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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. Romantic Story. her nude pictures, black Mercedes SUV, a hotel room in Sun City, Sony camera, nude, videos, doctors, camera.

6:45 am, Accra Ghana
“My wife is missing. Someone abducted her after a nude picture of her was sent to me…” said Steve. “What!! A nude what?! Lizzy is a good woman. What got her into such a habit?!” Emmalyn wondered aloud. “She is innocent. I have an idea of what is happening. I want to leave my children with you and go back to Nigeria to look for her. Please watch my children with your life.” “But Steve, I don’t want to get into trouble by your leaving your children here. I have lost enough relatives over the years; I don’t want to lose more.” “No one knows where I am right now, Emmalyn. Please help me. There are not many people I can trust right now.” “I love your children, Steve, and will gladly watch over them; but make sure I don’t get into trouble doing that. “Thank you Ema; I am sure you won’t get into trouble helping me with my children.”

7: 18 am, Marlow Street, Lagos Nigeria
Lizzy was in a dark small room and tied to a chair. Since She was abducted by the men in black Mercedes SUV, no one had spoken to her as to the reason she was abducted. Of course the Sony camera containing her nude pictures taken in a hotel room in Sun City had been taken from her. Whoever abducted her knew about the pictures and had taken her primarily for those pictures. For three days she had not eaten a thing and had not had a bath. She could smell her own pong. She could not tell what hour of the day it was outside. The room she was in had been dark from the moment she was taken into it. She was happy when the door to the small dark room jangled and flew wide open. A gust of fresh air rushed into the room and caressed her skin. The door remained open for a while without anyone coming in. She had to assume that perhaps her captors must have remembered her and decided to let her have some fresh air. Just when she thought no one was going to talk to her, two hefty men barged into the room and lifted her along with the chair to which she was tied.

She had no clue what would happen next, but she was afraid. She struggled to break loose but the ropes on her were firm and the men carrying her were too strong for her. When she was brought outside the house, her eyes began to burn for not having seen daylight for days. The two men took her toward a swimming pool at the back of the grand building and set her down. There were three men sitting at a table, staring at her like mongrels. She was certain she had not seen any of them before. One of them barked at the two men who carried her out, “Untie her!” The men hurriedly untied her. “Lizzy, we are sorry about what you have been through in the last few days. Please don’t take it personal, we are just doing our job. Anyway your husband brought it on himself when he overstepped his bounds. You must be hungry, get her something to eat!” the man barked again. Lizzy stretched her arms and legs, while she studied the three men. Though her heart was pounding against her ribs as a result of fear, she was grateful that the ropes had been untied from her.

In a jiffy, a man, looking like a chef brought food for her. The sight of grilled chicken served with rice and a glass of PiƱa Colada made her stomach to growl loudly. She felt embarrassed at the sound her stomach made. She was ravenously hungry; dragging her chair closer to the table on which the food sat, she dug her fingers into the chicken and shoved chunks of it into her mouth. Turning to one of the guards who stood nearby, she said with a mouth full of chicken, “Water, I need water.” As though on cue the chef who had served her food appeared with a glass bowl and a can of bottled water. He was surprised to see that Lizzy had begun to eat without washing her hands. Smiling, he set down the glass bowl and can of water and filled the glass bowl with water for Lizzy to wash her hands.

When Lizzy had eaten to her fill, she was dragged into a bathroom and was ordered to have her bath. She was scared, and didn’t know what would come next. All the people she had seen in the house were men. However, she had to take her bath, for days she had gone without one. As soon as she was done having her bath, the door of the bathroom flew open and two men dragged her out of it and led her stark nude toward the swimming pool. She was overcome with shame and cried like a child, pleading for them to allow her put on her clothes. When the three men who had watched her eat, stood up from their table, Lizzy took note of what she did not see earlier - her Sony camera. Then it dawned on her that the men were going to take more nude pictures of her or probably force her to have sex with one of them and then make a video of it.

She had not been that afraid before. Without thinking about it, she bolted toward the house, knocking one of the guards to the ground. Just before she made it to the door, she heard a gunshot and the glass door next to her shattered. Thinking she had been shot, she sunk to the ground. The guards came and picked her from the ground and put guns to her head and asked her to do as she was told. Shaking like a weather beaten bird, she nodded. The three men who had watched her eat, undressed quickly and asked Lizzy to pose nude with them. While she posed with them, crying profusely, a man came out with a video camera, set it on a tripod and began to film Lizzy and the men taking different nude poses. Whenever Lizzy failed to pose as she was asked to, the men slapped her across the face. When they were done, Lizzy was given her clothes, car key and her Sony camera. She dressed hurriedly, crying her bruised eyes sore. She had expected worse; her thoughts were that the men would force her to have sex with them, she was thankful that her ordeal did not reach that point. Clearly the men were building a case against her husband. Much to her surprise she was led out of the compound and was asked to go home. When she stepped out of the house and saw her car outside; like a child whose mother had been away for days, she ran toward it car, got into and drove away.

10:30 am, A Mansion outside the City

Eve was sitting beside Stanley on a bed, eager to find out what was going on in his head, and frustrated that he could not tell her much because they were being watched. Upstairs the three doctors and some armed men sat before a monitor hoping that the couple would volunteer some information about the videos; especially about who had the videos. Doctor Larry picked up his phone and dialed a certain man, “Hello sir, it doesn’t look like this couple know anything about the videos. They have not said a word about them for days. It is likely they don’t even know why they were shot. I want to ask, should we let them go?” “If this current plan does not work, tell my boys to use force to find out from them everything they know. If force fails to yield any good result, shoot them on the head and dump their bodies in a ditch somewhere!” an angry voice on the other end of the phone said. “But sir, this was not what you told us earlier! You said you wanted to help…” “Doctor Larry, I am a businessman and a politician whose life is on the verge of being destroyed. Eve and Stanley have videos that can destroy my life and that of my daughter. I want the videos found and destroyed! If the couple cannot tell you anything useful about the videos, kill them and dump their bodies in the bush. That should not be difficult, you are at the outskirt of the city. Doctor Larry, please don’t call me until you have some good news to give me. I have just sent a message to my boys to kill Eve and Stanley it your method fails.” The phone line went dead.

 Doctor Larry was shocked. He stood up and asked his other two colleagues to follow him down stairs. He could tell that the message the leader of the armed group read was from their boss asking him and his boys to kill Eve and Stanley if they fail to give them the information they sought for. On the staircase, Dr. Larry told his colleagues what the man they were working for said. The two doctors were horrified to hear what their employer said. “We have to let Eve and Stanley know what is going on. If they know anything, it is about time to let us know,” Dr. Lami, the youngest of the three doctors said as he descended the staircase in a flight. Eve and Stanley were locked in each other’s hands, kissing when the three doctors barged into their room. Eve was sure she locked the door, how the doctors opened it was a surprise to her. She broke from the kiss, looking at the doctors in disbelieve. “I thought I had that door locked, how did you get in?” she asked.

Ignoring her, Dr. Larry said to the two of them, “Your lives are right now more in danger than they had ever been. I need you to give me some information about something.” Eve was surprised, but Stanley looked like he had been waiting for that moment. “What is it you want, Dr. Larry?” Stanley asked. “The man who is keeping our families from harm, the man who saved your lives, he wants a favour from the two of you. He is looking for…” “Some videos,” Stanley cut in. Dr. Larry and the other two doctors looked at each other, happy that finally they were getting some information from the couple. Upstairs one of the armed men called their boss and told him that Stanley had begun to tell the doctors what he knew about the videos. Down in the room where Stanley and the doctors were, Stanley began a mind game he had been rehearsing for hours. “Doctors, I am not sure you want to know what is in those videos. Believe me, you don’t want to know.” “Stanley, please don’t bother about us. We have no interest in the videos. The man we work for is the one who wants to get his hands on the videos.” “Okay, but you will need to write down the things I am about to tell you.” “Don’t worry about that Stanley. Go ahead tell us what you know.”

Stanley leaned forward and whispered, “Doctors, you don’t know what you are doing. Once I tell you three the contents of those videos, your lives will be in grave danger. I know this whole house is wired with video cameras. You have been watching us every minute. I know this conversation is being recorded, but you need your own record of the things I am about to tell you…” Stanley lowered his voice further and continued, “Doctors, you need your own bargaining chips. Your lives and those of your family members will be in danger the moment you hear the contents of those videos. You need something to bargain your way out of the coming storm.” The doctors were scared. Stanley could see sweat break on their foreheads. He had got them hooked. His scheme was working. Lami, the youngest of the doctors, backed the camera on the wall and removed his Samsung phone and turned on the recorder. Blinking his eyes repeatedly at Stanley, he pointed his index finger at his phone and urged him to continue.

Story continues...

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. Romantic Story. her nude pictures, black Mercedes SUV, a hotel room in Sun City, Sony camera, nude, videos, doctors, camera. An African Literary Blog
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