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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. AK-47, work in this hospital, policemen, the president will survive an impeachment vote, into the generator house.

Jariye walked into his apartment and headed for the kitchen. His heart was pounding after shooting Dr. Ishigazu, but he managed to keep his calm. He took a jar of cold water from the fridge, poured himself a glass and sat back on the ‘comfy’ couch. His phone rang. It was Madubene. “Hi Madu, what is going on?” “Not much my friend. I was wondering where you were. I have something you must see.” “What is it?” Jariye asked him. “You need to come over to my place to see it for yourself. This will blow your mind away. The case is finally solved!” Madubene said with enthusiasm. “Why don’t you give me an idea what is it Madu?” “I tapped the lines of some of Abugu’s men. I have recorded evidence to show that Abugu killed Charity Essinba. He ordered her killing. Guess what? Charity was the daughter of someone you won’t even believe…This will blow your mind away. You need to come over right now. And guess what? He sanctioned the death of your sister Grace too!” Madubene persuaded Jariye.

Jariye got into a rented car and headed towards Madubene’s apartment. He had told Madubene that he’d be there in about half an hour. First, he called Martin and told him to bring one more man with him. “Let Simon take care of Millicent. Bring another man you can find or even two of them to this address: 12 Ikiriki Crescent, Isitato, Azonto. If I am not out of the compound two hours after your arrival, shoot your way in and come for me. I have a feeling Madubene is up to something. I need to find out who Geraldine is from him,” he explained to Martin, who promised to bring some other activists with him.

“Yes, he is on his way,” Madubene said over the phone to Geraldine. “Make sure he does not leave that building alive. Use every resource you have in your powers to kill him. He must not live!” Geraldine gave out instructions with ruthlessness. “I can assure you that he is a dead man walking,” said Madubene. “I have my men all over the building. He has no chance at survival.” “Good!”

“Good afternoon madam,” the older woman said to Juliet. She was lying in bed at the hospital. “Good afternoon, how are you?” Juliet replied. “Fine thank you,” the lady answered smiling. Juliet had been in the hospital all day on doctor’s orders. She had complained of dizziness the previous night so the doctor placed her on mandatory bed rest. “I don’t think you remember me, or do you?” The lady asked her. Juliet took another look at her, but she had no inkling who the woman was. “I am afraid I don’t remember you,” she said still staring at her. “I used to work in this hospital, so I know most of the staff. That’s how I managed to get through security to see you. My name is Mary Akunya. I was the midwife who attended to you years ago when you had your daughter.” “Now I remember!” Juliet said excitedly. “Isabell would be happy to see you again! I have been telling her all these years what a great help you were when she was born.” “Actually, that is the reason I am here,” Mary said. “What?” “Isabell is not your daughter.” “Stop joking. I know who my daughter is. I have been with her all her life from the moment I delivered her.”

“I have been carrying this burden ever since, so I thought I should pour my heart out, hopefully, God will forgive me. I hope you forgive me too.” “Forgive you what? Isabell is my daughter of course.” “Mary shook her head sadly. “After you had delivered, you were bleeding so the doctors worked so hard to stop the bleeding. While that was going on, I swapped your baby with another baby.” “For what? What are you talking about?” “I am sorry, Madam. Some very powerful people paid me a huge amount of money to do that. Isabell is not your daughter.” “Then whose daughter is it? Why would they swap my child with another child? Where is my real daughter if you are telling the truth? Security!!!” Juliet shouted. She was getting agitated. A policeman rushed into her room quickly. “I want this woman arrested. I need to ask her some hard questions. Please call the governor for me right now.” More policemen rushed into the room. In less than half an hour, Juliet was moved to a much larger room. Abugu arrived promptly.

Juliet narrated Mary’s story to him after which Abugu asked the policemen to leave the room. “Madam, do you realize that I can have you locked away for life?” Mary nodded. “Juliet is in a tough place right now. The last thing she needs is agitation. She needs to be stable before she flies abroad for her chemotherapy. So, don’t complicate matter for us. Who paid you to swap her child? What evidence do you have to prove that your story is true?” Mary dug into her purse and produced an old discolored piece of paper. She unfolded it methodically and handed it to Abugu. “That is the adoption paper of Juliet’s real daughter. She was given away for adoption after Isabell was used to replace her. I was paid by the former governor, Chief Ukadieme to swap the babies.” Abugu looked at Juliet and then at the piece of paper Mary had just handed him. “Is this the name of Juliet’s real daughter at adoption?” “Yes. Her adopted family named her at adoption. I handled the adoption process.” “Security!” Abugu shouted. Two policemen dashed into the room and Abugu instructed them to take Mary away momentarily. “I will have them bring you back in a moment,” he explained to her as she was being taken away.

“What is it? I know that look on your face,” Juliet remarked. “I have to handle this by myself. I don’t think your health is good enough to handle this,” Abugu explained. “I don’t care! I want to know who my real daughter is. I can’t believe all this is happening,” Juliet insisted. “The name of your real daughter was…” “What do you mean by was?” Juliet cut in. “She is no more.” “How do you know? What happened to her?” She was becoming hysterical. Confused. “Her name was Charity Essinba!” Abugu announced. Juliet bit her tongue in anguish. A wave of tears stormed down her face. She wished she could turn back the hands of time. There was pin-drop silence in the room except for the sniffing of Juliet who could not control her sorrow. Nearly half an hour went by without either of them uttering a word.

“We…we…we killed our own child,” Juliet finally said. Abugu did not say anything. He felt stabbing pain hacking mercilessly at the core of his heart. “Why did that evil man swap my baby with another one? We killed our child?” Juliet repeated. Both she and Abugu had known that Isabell was Abugu’s daughter all these years. Juliet had conceived Isabell after sleeping with him behind Maxwell’s back. What they did not know was that her real child had been swapped at birth. “I found out she was working for Vincent Elemazu, planting listening devices in my office, so after discussing the matter with you and Ijezem, we ordered her execution, without knowing she was our daughter,” Abugu finally said. He rose to his feet, walked over to Juliet and held her in his hands. She cried uncontrollably.

“I want more men sent to Madubene’s house. That lawyer must not escape that place alive. He must pay for killing my son!” Chief Ukadieme shouted. His wife Linda was still crying profusely. “I wish I could strangle him with my bare hands,” she said through tears. “Don’t worry my love. We’ll get him,” Ukadieme assured her.

“This is breaking news,” Enoye Esong, announced. She was the most popular news caster on the network service of Amaland Television Authority which had recently been privatized. “We have come in contact with a video recording that appears to show the president of the country, Mr. Roland Obridu sleeping with the wife of former governor of Agudugba and the serving commissioner for finance in the State, Juliet Iningo. Both federal houses are currently sitting to deliberate on this video. The video was released online today across the country by a group that calls itself, Free Amaland Union that fights against corruption and nepotism in the country. It is highly unlikely that the president will survive an impeachment vote given the graphic nature of this video. For obvious reasons, we are not able to play the entire video for the general public; that you can easily find online. Here are clips from the video,” Enoye explained. The entire nation rocked with rage calling for the president to resign even before the impeachment votes were cast.

Jariye drove towards Madubene’s house. The house was teeming with gardeners. Each gardener had an AK-47 lying dangerously in a cart while they pretended to be trimming the flowers. Jariye could not see the guns, but immediately, his military training told him that something was wrong. Who are these people? He wondered. He made a quick decision to drive by. He drove down the street and turned right onto the next street. He parked the car, took out his guns and made sure they were loaded. He took as much bullets as he could find with him. He decided to surprise Madubene. He climbed into the vast compound from the back. He crept along narrow paths lined with flower hedges. The first gardener he found appeared to be busy, but his eyes were scanning the area. Jariye stealthily crept up to him and grabbed him from behind. He covered his moth and placed a gun by his head. “If you move, you are dead,” he threatened him. In the flower-covered cart, he saw an AK-47, which confirmed his suspicion.

“How many of you are on the compound and around it?” He asked him. “Maybe twenty five or thirty,” he answered. “I want a specific answer unless you want to die!” Jariye said menacingly. “At least thirty five.” “Good. I want you to raise a false alarm if you don’t want to die. Take the radio and announce that target is sighted in the east end of the building near the front gate.” The hired killer did as he was told. Immediately, Jariye hit him on the back of his head and he slumped to the ground. He moved him into an area that was covered with shrubs. Then, he took his AK-47 and began to head for the house. He could see more men heading in the direction that one of their colleagues had announced. He kept the radio with him to keep track of their chatter.

Jariye moved swiftly. He knew the compound very well. He was aware of an underground passage from the building to the main bedroom upstairs. The passage led to the generator house and then across the street underground, with another outlet near an elementary school. He broke into the generator house, broke open the door to the passage and took the underground passage into the building. By the time he reached the master bedroom on the top floor of the building, he carefully squeezed the door knob and it gave way. He walked into the bedroom and reached for the light switch. A hand grabbed him quickly, knocking the AK-47 out of his hand. Before he could react, he was tackled, sending him to the ground. The light came on and he was facing the barrel of an AK-47 up close.

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Written by:
Victor Chinoo

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. AK-47, work in this hospital, policemen, the president will survive an impeachment vote, into the generator house.
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