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Nigeria's leading story blog. Romantic Story. like a ravenous lion pouncing on a zebra, Our lips were locked in passionate kiss, studied at different universities, after I started dating, MTN made a ton of money off me, Kungfu from Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

I tucked my hand under his shirt and caressed him gently. Having him around was the best thing in the world. My world changed from the day I met Ibe. He was charming! His smile sent butterflies fluttering frenziedly in my stomach. I was helping my older sister with some chores at her shop. As the sun beamed down on us, I lifted crates of soft drink off the truck and into the shop. That was when Ibe appeared. I had seen him a number of times, and each time, I could not help but wonder if I could ever be his girlfriend. Every girl on my street had a crush on him. His smile was as radiant as the glow of the morning sun that gently burned dew off the dangling and delicate surfaces of leaves. When he smiled, girls shivered with indescribable desire; myself inclusive.
“Let me help you,” he said. I was not going to say no to that. A guy I had been eyeing for months finally walked up to me and offered to help me! My hands began to shake and I could feel extra streaks of thick sweat cascading down my face and furiously underneath my dress. My legs became wobbly and throat went suddenly dry. “Yes…yes please,” I managed to answer. My excitement and astonishment were glaringly visible.

I could not help but notice as his muscles flexed invitingly each time he lifted a crate of soft drink as though he was lifting a pillow. I wished he would lift me off my feet in the same manner. My sister was pleased that Ibe had offered to help. Everyone liked Ibe. As for me, there was more to helping us at the shop. I was hoping and praying fervently that this was the beginning of something special between Ibe and I.

“Thanks for the help,” I expressed my gratitude to him with effusive energy.
“It is my pleasure,” he answered with that killer smile that left me blushing.
“I was wondering if I could come around and hang out with you tonight?” he asked

Did I hear you right? I thought to myself. Are you really asking? Do you have to ask? A zillion thoughts were running amok in my poor mind as I envisaged an evening with Ibe.
“Yes…yes, you can,” I replied before he changed his mind.

That evening, he arrived at my sister’s husband’s apartment. I was ready. I had taken a long, cold shower after which I applied ‘sultry’ lip gloss that left my lips lusciously inviting. One look in the mirror, I was certain that Ibe could not resist me.  I tuned up my nail gloss and climbed atop a pair of high-heeled shoes I had bought some months back at Christmas. When he knocked on the door, I flew like a jet and yanked the door open. I was clad in a black skirt that hung delicately above my knees and blouse with a quaint flowery pattern to it. The blouse hugged me tenaciously like a shy child hanging feistily onto her mother in public. I flung the door open and hugged him gently. You know…that first hug when you have to pretend that you are not interested in the guy. Meanwhile, as I pulled away, I followed his eyes and they were looking exactly where I wanted them to look – all over my body, scanning my well highlighted figure like a photocopy machine doing its thing!

We lived on the second floor in a four-storey building. My sister was considerably older than myself, but at this point, I was about twenty-three and my sister treated me with great respect. Her husband did the same too; I guess he was taking cue from my sister. So, Ibe and I went to balcony by my room and sat next to each other on an old couch. Each time his skin rubbed against mine, it was as though electric waves were rippling through me. I could hear the quiver in my voice with every gentle touch. I was not blind to his reaction either. His voice revealed a crack to it each time I carefully brushed myself against him. My plan was working perfectly well. Ibe was going to be mine against all odds. All the other girls in area would have to stand and watch while I snagged my man.

At nightfall, the breeze cooled down, gently stroking our bodies after a steamy-hot day. The sun turned yellow as its energy took a break, ushering darkness over the horizon. Birds chirped as they squabbled over sleeping posts atop a tree near our building. The scene could not be more romantic. Soon, I heard my sister leave with her husband. As they pulled away in their truck, I gathered my sister’s four children and sent them over to our neighbor’s apartment. As soon as I returned, Ibe grabbed me like a ravenous lion pouncing on a zebra. In this case, the zebra was willing. I yielded to him for a moment.

Our lips were locked in passionate kiss. His hands began to walk all over me as mine worked feverishly over his body. Then, he began to reach under my skirt. I took his hand and gently removed it from there.

“Not now,” I said in a husky, barely audible tone. He was not the type to give in easily. He tried again and I fought back, mustering every ounce of resilience left in me. “This is the most beautiful day of my life,” he said after a long kiss.
“Same with me,” I answered with excitement in my eyes.
“I have been eyeing you and thinking of you for long,” he said.

I was flattered. Really? I thought to myself. Don’t get me wrong, without meaning to sound arrogant, I have always considered myself beautiful. However, Ibe was a real ‘stunner’. He was the kind of guy that no matter how beautiful you are when he asks you out, you turn around to see if he was talking to some other girl. When he smiled he had dimples that accentuated his good looks. He was tall and richly dark skinned with a well-manicured mustache. His muscles would send any girl into a trance in broad daylight.

“Really?” I asked him. Since when?”
“Since the first day I set my eyes on you.”
“What day was that?”
“That was exactly one year and three months ago. We had just moved into the street and I was walking to the next street. Then I saw a smashingly beautiful girl standing by the gate downstairs. Your eyes, your succulent lips and impeccable figure had me thinking of you all day and every other day afterwards ever since.”

My head grew momentarily bigger as Ibe talked about me in such a beautiful way. I wanted to tell him that I remembered seeing him that morning, but I held my tongue. That would be for another day. Soon, our relationship blossomed like morning flower. I could not sleep without seeing him. We studied at different universities, but we both went to school from home. I was considering the idea of moving to campus, but after I started dating Ibe, I quickly shelved the idea. We went everywhere together. It felt like I would die if I did not see him for just a day. One weekend, he travelled to the village with his father. I was on the phone all weekend with him. MTN made a ton of money off me in just that weekend. We would talk about the same things over and over and did not get tired or bored. Ibe was my life, my strength, my joy and my sunshine. I flaunted him as much as I could. Every girl in the area knew not to mess with him.

One evening, my younger sister, Udodi who had just moved from the village to the city told me that she had something to tell me. We sat in my room and she cleared her throat. She was visibly troubled.

“What is it?” I asked her. I have to go and see Ibe in a few minutes. Please go ahead and say what you have to say,” I hushed her.
“Ibe may not be who you think he is,” she said.
“What do you mean?” I asked her irritably.
I did not like people speaking unkindly of Ibe – my Ibe.

“I think he may be cheating on you,” Udodi said.
She stared at me directly. What on earth are you talking about? I thought. You have just moved from the village. What could a village girl like you possibly know? I was not prepared to take my little sister’s words seriously. She must be hallucinating. What she said was inconceivable – utterly preposterous. Ibe would not go for a day without seeing me. His soul and mine were entangled; strongly meshed together like fishing net. I wanted to slap her across the mouth for conceiving such idiocy.

“I don’t have time for jokes, Udodi,” I answered arrogantly as I began to rise to my feet.
After all, my Ibe was waiting for me. I did not have time for Udodi’s games.
“You have to listen to me. Ibe is sleeping with someone else,” she reiterated.
“Stop joking Udodi!” I shouted.
“I am not joking? Ibe might be sleeping with Chinecherem!” Udodi shot back at me.

Suddenly, I felt tight pain in my stomach. It was as if my intestines were knotting into a jumbled mess. I felt a sudden sharp pain in my chest and in my head. My knees caved in under the weight of my ravaged body. I slumped onto the bed, staring at Udodi for better explanation. Chinecherem is my cousin. She and her family lived nearby and of late, she had been working part-time for my sister at the shop. She was fairly younger and beautiful. I am sure some people would be wondering at this point, why stress about it right away; this might be untrue after all? Yes, you are right, but the point is, I had seen Ibe chatting with Chinecherem a few times. At first, I did not bother, but one evening, I saw them chatting away from my sister’s shop. I was somewhat alarmed, but Ibe placed his arms around me in front of Chinecherem. He hugged me and lifted me up, telling Chinecherem how much he cared about me.

I was quickly calmed down. Come on, this is your cousin for goodness sake! I admonished myself. When Udodi mentioned Chinecherem’s name, I could not help but worry. Udodi told me that she had seen Chinecherem with Ibe several times.
“She goes to their house only when you are not around. She practically sneaks in,” Udodi said.
My eyes were still popping out in shock. After a deep thought about this, I devised a means to investigate the matter. I told Ibe that I was travelling to the village one Friday. He saw me off to the motor park and planted a peck on my cheek as the bus left. A short distance into the journey, I got off and forfeited my fare. I carefully returned home and sneaked into our flat. From our flat, I could see people walking into Ibe’s compound.

Lo and behold! By evening, my cousin Chinecherem, after putting in her shift at my sister’s shop took a back street and sneaked into Ibe’s compound. A ‘furious rage’ ran through me. If I had a gun that was the day I would have killed someone. I dashed downstairs at the speed of light and ran across to Ibe’s building.  Ibe’s younger brother wanted to stop me from seeing him, but I would have none of that.

“He is not home,” he said.
I ignored him and walked into the building. He followed me, but before he knew it, I was at Ibe’s door. I rammed on the door to his room like a rabid dog. There was no response of course, but his father who was sleeping woke up.
“What is it my daughter,” he asked as he walked out of is room.
He was a quiet and kind man.

“I am sorry sir,” I replied.
“I have to see Ibe now. It is a matter of life and death. There is something I need him for now!” I lied.

He saw the look in my eyes and felt a pang of pity for me. Tears were gushing down my face as if I had cut a bag of onions alone. Ibe had locked the door from inside. Instinctively, his father entered his room and returned with a spare key. He unlocked the door and flung it open. By now, Ibe and Chinecherem were dressed – hurriedly though. You could tell that they had been at it. His father was no fool. At this point, he figured out what was going on. I wanted to kill them both. I flew at Ibe like a jet fighter speeding through air on a mission to drop tons of missiles on a target location.

I am not the physical or strong type but I guess anger gives you a lot of strength you never knew existed. I lunged at him with my head, hand and teeth. Before he knew it, I was chopping his face with my razor-sharp teeth. His father grabbed me quickly as Ibe tried to fight me off. As they pulled me away, I yanked a piece of his skin with me. I saw blood dripping down his face, and I didn’t even feel sorry. I lashed out at Chinecherem with a kick – you would have thought that I learned Kungfu from Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. I caught her hard in the thigh and she fell backwards. While the two of them were riddled with guilt, I was fired up by anger – a deep anger that was enough to kill.

Ibe’s father dragged me out of the house. I know this may sound vindictive of me, but I don’t really care. I left a deep scar on Ibe’s face with my teeth. I am sure he’ll have to explain that to every girl he meets for the rest of his life. Besides, I managed to chisel away some of his looks - the weapon that he used to fool girls. To date, I have not spoken a word to him. Well, we don’t leave on the same street anymore. As for Chinecherem, she has been asking me for forgiveness ever since. That singular incident brought about a massive problem between her immediate family and mine.

 I wonder what you think. Would you forgive her? I am still wrestling with that. Also, I am wrestling with TRUST! I have not been able to bring myself to trust any man after that experience. When things seem like they are working out, I find a way to sabotage the relationship on the premise that all men are the same. I still can’t commit to a man. My sisters, mother and friends have been telling me that I am digging myself into a whole. A part of me knows they are right, but it has been a real struggle overcoming that heartbreak. I loved that guy beyond words! Ever since then, it has felt as though I was walking on thorns every day, especially when I think of that experience. The thorns I am talking about are the ones that pierce your soul and batter your mind deep within. Anyway, I decided to tell my story in an attempt to begin a real healing process and hopefully, allow myself to love again…and be loved.

The above story was sent in by Joyce Okonkwo (actual name withheld) and was edited by editorial team. Joyce is an avid fan of She would be very pleased if readers drop some lines of advice concerning her dilemma. for breathtaking stories and exciting articles, every day!!!

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