BRAVE HEART: Blood & Fire - Episode 32

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Udeagu acted quickly to assemble his fighting men. He could not do it openly, lest spies whom they believed were already in Ugegbe would find out he knew what was coming. On her part, Obioma was air borne. She went about planning her wedding without a care in the world. Unknown to her, death was at her doorstep. Udeagu and Ikechi had to work very hard to bring in their fighters into Ugegbe without raising eyebrows. Fortunately for them, many people were flocking into the land for Obioma’s wedding. Under the cover of that, the men who fought on her side sneaked in giving the impression they were in Ugegbe for the impending wedding. However, while Udeagu worked his fingers sore to protect his daughter, Nnamdi struggled under extreme pressure mounted on him by the kings.

After days of negotiating with the kings to set free his parents, brothers and sisters, the kings decided to change their murderous stance toward him and promised him that if he killed Obioma, they would get Nsonma, the last daughter of Ezeoha at Ogbe, as a wife for him. Nsonma was the closest comparison to Obioma’s beauty. “You will still be regarded as a great man with Nsonma by your side. Kings will give you wealth beyond your imagination and we will remove the young king in Obolo and make you king!” Ezeugo announced. Nnamdi was not sure any of the promises would be fulfilled to him the moment he killed Obioma. Hoping to test them he asked, “How do I know you will do all these for me? How do I know you won’t slaughter me the moment Obioma is dead? Is she not the only one you all fear? With her out of the way, the kings and the gods shall take us all back to the era of wickedness we all once lived under.”

“Nnamdi! The Ezeoha of Ogbe will give you his daughter himself! My position as a king is under threat so long as Obioma lives! You are the only one who can destroy her. Take what we offer you and make a great name and wealth for yourself.” Nnamdi turned to see who just spoke, and there was Ezeoha himself. Nnamdi bowed and hailed him, “Eze birikwe o! (Long live the king!)” Nnamdi could feel the kings squeezing him hard from every side. He thought for an escape route but there was none. “You do not believe we will do any of the things we promised, do you?” Ezeoha asked. Nnamdi starred emptily at him. “Bring her in!” Ezeoha ordered. While Nnamdi and his family members wondered who they were bringing in, Nsonma walked into the palace like a queen herself.  She walked brazenly toward Nnamdi and pulled her costly wrapper up, revealing her seductive thighs. “All this and all that I can get from the people of Ogbe as a princess will be yours, if you agree to kill the woman who poses a threat to my father and all the kings in Igboland. I am the last daughter of my father and according to our custom and belief, my father was my son in my other life. It is my place to protect my son in my other life. I offer myself to you Nnamdi. Take me and kill Obioma Udeagu, please,” Nsonma pleaded.

Nnamdi looked from Nsonma’s thighs to his parents and siblings. His father nodded, signaling for him to take the offer. “I love this woman whom you want me to kill, princess. It will hunt me forever to bring her to harm. How could I do that?” “She is death. She has killed many; she deserves to die. The same way she managed to live and love others after killing many innocent people, that is how you will be able to kill her and live on happily with me.” Nnamdi thought about what Nsonma said and for once saw that there might be life even after killing Obioma. Though he felt bad about it, he knew if he said no, his parents and siblings would be killed that night. If he were the only one in danger, he might decide not to do it. While he considered the offers and the burden of killing Obioma, his father staggered to his feet and announced, “I will do it! I will kill Obioma!” All the kings and the guards in the large palace turned and looked at the old man, wondering how he would be able to kill a tigress like Obioma. “As it is, I am going to be her father in-law a few days from now! She trusts me. If my son will not do it to save me, his mother, brothers and sisters, then kill my son and send me to Obioma. While I break the news of Nnamdi’s death to her, I will poison her. I will do it, if my son will not kill the woman who sacked our gods and went to live in the evil forest, I will do it! Yes, Nnamdi, your father will do it!” the old man continued.

His words made sense to all in the palace. It multiplied the pressure on Nnamdi. He knew it was time to accept the offers. His father had by his utterance made him inconsequential in the negotiations. He could see the kings taking his father’s offer. Nsonma walked over to the old man and ordered, “Untie this man and his family members!” Guards quickly untied them. She walked back to Nnamdi and said, “I will ask you one more time, will you take me as your bride and kill Obioma? I may not take your father as my husband, but my father and all the kings will make him and your entire family immensely rich. You will die the worst form of…” “I will do it. I will kill Obioma,” Nnamdi cut in. There was palpable relief in the palace. Nsonma took him in her hands and kissed him passionately. The kings stood from their seats and gave Nnamdi a royal greeting with their regal hand fans. They hailed him as the new king of Obolo. Baskets of costly gifts were brought into the palace for Nnamdi and his family members. Nsonma held unto Nnamdi amorously, refusing to let go of him.

“Nnamdi, a day after the day you kill Obioma, we all will gather in Obolo to crown you its new king. As for tonight, we have prepared a royal bed for you in this palace. Take your new wife inside and take her virginity. She is yours. She is a warrior. With her virginity, she has bought all our lives back from the death which hung over us,” Ezeugo said happily. In spite of how heavy he felt about what he was going to do, Nnamdi felt the kings were determined to give him all they promised him. While it lasted, it seemed good. He did his best to shut out the guilt stabbing at his conscience. When he went into the room with Nsonma and saw her without her clothes on, he consoled himself that not every commoner like him lived to see a princess naked and had the chance to take her virginity in a royal room prepared for a king. Seductively Nsonma climbed into the bed and lay beside Nnamdi. In that time, it was not her place to do much more than undressing herself before a man. Nnamdi felt his heart beating very fast. Several times he pinched himself to make sure it was not all a dream.

After laying still without touching Nsonma, she asked, “Will you not take the virginity of a princess offered to you by kings? Have you tasted Obioma yet?” “No, I have not,” Nnamdi replied. “Then what is keeping you from showing me you are a man? Have you not heard? There is another prophecy that if Obioma lives to marry and have children, her grandchildren, will join themselves to men of white skin who shall come from the sea, and shall spread an alien form of worship throughout our lands. You should be happy we saved you from joining yourself to such a cursed woman.” To stop her from talking, Nnamdi took her in his hands and began to fondle her breasts. That being Nsonma’s first experience of sex with a man, she felt a flood of pleasurable feelings surge through her. Eager for more of what she had tasted, she yielded more of herself to Nnamdi. Nnamdi was quite aware that once he had gone into her and taken her virginity, there would be no going back. Unable to see any escape route out of his dilemma, he squeezed his eyes shut and went into Nsonma who was already beside herself with sexual pleasure.

In Ugegbe Obioma was lying down on a mat in her hut. She had had quite a struggle trying to sleep. Something was trying to reach her mind, but she kept shutting it off with romantic thoughts about life with Nnamdi. She was however jolted to reality when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. It was as if someone had stabbed her with a machete. Willing not to scare her father who was in another hut sleeping, she clenched her teeth and looked for her local lamp. When she found it, she lit it and sat on the floor to take a good look at her stomach. The pain was intensifying alarmingly, for a moment she felt her head was going to pop. Managing to crawl out of her hut, she shouted, “Papa! Papa!! I am dying! Help!” Udeagu was fast asleep, he heard his daughter though, but it all seemed like a dream to him and so he slept on. Obioma could not sustain herself on her knees and hands and so lay on the floor next to her door and passed out.

Ikechi was on his way to see Udeagu that early morning when he saw a woman lying on the floor in front of Obioma’s hut. He had to stop for a moment and tightened his grip on his machete. His impression was that assassins sent by Ezeugo and his fellow kings had already struck down Obioma and Udeagu. His eyes darted about and he stooped to the ground to avoid being hit by an arrow. Like a frog he leapt closer to the woman who lay on the floor. She was not moving. His heart almost stopped when he saw that the woman was Obioma. He had to call Udeagu’s name to know if he was perhaps around or lying in pain somewhere around. To Ikechi, Ezeugo and his group had already struck. “Mazi Udeagu! Nna anyi Udeagu!!” To Ikechi’s surprise, Udeagu bolted out of his hut with a machete and a wooden shield in his hands, ready to lump off heads. “Ikechi! Ikechi!! Have we been surprised! Are the assassins here already?” Udeagu asked, his head turning in every direction. When he spotted the woman lying on the floor, he dropped his machete and shield and ran toward her. “They have killed my sunshine! They have killed Obioma!” he cried.

Udeagu took her in his arms and wailed bitterly. Ikechi still wondering what could have happened to Obioma ran into her hut and took the lamp she had lit a few hours earlier and shone it around her body. There was no machete cut or injury of any sort. “It must be poison; someone must have poisoned her during the day!” Ikechi exclaimed. “I have failed Azi River! I could not save Obioma. I wish I had told her earlier about what was coming,” Ikechi continued. Udeagu carried Obioma into her hut and covered her with a piece of cloth. When he stormed out of the hut, he announced, “My daughter will not die in vain! If I do not take this fight to Ezeugo and his fellow kings this morning; by the time the death of my daughter spreads, the lands we have conquered will fall back into the hands of wicked gods and kings. Ikechi! Prepare for war!” With that said, Udeagu took off. He knew that his run in that manner would draw thousands of his fighters in whatever direction he was headed. Ikechi ran to the people living next to Udeagu and asked a boy whose parents had woken up when they heard Udeagu’s cry to go fetch Nwandu and Nwako for him. The boy, knowing something was wrong that morning, ran like a cheetah.

When Nwandu and Nwako arrived, they came ready to take on death. “Obioma seems to have been poisoned. Her body is inside. While we were waiting for the kings to use Nnamdi, they sent someone else,” Ikechi explained. “That is not possible!” shouted Okiti, who had arrived because he had heard that Udeagu was seen running out of Ugegbe with hundreds of men, all of them bearing arms. “Only the man she loves her can kill her at this time. If she is truly dead, then Nnamdi administered the poison. I want to see her body,” Okiti continued. While he went into the hut to check Obioma’s body, Ikechi handed instructions to Nwako, “I want you to stay here and make sure no one sees Obioma’s body until I return. The only reason anyone would see her body is that you died fighting. I have to see someone now and also stop Udeagu. He is beside himself, he will die in battle without enough support…” turning to Nwandu who still had not said a word, Ikechi asked, “Where are the head hunters?” “They are waiting for my order,” he replied. “Come with me, I need you and all your men now.”    STORY CONTINUES...

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BRAVE HEART: Blood & Fire - Episode 32
Nigeria's leading fictional story blog - wedding, kings, princess, kill, palace, virginity, hut, machete. An African Literary Blog
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