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Binzinga Hospital, G.R.A, Azonto
“Mom what is going on?” Isabell asked her mother. “I hear the entire government house is under siege. Are you alright?”
“I am fine my daughter. It is a challenge like any other, but we’ll take care of it with time. Are you still at the hospital with that lawyer?” She asked.
“Yes. He is getting better. He managed to talk today.”
“Are you in love with that lawyer?”
“I like him…that is all I can say for now.”
“It is okay if you are in love with him, my daughter. You are old enough to do what you want now. You don’t have to hide that from me. Anyways, I hope he is fine soon.”
“Thanks mom. Take care of yourself.”

Isabell hung up and went to check in on Jariye. He was on his feet, slowly walking around his room with the phone to his ear. He waved at Isabell to signal that he was having a private conversation. She closed the door and sat in the lobby.
“You mean that Chief Ukadieme, the eighty-year-old politician and former governor of Agudugba has something to do with Maxwell Iningo’s death?” Jariye said into the phone.
“Yes, said a female voice. Your sister Grace and I were working on this case. I told Grace to stop because we were dealing with very strong and powerful people, but she would not quit. I went underground and made it look like I had disappeared…just to save my life. I am very sorry about Grace. When I heard she had been killed, I began to work the case again from my hiding place,” Millicent Itere, Grace’s friend who was thought dead said to Jariye on the phone. She was the one who had sent the text to Jariye the night he was shot.

“Chief Ukadieme’s political reputation was destroyed years ago by Maxwell Iningo when he was a young up and coming lawyer in Azonto. The case he worked on led to Ukadieme’s impeachment and ever since, he has been waiting to destroy the Iningos, particularly Maxwell and his wife Juliet,” Millicent explained.
“But he is an old man. I don’t see how he could have planned all this alone,” Jariye queried.
“He is still active, despite his age. I don’t think he killed all the people. From the information I have, I think other people have been cashing in on the mess to kill other people they wanted to remove from their path. However, Maxwell Iningo was definitely killed by Ukadieme. There is a recording somewhere in our office. Grace hid it somewhere at work. I am not sure she managed to pass it on to you before she was killed. You have to find it. It will tell us a lot. In the meantime, you and I need to meet. You can’t come with anyone. I don’t trust anybody.”
“I will come alone. Who do you think wants me dead,” Jariye asked.
“I am not sure yet, but I think it is Abugu or Juliet Iningo,” Millicent answered.

“You have been asking question about the death of Maxwell, but what is worrying them really is that you have been asking question about Dilingo and Charity Essinba, Vincent Elemazu’s staff who was murdered in cold blood in her apartment. I think one or both of them are involved in those murders,” Millicent explained.
“You think different groups killed Maxwell and these other two?”
“Maybe three or four groups have been in operation thus far or more. There is Abugu and Juliet, who may not always work together. Sometimes, they use Ijezem independently to do dirty works. From what I found out, Charity worked at the government house, but she was on Elemazu’s payroll. If she was sifting out information to Elemazu from Abugu’s office, chances are that he killed her. Juliet may or may not know. Then there is Ijezem who may kill to protect his employers without even telling them about it. Then, you have Uwadighibe, Peter Iningo and Elemazu. They are all capable of killing.”

“I think the same person killed Dilingo and Maxwell. Those were definitely connected,” Jariye insisted. “As for the other ones, maybe other people did that, but not Dilingo. He had to be killed so that he would not stop them from killing Maxwell.”
“You have a valid point, but in the end, we have to find out. You must not trust anyone. Meet me at 7:00PM at Maltozan Café. It is in the business district. Come alone. If you come with anyone, I will walk away without talking to you.”
“How do I know that you are Millicent? You could be anyone.”
“Are you saying that you don’t know my voice anymore after all these years?”
“Well, with technology these days, anyone could fake your voice over the phone.”
“Trust me or forget it. I must nail Grace’s killer or killers, with or without you.”

Millicent hung up. Jariye sat on the bed, puzzled. Then, his phone rang again. It was Millicent.
“I forgot to tell you that the doctor who attended to Maxwell Iningo the night he was shot, Dr. Ishingazu is Ukadieme’s son.
“What? How come he has a different last name?”
“Ukadieme had him outside wedlock, but he accepted him as his son and treated him well. In fact, he is Ukadieme’s closest child. He opted to keep his mother’s family name and that works out very well for Ukadieme. It took suspicion away from him all these years as both he and Simon Ishigazu waited for the time to finish off Maxwell Iningo.”
“Why wait in hospital. They hired a killer to shoot him anyway?” Jariye asked.
“The place was teeming with military security, so the shooter or shooters had to be quick. Ishigazu was on hand to finish the job in case Maxwell survived the gunshots.”

This time, Jariye decided to meet with Millicent.
“Are you alright darling?” Isabell asked sticking her neck into the room.
“Come here honey,” Jariye replied.
He took her in his hands and kissed her.
“Thanks for taking care of me darling,” he said.
“It is my pleasure to take care of you. I think we can go home now. You need rest.”
“Not now, Isa Baby. I have to see someone in town. I have some information about who may have planned your father’s murder.”
 “Really? Who might that be?”
“I am sorry honey. I can’t tell you yet until I confirm a few things. Please bear with me.”
“Okay, if you say so. I wish you could rest though. I lost my father and Dilingo. I don’t want to lose you.”
“I will be alright.”

Presidential Villa, Kengu, Amaland
“Comrade Isiaboti, if you violate my instructions, I will come down on you with the full might of every power that I possess,” Roland said to Isiaboti over the phone.
“But Mr. President, it is my job to work for my people. The evidence is overwhelming. Apart from the fact that the governor was sleeping with the commissioner of finance, the two of them were siphoning money abroad. The people have refused to leave the government house and the assembly until we act. We must hearken to the clarion call of the masses,” Isiaboti explained.
“I don’t care about public outcry right now, just do as I say. Else, I will release to the press all your foreign accounts. I know that Peter Iningo got Abugu and Mrs. Iningo to wire money to your offshore accounts via Panama recently. Do you want that in public? I also know that you are sleeping with the daughter of the chief judge of the State of Agudugba. She is barely eighteen. I am sure that is not anything you want in public, Mr. Holier Than Thou!” Roland shouted into the phone.

A little over half an hour later, Isiaboti was addressing a press conference. “I wish to enjoin the people to return to their homes. The house committee on ethics and corruption has been looking into the tapes flying around town. I can assure you that we have used the best experts available on video and audio editing to analyze these recordings. Interestingly, all the experts confirmed that these recordings are fake. They were put together by very talented folks who wanted to drag the name of our governor in the mud. Mrs. Juliet Iningo has been a staunch advocate of transparency in government. Indeed, there is no factual evidence to confirm that she has been involved in money laundering or in any illicit relationship with the governor. Please return to your homes and allow the governor and his cabinet to continue the work of building our state,” he explained.

The Streets of Azonto
The demonstrators were enraged. “It is a lie!” They shouted. “You have been bribed, Mr. Speaker,” they yelled angrily. Military men began to move in to disperse them with tear gas. Another group paid off by the governor began to match at the same time in solidarity with the governor and his cabinet.

Business District Azonto
Jariye had stopped briefly at Madubene’s house to pick up an extra gun and bullets before heading to Maltozan Café. Madubene wanted to know where he was going and even volunteered to go with him, but he refused.
“I have to go alone. I will tell you all about it when the time is right. It is about Grace,” he explained to Madubene, lacing his answer with a petty lie.

He took a seat at the back of the café, clutching his gun in his pocket. He was ready to shoot at anything that seemed mildly threatening to him. He had made a miraculous recovery from his gunshot because the bullet went through his flesh, without damaging any bones, arteries or veins. He had been lucky, but he knew he could not count on luck at all times. By 7:12 PM, there was no sign of Millicent. He became worried. Then, his phone rang.
“You have been followed,” Millicent said.
“How do you mean?” Jariye asked.
“There is man sitting behind the wheels of a grey Toyota Corolla outside. He has been following you since you left the house in Ganyelu earlier this night,” Millicent explained.
“You have been following me?”
“One of my people has been following you. I could not take chances. We have a picture of the man who has been following you. He was the same man that tried to kill me months back. I believe he was the person that killed Grace too…he must have planted the bomb that killed Grace.”

Jariye looked around him and then into the space outside. He sighted a grey Toyota Corolla that was sandwiched in-between a Jeep and a van, a short distance from the Café.
“Walk outside and then turn left. We have to lose him before I can reveal myself. I don’t want them to know that I am still alive.”

Jariye placed his hand in his pocket feeling his gun as he walked. He had an ear piece in one ear so he could continue talking with Millicent as he walked along the street.
“He is out of his car now, walking in your direction. He has a hat to mask his face and sunshade…at night. He is clearly eager to protect his identity,” Millicent explained.
Jariye turned right sharply and then left. He hid in a corner and waited. From his vantage point, he would see the man as soon as he turned into the alley. The moment the man walked into the alley with a gun in his hand, Jariye knew who it was. He could not mistake him even in his sleep; it was Madubene. A wave of consternation swept through him.
“This is my best friend, Madubene,” Jariye said to Millicent in a low tone.
“Not anymore. He was definitely the one that killed Grace. He tried to kill me twice before I disappeared.”

“What is going on here? I was with this guy an hour ago. I left his house to come and see you,” Jariye said in utter confusion.
“I saw the same man walk into Chief Ukadieme’s house last night with Dr. Ishigazu. What was he doing there? They have been using you Jariye.”
“How am I sure you are not the one using me? How am I sure you are who you say you are?” Jariye asked.
“Now let’s find out who is who,” Millicent answered.

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Nigeria's leading fictional story blog. killed, hospital, I have some information, military security, Mr. President, phone, Grace, governor, a grey Toyota Corolla outside, government house
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