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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. SUV, CCTV cameras, gateman, gate, Inside the building, upstairs, guns, kill, cigar, smoke, Lord, call.

07:12 am, Emmalyn’s house, Accra Ghana
While Lizzy headed out of her house with her children, Emmalyn went into her closet pretending to have interest in rearranging her shoes which littered the floor. Outside two armed hunks helped Lizzy and her children into a Ford SUV. In the closet upstairs, Emmalyn was on the phone with Steve, “Steve, Lizzy is here in Ghana. She is leaving now with all your children. I thought I should let you know.” “Thanks Ema. I want you to send someone to watch her. Can you do that for me?” “If it’s just that, I can do it. However, I would not want to be dragged into your mess.” “Thank you Ema. You won’t get dragged into my mess.” Outside, the Ford SUV drove off Emmalyn’s compound and headed for the airport. Some fifteen minutes later, an old Mercedes vehicle sent by Emmalyn found Lizzy and her children and followed them at a safe distance.

09 am, The Helmsman’s holding house, Nigeria
A yellow taxi pulled up in front of the holding house and Leroy alighted from it and walked straight to the gate. From inside the building he was being watched through CCTV cameras. One of the guards pretending to be the gateman opened the gate and asked, “Good morning sir, please who are you looking for?” “I am here to see Martin Sekibo.” “Is he expecting you, sir?” “Yes, he is.” “Give me a moment,” the gateman said and closed the gate. In a few seconds the gateman opened the gate again and let Leroy in. Another guard waiting by the gate inside, led Leroy into the building. As he walked into the building with the guard, his eyes darted about, studying everything in sight. Inside the building, he was led upstairs to an office. In the office was Martin Sekibo; his cuffs had been removed. Once he was in, Martin stood up and gave him a warm hug. Leroy being a very detailed person asked before sitting down, “What is this place, man? It is clearly out of your league.” “Every man improves once in a while. Let us just say I have stepped things up a bit.” “Good for you, man. Emilia said you have a new assignment for me… wait, why do I get this feeling that you are not your usual self? Are you still working with Emilia?”

“I am no longer working for anyone. I am done with this shitty business. I want out and will give anything right now to undo the things we did in the past,” Martin replied as he passed his phone to Leroy. On the screen was the message which Emilia sent to him the previous day to kill Leroy, “Martin, I am sending Leroy to you. He is in bed with me right now. I fear that he knows he was set up at the nightclub. He asked me about it in a manner which suggested he might be up to something. When he comes to meet you, kill him. Make sure his body is never found.” Done reading the text message, Leroy lifted his head with shock sketched all over his face. Slowly he reached for his gun. “So are you going to kill me now, Martin?” he asked. “If I was going to kill you, I wouldn’t have shown you the message. I think you should not bother using your gun now.” Leroy still went for his gun and waited for what would happen next. “I don’t understand; why won’t you carry out her instruction to kill me?” “Emilia betrayed us all. She is only after her interests and doesn’t give a hoot who she tramples on. I am done taking orders from her,” Martin said and reached for a packet if cigar. He did not want Leroy to notice he wasn’t telling him the entire truth. Through the CCTV cameras in the office, Eve, Stanley and the Helmsman watched Leroy and Martin on a screen upstairs.

Martin lit his cigar, drew in a large puff of smoke and let it out through his mouth. Leroy was thoughtful and wasn’t watching him. In a stealth, quick move, Martin pushed out the stick of cigar he wanted for him and said, “Hey man, don’t worry too much about it; just smoke it away. Together, we will get out of this.” Leroy took the stick of cigar and stuck it into his mouth. Martin smiled wryly and lit it for him. Leroy drew long at the cigar and let out a stingy puff of smoke. He liked to keep much of the smoke inside, especially when he was worked up. “What is your plan now, man?” Leroy asked. “We know a lot. Let us use it well and wriggle out of this mess. The big shots…everyone is looking for a way out. Eve and Stanley are out on the street now. They are working with a lot of people, including me…” He paused for that to sink into Leroy. Leroy raised his head, he was not sure he heard well. “Did you just say you are working with Eve and Stanley?” he asked. “I am working with Eve and Stanley, the couple you shot in the night of their wedding,” Martin repeated, making sure he picked his words slowly.

Leroy was scared stiff by now. He looked at Martin unbelievably and tried to stand up, but his legs felt dead. He tried to raise his gun, but his hand did not comply with him. A numbing feeling was spreading through him, collapsing his nervous system. The cigar in his mouth had been laced with poison to knock him out momentarily, like a pod of breadfruit, he fell off his seat and hit the floor with quite a thud. Two guards entered the office, picked him up and rushed him upstairs. He was quickly put on a bed and doctor Larry, the head of the doctors who treated Eve and Stanley, gave him a shot which would reduce the numbing effect of the poison on the cigar he smoked. Leroy could feel his heart beating slowly. It was as if every muscle in his body was shutting down. Even batting his eyelids seemed difficult. Like an animal choking to death, he rolled his eyes heavily from side to side as Eve and Stanley entered the room with guns in their hands. Immobilized, disarmed and unable to help himself before the couple he tried to kill twice, made him feel small and inconsequential. Had it not been for the poison in his veins, they would have seen just how much he was trembling.

11:20 am, Christ Church Cathedral
A Bentley Bentayga SUV, pulled into the church premises and parked. Stella stepped out of the vehicle with a shawl over her head. She walked very fast. In the purse she clutched was a loaded Smith & Wesson automatic pistol. Under the collar of her shirt was a micro pin-up listening device. Inside the empty church auditorium, she made her way to the altar. On her knees, she cried out to the Lord for mercy, her lips moving inaudibly in a soulful plea to the Lord just like the biblical Hannah. “Have mercy on me O Lord and help me right my wrongs. The guilt of my past ways is crushing me. The thought that one of my sons does not belong to my husband is choking me to death. How did I do all that without a pang of guilt. I truly was lost. Forgive me Lord. Give me strength to face my past and overcome it in Jesus name,” she mumbled before the touch of a cold hand sent a quiver down her spine. She turned and looked up, standing next to her was the pastor in charge of the church. “The guilt of your past life will crush you to death if you do not forgive yourself. Forgive yourself Stella. No amount of asking for the Lord’s mercy will give you the feeling that you have been forgiven, if you do not forgive yourself. You have to have faith woman,” the pastor said.

Stella almost dropped dead with shock. It’s been ages she saw the Lord move through the prophetic. She could not believe it that a total stranger called her by her name and spoke aptly about her spiritual burden. Quickly she wiped her tears and stood to her feet. She wanted to hug the pastor but restrained herself. The burden of guilt over was lifting at amazing speed. Showers of joy were cascading over her. She knew in that instant that she had come in contact the power of the Lord. She wanted to leap for joy, but didn’t. She opened her purse, removed five hundred dollars and offered it to the pastor who stood smiling at her. “The gifts of the Lord are free. They have been paid for by the Lord Jesus. Go, woman and tell of what he has done for you,” the pastor said and walked away. Stella scurried out of the church auditorium with a ring of joy in her heart. Back in the Bentley Bentayga SUV, she dialed Chief Baribote, “Hello Chief, I hope you won’t keep me waiting? I will be at the Marcus Villa in the next twenty minutes.” “I have no intentions of keeping you waiting Stella…wait, you don’t sound like a woman whose husband just ditched,” Baribote observed.

“Should I? Well, maybe I should be, but sadly I don’t. The truth is I did the things for which he left me. He is a good man and you know I am not. I have forgiven myself and I can see there is much to live for.” “I am happy for you Stella. Have you spoken with your husband yet?” “I have not. He is still on his honeymoon, when he gets back we will talk. Right now, we have got the filthy videos to find.” “I am looking forward to meeting you.” “I am too,” Stella said and dropped the call. She placed another call to Eve, “Baribote is still hooked to the bait. He will be at Marcus Villa. I am minutes away from there, please maintain your positions.” “Thanks Stella, we won’t move a limb from here…One more thing, if Baribote suspects a thing, please put a bullet through his head.” “I won’t have to Eve, the man cannot control himself before a woman. You will find him just as you want.”

12:25 pm, Mayo’s Secret house
“Days have passed and I haven’t seen you. What’s going on Mayo?” Emilia asked over the phone. “You are honey, aren’t you?” Mayo asked. “I am always honey, but that is not the reason I called. One of the hidden cameras in front of my gate picked up a man studying my house. He was very discreet about it, but one can tell he was checking out my house. The video of the man was brought to me two days ago. We have run a background check on him, he worked for Maxwell, but we don’t know his whereabouts at the moment.” “So, do you think Maxwell or someone in his camp sent him?” “Maxwell is dead, that doesn’t matter anymore. What bothers me is that there was a lady in the taxi he came with. The figure of her face shares so much semblance with Eve. Could she be on the street investigating the case?” “Since Maxwell is dead, no one can tell where Eve and Stanley are. You refused to help me find them when I asked you to.” “It wasn’t safe for you to find them then, Mayo.” “Was it a case of safety or you being afraid of what I might tell them?” “Maybe a little of both.” “I guess it is not late now to find them. Send your men into the street to look for them. I will look into it from here.” “Mayo, make sure you keep me in the loop about whatever you find. If Eve and Stanley are in the streets looking for the reasons for which they were shot, it is bad news for all of us. You knew they were going to be killed long before the attack and you did nothing. Don’t for a moment think they will spare you,” Emilia said, subtly threatening Mayo.

As soon as Mayo dropped the call, he went upstairs and told Bimpe that Eve and Stanley might be in the streets hunting for those behind the attack on them on the night of their wedding. Bimpe waited for Mayo to leave the room. Immediately he left, she placed a call to Steve, “Steve, where are you? I just got some bad news. Eve and Stanley might just be looking into the videos and the shooting.” Steve was a little drunk, lying naked on the bed with two female university students equally naked by his side and playing with him. The bit of news jolted his groggy mind. She shoved the ladies aside and asked, “Who is your source of the information?” “Mayo. He got the information from Emilia.” “Thanks Bim. I will look into it and cover my tracks.” In another room Mayo was on the phone with Baribote, “Chief, Emilia is going to sell you out and run. Stanley and Eve might be in the street now. If you don’t make Emilia take the fall, she will make you take the fall.” Baribote was quick to drop the call. He quickly placed a call to Steve, “Steve, I need the information you took from the man you killed in the nightclub. Bring it to me at Marcus Villa in the next thirty minutes.”

Story continues...

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