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Nigeria's leading story blog. killers in faraway London, gave him into digital files, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, local television and radio stations, Mr. Governor,

Izumbe Street, Azonto, Agudugba
“Jariye!!!” Isabell yelled. She had opened the door to the living room shortly after the gunshots had ceased. She found the killer lying dead near the door, while Jariye lay immobile further away. “No!!! God please don’t let him die,” she shouted feeling his pulse. She could not tell if he was alive or dead. She quickly dug up her phone and called the police. Before she could hang up, Madubene arrived with the police. “I’m glad you are here,” Isabell shouted to Madubene. She was squatting over Jariye’s body. “Step aside Isabell. I need to rush him to hospital,” Madubene shouted. With the help of the police, they took Jariye to the hospital. Isabell went with them, not wanting to let him out of her sight. He was quickly wheeled into the theater for surgery.

London, England
The assassins dashed out of the house as fast as they could, leaving Michael Ibukunle’s body on the floor. They spared his wife and children. As soon as they left, Michael’s wife, Corletta began to work on the strings tied around her hands. She turned and had one of her sons manage to untwist her strings with difficulty, after which she was able to remove it altogether. She quickly untied her children afterwards and they all dashed upstairs. Almost in unison, they all let out a loud shout that attracted the attention of their neighbors on sighting their father’s dead body upstairs. Corletta ushered them out of the room and began to make some calls.

“Damian, you must release the videos on air today. They have killed Michael. They just left the house!” Corletta said through a maze of tears. She tried to suppress the gut-wrenching pain that stabbed furiously at her. She could hear her children crying loudly in the next room. Damian had feared that this day would come, but no amount of knowledge could have prepared him for the agonizing pain on losing his brother Michael in the hands of killers in faraway London. He had converted the DVDs that Michael gave him into digital files, so he began to share it around on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Lola (Michael’s sister) on the other hand sent hers to every important media person she knew in town in addition to sharing it on social media. They both sent the files to their friends and had them share them on social media.

House of Assembly, Azonto, Agudugba
“I am honored!” Prince Ezekalia Isiaboti declared. “I will not sleep…I will not rest. I will give my all in serving the people of Agudugba as the speaker of the state Assembly,” Isiaboti continued. He had just been elected the new speaker of the house following swift impeachment of the former speaker, Justin Nzeabali. “What do you think of him,” Juliet Iningo asked Abugu Mabali. “He has always been a trouble maker. I don’t think he’ll change overnight,” Abugu answered. “It is going to cost us a lot to keep him on our side,” he added. “Why don’t we take an alternative route,” Juliet suggested. Abugu understood what she meant.

“I have thought about that, but you and I know Peter Iningo will come up with a new name afterwards, which would mean more money,” Abugu replied. Juliet was insinuating that they kill Isiaboti. They were in the government house, where they received half hourly briefing on the events at the assembly. Isiaboti was already on his way to the government house for an official introduction to the governor as though they had never met before. “Don’t worry about Peter Iningo. He will soon be in a pot of boiling soup,” Juliet answered. “How?” Abugu asked.“I have plans with the president to take care of him in the next few days.” “If that is going to last, then I would have Ijezem look into the best way to take care of Isiaboti.”

Edward Crescent Bogandi, Asheibori
“Sir, there are state security agents at the gate. They say they want to see you,” Peter Iningo’s security man announced to him. Peter had been watching the news on the television with delight as his man was sworn in as the new speaker of the house of assembly in Agudugba.
“I wonder what Juliet is up to now,” he muttered.
“Send them in.”

The security man dashed out and flung the gate open. Three vans pulled perilously into Peter Iningo’s large compound. Another security man took them to palatial living room where Peter sat cross-legged on an exquisitely designed couch.
“What can I do for you, young men?” He asked arrogantly.
“You are under arrest for tax evasion and corruption, Mr. Peter Iningo. Whatever you say can and will be used against you in the court of law,” the leader of the group announced to him.
“Are you out of your mind? On whose order?” Peter queried him incredulously.
“On the order of the president, Mr. Roland Obridu and the Czar of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Useni Alikanga.”
“This is preposterous! How dare the president send you here? He is in for trouble. And that man Useni? He will get what he is asking for!” Peter shouted. He was livid.
They quickly handcuffed him and took him to their van.
“Call Maureen immediately,” Peter instructed his chief security officer.
“Tell her what happened. She knows what to do!” He added.

Peter’s security chief swung into action immediately. He called Maureen, Peter’s logistics officer and informed her on what had happened. Then he called Peter’s wife, Faustina, who was in France, supposedly on a business trip at the time. Faustina crawled out of bed, poured herself a glass of wine and returned to her boyfriend, Raymond, a twenty four-year-old young man she had been sleeping with for the past year. She was in the habit of picking up young university students by flashing money at them. They hardly lasted over a year with her. Raymond seemed to have hit the sweet spot with Faustina. She had been unwilling to let him go.

“I wonder what that stupid man has done now,” Faustina said to Raymond who lay naked in bed.
“What happened?” Raymond asked.
“My husband has been arrested by state security operatives on the orders of the president.”
“I am sure he knows how to wriggle out of it. He is a big boy. He knows how to deal with them. Come here,” Raymond beckoned at her.

She drew closer and Raymond who was slightly less than half her age planted a kiss on her lips.
“I guess we have to return home now?” Raymond asked.
“Sadly so my dear. If I don’t go, I would be considered a heinous woman who abandoned her husband in a time of need.”
“I understand. For now, let’s have a great one more night. We can leave tomorrow.”
‘I need to call the travel agency first to rearrange our flight.”
“I will be here waiting for you, my dear,” Raymond replied with a wry smile.

Maureen contacted her people at Katakata television station and passed copies of Michael Ibukunle’s recordings to them.
“I want you to run them now!” She ordered.
“I will pay anything you want. Run the recordings and tell the people what that woman and our governor have been up to!” She added imperiously.

Then, she went on to call Peter’s Lawyer, Barrister Uzana Ibinabo and told him that Peter had been arrested. The wily and tough lawyer went to work immediately to file a suit against the federal government for wrongful arrest of his client. He quickly organized a press conference to take place after Juliet and Abugu’s recordings had swamped the airwaves and the internet.

Business District, Azonto, Agudugba
Almost simultaneously, Alex Uwadighibe was working overtime with his people sharing the same files across the internet and local media in Azonto. He had seen on television that Isiaboti had been sworn in as the speaker of the house and it enraged him.
“Let’s take the battle to Abugu Mabali and Juliet Iningo. Enough is enough. They can no longer run this state as their private property. Send the recordings to the smallest person in the street,” he ordered his men.

Government House, Azonto Agudugba
“What is this? I am asking you, Abugu…what is this?” Mrs. Maria Mabali, Abugu’s wife had stormed into his office with a video of her husband making love to Juliet Iningo playing on her iPhone.
“That can’t be possible!” Abugu shouted in defense.
“With technology these days, anyone can cut and place anyone into any scene. I never did that with Juliet,” he lied.
“And they cut in your voice too? How did they find out what sort of noise you normally make when you are in the bedroom, Abugu? Did they cut and paste that too? That is supposed to be between you and I but obviously, it is not. I have been hearing rumors of the two of you having an affair for years. Now I have a proof. I am filing for a divorce immediately, Abugu,”
“You can’t let a fictitious video fool you Maria.”
“And I can’t let you fool me either, Mr. Governor,” Maria replied.

She leaned closer and slapped him ferociously. Her anger was boiling over. Abugu held his face and then, Maria grabbed her tie and pulled him strongly by the neck. He began to choke.
“Help!!!” Abugu shouted as he tried to wriggle out of Maria’s firm grip.
He managed to break free before his security arrived. They stood between her and his wife.
“Johnson, take her home please,” he instructed his body guard.
“If you come near me or touch me Johnson, I will bite your manhood until you stop breathing,” Maria threatened.

She stormed out of the office and headed for the finance ministry next door. Johnson followed her closely.
“Welcome madam!” Juliet’s secretary said to her.
Maria walked past her without responding. She banged into Juliet’s office, grabbed her by the neck without warning and yanked her to the floor. She pummeled her mercilessly before Johnson could come to her rescue.
“Leave my husband alone!” Maria shouted.
“So you killed your husband for mine? Are you planning to kill him too?” She added.

Juliet was dazed. She had no idea what was happening. Security operatives managed to drag Maria out of the building and the compound. Soon, Juliet sat with Abugu. They had been informed that the videos were swirling around the internet. All local television and radio stations carried them too. A big crowd began to gather outside the government house chanting in anger as they asked Abugu and Juliet to step down. The crowd grew in number by the minute. Some began to throw stones into the government house, forcing military officer to patrol the perimeters of the complex.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Abugu said.
“I thought you took care of that my former staff,” Juliet asked Ijezem.
“Yes, we did but he had sold the videos to other people as well. Besides, Peter Iningo kept his word. The information I am receiving tells me that he had ordered his people to release it after he was arrested,” Ijezem explained.
“I don’t think you should have had him arrested,” Abugu complained, pointing accusing fingers at Juliet.

“What? You supported the idea completely, and now that it has backfired, you want to blame me?” She shot back at him.
“This is not the time to argue. There is a big crowd swirling around the government house and the house of assembly has begun an emergency session to debate whether to impeach you and then remove Mrs. Iningo from office. We have to act now or we are all gone in a matter of moments,” Ijezem reasoned. “Is there anything we can do?” Abugu asked.
“Yes there is. Call the president now and inform him that there are videos of himself and me, which another group in the state has threatened to release in the next half an hour. Should that be released, he too should be out of office in days. So, he should call Isiaboti and make sure he does not go ahead with the impeachment,” Juliet explained.
“What if he doubts that such a tape exists?”
“I have the recording, remember?” Said Juliet.

She left for her office and returned with a recording on a USB stick. “Play this one to him. He will have no alternative than to act. Just tell him that another group that supports you sent this to us,” Juliet explained. Abugu did as she said. Roland Obridu took a deep breath.
“Who is behind this?” He asked.
“We are not fully sure, but we think that Peter Iningo, Alex Uwadighibe and Vincent Elemazu are behind the videos that have been released already, to destroy Juliet and I,” Abugu answered
“I will call you back after I have spoken to Speaker Isiaboti,” the president said.

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Nigeria's leading story blog. killers in faraway London, gave him into digital files, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, local television and radio stations, Mr. Governor,
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