Her laps were glaring broadly and her cleavage was popping out invitingly. “Thanks a lot, Ure,” Everest replied. He had taken notice of Uremma’s outfit. It was too glaring to be missed. Without warning, Uremma joined him in bed, slotting into the spot next to Everest. Her body brushed against his, sending electric waves through him. She moved even closer so that her cleavage was right in his face. Everest found his chest beating faster.

“Go ahead and make love to me,” Uremma said as she placed a hand on his chest. The beating of his heart increased even further. “We can’t do this Ure,” he replied. “Remember the first time you kissed me? We were seventeen. Ever since then, I have been waiting for you to rip my clothes off and make love to me. Please Ever, I can no longer wait. I am all yours. Go ahead and finish what you started years back. You were my first…my first kiss. I have loved you with all my heart. Please go ahead,” Uremma begged him. She pressed her body against his. Tremors swept through him. Uremma leaned closer and began to press her lips against his as she attempted to rip off her skimpy top. “Please Ure, stop. We can’t do this. My wife is lying in coma. I can’t cheat on her…I promised her that and to do so while she is lying in coma would haunt me for a long time to come. Please get off the bed,” he pleaded with her. Uremma removed her top, got off the bed and stood in front of him. “Don’t you want to have this?” She asked.

Everest looked away. “Ure, please leave the room. I am not going to do this with you. It is not right. We were kids then…things are different now. I loved you then until we moved away and things changed. I am a married man now and I owe it to my wife to be faithful.” “What if she does not make it?” “Then so be it. For now, she is still my wife and I intend to stay faithful to her.” “Come on! I saw the way your body reacted. I know you want to do it.” “What my body wants is not necessarily the right thing. I am being very respectful. Please leave. Leave now, Ure,” he repeated, raising his voice. She put on her top and walked out angrily. Almost at the same time, there was a knock on the front door. Uremma answered the door and it was Hannah. She took notice of Uremma’s outfit immediately. “Is Everest at home?” Hannah asked. “Yes, he is. Please come right in.” She held the door as Hannah walked in. Everest stepped out of the bedroom having heard Hannah’s voice. “How are you Han?” “I am good thanks. I wanted to stop by to check in on you.” Uremma walked into the guest bedroom. “Is she living here now?” Hannah asked lowering her voice. “No. She is here for the weekend helping me out.” “She is dressed like she is ready to jump into bed with someone…you know what I mean.” “There is nothing between us Hannah,” Everest stressed. “Soon, there will be if it has not yet happened. It is none of my business, but I like to speak my mind. Shomaila is my best friend and I think I owe this to her…to tell you when you are overstepping the bounds. That girl should not be staying here with you.”

“She leaves tomorrow,” Everest assured her. “I need you to know that there is nothing between us,” he added. “I bet she has tried to sleep with you if you have not already done so.” “What do you take me for?” Everest asked. “Well, Lydia told Meg that you slept with her several times and I understand you once did it with Rita, so it is easy to draw conclusions here.” “Did Rita tell you that?” “Yes.” “Well, she lied to you. She tried to seduce me but I turned her down. As for Lydia, it happened when I was not with Shomaila. I am not a cheat, so please stop thinking of me like that.”

“Could you please pick up Kingsley from day care for me after work?” Everest asked Uremma the next morning. “Hannah will be available to look after him from tomorrow, so you can leave after I return from work. You will only keep him for two hours, please.” “You don’t have to ask me, Everest. You know I’d do anything for you,” she replied attempting a weak smile in an effort to mask her raging anger and frustration after being sexually rejected by Everest. “Thank you very much.” “You are welcome. I will stay with him until you get back. If for any reason Hannah is not free anytime in the week, please do not hesitate to call me,” she offered. “I am very grateful.” They both dropped off Kingsley at daycare. “My friend here will pick him up at 2:00PM,” Everest informed the director of the daycare center.” “That is fine. I will need you and her to sign here to make that arrangement possible. Also, we’ll need a passport photo from you,” the director explained.

Soon, the paperwork was done. They dropped off Kingsley and left. By 2:00PM, Uremma picked up Kingsley from the daycare center. When Everest returned home, there was no sign of Uremma or Kingsley. He looked through the entire apartment, but there was no sign of either of them. When he dialed her number, the call went straight to voicemail. He quickly took a train to Uremma’s apartment but she was not there. Her neighbor said she had not seen her in days. Everest returned to his apartment in case she had returned, but there was no sign of her. He walked through Regent’s Park in search of her and his son but his search turned up nothing. He called the police to report that his son and friend were missing. He called Hannah to tell her what was happening. His voice shook as he relayed the information to the police and Hannah.
Story Continues...

Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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THE PROMISE - Episode 13
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - dropped after just two sips, money will kill you, kill, she said to the operator, phone, water, in London, friendship, friend, ambulance, hospital, love. An African Literary Blog
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