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Nigeria's leading story blog. the Prime Minister of England, offshore account, Limousine, the president of France, impeachment process will be commenced, Killer, snippet of the video.

“I doubt that the driver knows anything. We are better off following them at a distance for now,” Madubene suggested, so they waited in the car. It was about 6:00AM when Madubene and Jariye saw Juliet leave the hotel. They had slept in the car, taking turns to watch the hotel. Juliet’s driver was snoring away when she knocked at the window. He quickly scampered to his feet and opened the door for her. “Good morning madam,” he shouted groggily. “Good morning Leonard,” she replied hastily. She was in no mood for pleasantries. “Take me home right away,” she ordered as she pressed a button that raised a glass demarcation between the back seat of her official Limousine and the front seat. Now, Leonard could no longer hear her. She took her phone and placed a call to the president. “Pleased to hear from you this morning, Juliet. I have been thinking of you. How is your daughter?”

The president was in happy mood. He had jumped out of bed to take Juliet’s call, brushing aside the lady he had brought in to replace her the previous night after she had left. The young lady tossed around and covered herself with a blanket as the president, Roland Obridu walked to the adjoining room. “My daughter is doing better this morning, thanks for your concern. I would like to see you before you leave.” “That would be most wonderful. I planned on leaving in the afternoon, but I will have the presidential jet wait until evening. As soon as the president of France and the Prime Minister of England leave, I will be back at the hotel. Let’s meet there.” “Thanks. I look forward to seeing you,” Juliet replied happily.

Madubene and Jariye followed them at a close distance. She called Abugu next. “So, what is the plan?” Abugu asked. His voice was riddled with worry and concern. “He wants $US10 million wired into his offshore account this morning. He will go public if that is not done my 11:00AM,” Juliet explained. “That is ridiculous!!!” “He has a recording of you and I talking about the money we sent abroad as well. He knows a lot. We have to make that happen right now.” “But we can’t give that greedy pig this sort of money!” Abugu argued. “What choice do you have?” Juliet asked. “I can take care of him,” said Abugu.

“He has the recordings with his agents who will release them to the public if anything happens to him.” Abugu took a deep breath. “And, he wants you to bribe top members of the house of Assembly to have the speaker of the house, Justin Nzeabali impeached and then replaced by Prince Ezekalia Isiaboti.” “That is preposterous!!! Isiaboti is my arch enemy. How can I remove my ally, Nzeabali?” “We have no choice, Abugu.” Juliet hung up and rang Ijezem. “Yes madam,” he answered. “You must not do anything that Abugu asks you to do. This is more complicated than he understands. I will handle it myself.” “Okay madam. I will do as you have said,” Ijezem assured her.

Juliet took a quick shower, changed clothes and dashed to the government house. Abugu grabbed her as soon as he saw her. “I missed you all night,” he said. I want to kill that monster for making you go through that.” She kissed him briefly and pulled away. Her mind was deluged with a flurry of tasks begging to be attended to. “We need to take care of this as soon as we can,” she replied. “I have got things moving already. I have moved around the money from the educational trust fund to an account ready to be wired abroad. Teachers will soon be on our neck for their salaries, but that is not a problem for now. They will have to wait a while for that. You can start your magic on that one right away to have the money deposited in Peter’s account on time. Also, I have siphoned funds away from the ecological trust fund, which I have moved into another account. We are already sending money to members of the house through proxy accounts. They have been summoned to initiate an emergency seating at which the impeachment process will be commenced. I have set aside $US6 million for you to wire into an offshore account in Panama belonging to Prince Ezekalia Isiaboti. I already had a chat with him. Hopefully, we can keep him happy and off our backs.” “Good. You already have things moving. I will take care of all the international transfers.” “I trust you with that!”

Leonard, Juliet driver left the Limousine for a moment. Juliet had told her to wait in the car. Jariye and Madubene had made their way into the government house by disguising as staff of the governor of Luinfaru, Elekeme Akidiki who was actually visiting Agudugba government house that morning. Madubene had quickly designed and printed fake ID cards that allowed them to get through security. They parked their rented Limousine in a corner and watched Leonard from a distance. Leonard had been eyeing Millicent, a beautiful girl who had just started working as a cleaner in the deputy governor’s office. She was across the street attending to her chores. As soon as he sighted her, Leonard walked across the street towards her with a smile on his face. Madubene and Jariye worked quickly and calmly, using all their military experience to open the door to the back seat. Under the seat, they planted a listening device that would record and transmit all discussions in the back seat to them. They managed to finish just as Leonard was working back to the Limousine. They walked briskly yet casually away, with their hearts pounding against their poor ribs.

They entered their rented Limousine and quietly left the government house. As soon as Madubene swerved the big engine of the Limousine out of the gates, a black Land Rover Jeep followed them. Madubene noticed it and kept his eyes on the rear view mirror. “I think we are being followed,” he said. “I think there is more than one of them. I caught glimpse of the person beside the driver in front of us. It is Killer,” Jariye replied. Sandwiched in-between two cars, Madubene was thinking as fast as he could for a way out of the trap. Killer’s driver drove slowly, making sure that the car behind Madubene and Jariye’s stayed close behind them. Then, Madubene saw a hand stick out of the window with a gun. “Bend down!!!!” He shouted. Jariye obliged him instinctively. Gunshots rang out in close succession. Shards of broken glass rained down on them. Madubene placed his foot on the accelerator and thrusted the engine into full speed.

The Limousine ploughed into the Jeep ahead of them. Killer’s driver swerved to the left in attempt to escape the raging Limousine behind them. Killer turned towards them and released some shots. Madubene could not see where he was going. Afraid of being hit by flying bullets, he remained bent as he propelled the car forward, to nowhere in particular. While still bending down, Jariye shot at Killer and his driver. He pulled the trigger without looking where he was shooting. Miraculously, he hit Killer in the neck. Blood spewed out of his neck onto the driver who lost his bearing. He swerved off the road and rammed into a tree. Madubene hit a car that was parked on the street. He and Jariye scrambled to their feet, and sped into a nearby building. More gunshots rang out from the car behind them. Once inside the building, they searched for an exit. People ran in all directions yelling feverishly. Madubene and Jariye found an exit door to the back of the building. They cracked it open, jumped over the fence behind the building and ran along the street as fast as they could.

“I have found out who made the videos, madam,” Ijezem announced. “Who was it?” Juliet asked elatedly. She was getting ready to head off to the hotel to see the president. “It was Mr. Michael Ibukunle.” “How do you know,” she asked. “I have been looking into all your staff. I found out that Mr. Ibukunle resigned some months ago, and now he is living in London, England with his wife.” “Really?” “Yes. I wondered how he raised the money to move to England in so short a time.

“I have sources in banks, so I used them all. I found out that he had received payments running into millions of Shillings over the past few months from some people that don’t actually exist. I think Peter Iningo paid him for the recordings, and he and his wife relocated to England with their new-found wealth. Also, I found out that his wife worked at KPMG at the same time you were there. You reported her for not doing her job well and pressed hard enough to have her fired. Mr. Ibunkule has been after you ever since then.” Juliet sat back without uttering a word. “I remember her now,” she finally said after a long spell of silence. “I too do not forget that easily. Do you have any contacts in London?” “Yes,” Ijezem answered. “Good. I don’t care what it takes. Find him and kill him. Wipe his wife and children. Make them pay for the mess they have created here. Pay whatever it takes to take them out!!!” “I will do that madam.”

“Isabell, I thought it was time I came to see you,” Chief Alex Uwadighibe said. “I am quite surprised to see you in my office, Chief,” Isabell replied. “Do you want a manicure or perhaps a pedicure?” She asked him, jokingly. He smiled, looked around the shop and asked, “Can I sit down?” “Sure.” “I don’t have much time. Could you please close the office so we can talk in private?” “Isabell closed the door and returned to her seat. “Well, I will go straight to the matter. I understand that you are after your mother for taking your dear father’s life. I can help you bring her down.” Isabell sat motionless, unable to gather her thoughts. She wondered what Uwadighibe knew. “I have no clue what you are talking about,” she replied. “Stop playing games. I understand you have hired Barrister Jariye Adighibon, an investigative lawyer to look into your father’s murder. I also know that you and the lawyer are zeroing in on your mother and her boyfriend, Abugu Mabali; the governor of Agudugba.

“I too think that they killed your father in manner and fashion that threw suspicion at myself and Chief Elemazu. I know your mother is sleeping with him. I have known for a long time now. I know they are funneling money abroad. I have video evidence that can nail them. I want you to work with me. Let’s bring them both down.” He leaned over and stared Isabell in the eye. “I know you want the same thing. Stop pretending. Your mother is evil. Join forces with me. We can bring them down and take over the state.” “I have no interest in politics. I just want to find out who killed my father,” she answered cautiously. “Well, I can help you get what you want, if you will help me get mine. I want to annex power in this State, while you want to find your father’s killer. Look at this recording. It is only a snippet of the real thing. If you feel convinced after watching it, then give me a call. My number is at the back of the card in that CD case.” He tossed the case at her, rose to his feet and left the office.

Isabell quickly watched the video. She was appalled to see her mother making love with Abugu. Towards the end of the video, which was edited down to less than a minute, she saw her mother discussing money with Abugu. It was part of the same video that Michael Ibukunle had sold to Peter Iningo. He had sold the same recordings to Uwadighibe as well. Isabell made spare copies of the short recordings. She called Jariye and left him a message saying she had something of interest. Then, she rang her mother up. “I can’t see you tonight, Isa. I have some business to attend to,” Juliet said after Isabell had asked to meet with her for dinner. “It is very important, mom. This is the story of you and I. You never have time for me. I don’t care what business you have. I must see you tonight. I have evidence that you have been sleeping with the governor. You have some explaining to do!!! See me tonight or you will have this video on air by morning,” Isabell threatened.

Juliet felt a knot in her intestine. She closed her eyes in sheer pain. She wished she could place her hand around Ibukunle’s neck and squeeze life out of him. “I will see you after lunch, my dear,” she answered in a subdued manner. She was riding to the hotel to see the president. She wondered who else had the video. Uwadighibe had deliberately left a snippet of the video with Isabell. He had known her long enough to know that she would emotionally confront her mother. About the same time Isabell was threatening her mother, Uwadighibe was riding to one of his houses in Azonto to spend the night with Helen, who had been extracting information from Isabell’s phone for him.

“Killer!!!” The driver yelled. Blood gushed out of his mouth while his eyes stared blankly at his driver and lifelong friend and partner in crime, Okirima. Okirima looked around in fear. He knew it was only a matter of time before the police arrived. He dug into Killer’s pockets and took anything that may identify him easily to the police. The other two men in the other jeep stopped and Okirima jumped in. They sped off, screeching down the street like daredevils.
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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: DIRTY POLITICS - Episode 14
Nigeria's leading story blog. the Prime Minister of England, offshore account, Limousine, the president of France, impeachment process will be commenced, Killer, snippet of the video.
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