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While Shepherd worked to know if the phones were secure to be used for calls without being picked up by the Elite, Kate and Eve hit t...

While Shepherd worked to know if the phones were secure to be used for calls without being picked up by the Elite, Kate and Eve hit the streets wearing masks to give themselves a real chance of not being spotted by agents who crouched in street corners looking for them. The bad news for them was that they had no money to buy the things they needed; they would have to steal them. To be caught doing that, would be as bad as being caught by the Elite, so they had to patiently find the right shops to lift the things they needed. Back in their hiding place, while Shepherd worked on the phones, he found a way to send hidden messages to some agents of the Elite and make it seem like the message was from the lords of the Elite. He was so excited that he broke the news to his colleagues and could not wait for Kate and Eve to return to hear of what he had stumbled upon. “We don’t have to do the fighting by ourselves, with access to this communication channel, we can send out messages to the agents of the Elite to do our jobs for us!” announced Shepherd excitedly. “What makes you think they will believe your messages? There is no way they won’t run the messages by their superiors,” Martin Douglas observed. He was actually hoping that Shepherd was right about what he found. That would mean that they could bring down the Elite quicker and far more efficiently than they had imagined.

“What I just cracked is a secure and secret communication channel used by the Elite to pass classified information. Anything that passes through it is believed to be authentic. The hierarchy of the Elite does not pass just any information through this channel. Only information of great value, which they don’t want others to know about are sent through this channel,” Shepherd explained further. “What information is on the channel right now?” asked Dr. Brown. “There are quite a few information on the channel right now; hold on let me check if there is something about us on the channel.” Shepherd began to search through the channel, careful not to do anything wrong and give the Elite any reason to think there had been an unauthorized access to the channel. All of them crowded around Shepherd to see the pieces of information from the channel which were displaying on the laptop screen. All of them echoed in shock when they saw their faces with the message that they all were wanted by the Elite dead or alive.

The room was momentarily silent as they all looked at the laptop screen in utter shock. Dr. Brown kept staring at the names until she found out that a name was missing. Shepherd’s name was not on the list. She had to make known her observation to the rest, “Hold on guys, why is Shepherd’s name not on the list?” All of them went through the names once more and then turned to look at Shepherd unbelievably. “Who are you Shepherd?” asked Dr. Brown as she regarded him suspiciously. The two men from Stan Livermore pulled their guns and pointed them at Shepherd. Martin had to jump to his feet and stood between the men and Shepherd. “I know shepherd! I began this campaign against the Elite long before any of you joined us. I can assure you he is no mole of the Elite. Has he not taken a bullet for his believe that the Elite should be destroyed? Lower your guns!” The two men did not lower their guns, though no one else pulled out his or her gun, their hands rested on their gun. Shepherd who was happy over what he found could not believe it that his team members actually thought he was working for the Elite.

While guns were being pointed at him, Kate and Even entered the house and wondered why guns were being pointed at Shepherd. “What is going on here?” asked Kate and Eve simultaneously. “It seems we have a mole amongst us,” replied the two men from Stan Livermore. Both Kate and Eve reached for their guns and pointed them at Shepherd, before asking, “Why do you think he is a mole for the Elite?” “There is a message from the Elite on a secure channel he found, asking for us all to be brought in dead or alive, Shepherd’s name is not on it,” replied one of Stan Livermore’s men. Kate and her cousin moved closer to the laptop, still holding unto their guns. Squatting closer to the laptop, Kate and Eve looked at the channel and the messages on it. Turning with her eyes wide open with absolute shock, Kate looked at Shepherd and asked, “How on earth did you get on this channel? You are not supposed to even know about it. Who are you?” By now Shepherd was shaking and trying hard to breathe. “I found it while looking at the secure communication channels through which the Elite track and communicate with those outside. Using the same code I used in Bolivia, I gained access to it. I am not…a mole!”

All of them were looking at Kate to know what she would do. Kate was thinking deeply. “It doesn’t add up. From San Miguel El Salvador to La Paz Bolivia, where you took a bullet and almost died, you did not betray us for once. You have been fighting without holding back from the moment I met you in New Jersey till now. You are not a mole Shepherd, but who are you?” “I am a computer geek who had been arrested several times for exposing the Elite, the police and the CIA over the secrets they hide from us all. I told you from the beginning, I can hack any computer system but you did not believe. Now you can see what I mean. Believe me, I am not a mole.” Turning to the others Kate lowered her gun and said, “Shepherd is not a mole, but what he is I can’t explain right now. It doesn’t make sense for him to be a mole amongst us and yet the Elite can’t find us or predict our mission. It is even more absurd when you consider the fact that he is our IT guy. He is not a mole, believe me. Maybe we underestimated what he can do.” With those words from Kate, there was a palpable sigh of relief amongst them. “But why is his name not on the list?” asked Dr. Brown. “That we will find out before all this is over,” replied Kate.

Shepherd stood up, happy that he was still alive. Martin went over to him and said, “I could not have been able to bear losing you after I lost my wife and daughter.” “It felt good watching you defend me.” Their momentary banter was cut short with Kate announcing to them the things they could do with the channel Shepherd found, “Technically, our battle with the Elite is over, with this channel we can bring them down in a day!” “I have already told them that. I can send messages through that channel to the agents of the Elite to hit their top lords and they would do it without asking questions. The Elite won’t see us coming.” Kate hugged Shepherd firmly and he winced in pain; his gun wounds had not healed properly. Looking into his eyes, Kate said, “I am very sorry for not believing you are this good. You have saved us all.” “You are welcome. When do you want me to signal for a hit on the top leaders of the Elite?” “Do it now! Put Frederick Edward as number one on the list.” “How many do you want us to take down now?” “All of them. If we try to do it in batches they might found out we have breached their security.” “No, Kate that will look suspicious. We have to do it in batches.” “Don’t worry Shepherd; I know how to do that all at once. We can send the names to different field units of the Elite. In days, there will be blood bath in the Elite.” “That won’t be as easy as you make it sound, we will need codes to send the messages to the different field units without the field units knowing the information their colleagues got.”

“I have the codes; don’t forget I worked for the Elite.” Handing Shepherd a flash drive Kate said, “Here is the list of the lords of the Elites, the field units, their leaders and codes. Make it happen.” They all were happy and could not wait to see how the hits would go down. Killing all the lords of the Elite won’t stop or destroy the Elite, but it would give Kate and her team time to disappear and make it hard to be found like Stan Livermore did. Picking one of the phones, Kate asked Shepherd who was already working on his laptop with a wry smile on his face, “How are the phones? Can I make calls now?” “Yes you can,” answered Shepherd. Beside him, Eve, Martin and the others sat to watch him give the command in hidden messages that would go down in history as the biggest attack on the Elite.”

A little further away from them, Kate placed a call to Anita Mikhail to know if she had moved Melinda out of the United States. The answer from Anita gladdened her heart. Anita and Melinda were already in Ukraine. Kate called Damita and asked, “Where are you all now?” “Jordan, we arrived here yesterday.” “Great! We have found a way to hit the Elite in what will become the bloodiest attack against them. In a few weeks we all will meet in Jordan. When we see, we will explain all to you. Can I speak with Alejandro?” “Yes, hold on for him.” There was a moment of silence as Kate waited for Alejandro to come on line. “Hello Kate! How are you?” “I am good. I few hours ago, I was not sure I will be able to see your face again; but now I will see you soon. Today we will take the Elite apart in the most blood-curdling attack against them. In a few days’ time, they won’t know what hit them.” “I am glad to hear your voice Kate. I heard you have found your parents, how are they?” “They are fine. Alejandro, there is something I want to tell you.” “What is it?” “I love you Ale (short for Alejandro). I know going by the things I have done, someone like you should have nothing to do with someone like me...” “Kate, if you had not told me you do, I would have told you I do love you a lot. I have been waiting for all this to end to tell you. I have already told my siblings and my mother.” “Have you?” “Yes. I love you Kate and will never judge you by the things you did in the past.” With tears flowing from her eyes, Kate said, “Thank you Ale.” While Kate wiped tears from her eyes, Shepherd tapped her on the shoulder and said, “It is done. This is the time to run. Where are we going?”

Kate turned and saw all her team mates were already packed. “We need to get you and Martin given adequate medical treatment before we leave. Once the field units begin to strike, the Elite will come after us with governmental agents, Interpol and every power there is.” Turning toward Dr. Brown she continued, “You have the drugs you need, can you patch these guys up? It is going to be harder from tomorrow. We are all heading to Jordan and we are not going to use the normal route.”
Three weeks later, Kate, her team, Parents and Stan Livermore were in Jordan. The world had been stunned by the news of the attacks on the leaders of the Elite. Kate and her team had used the system built by the Elite to slaughter their leaders in gruesome manners. The leadership which took over from the slaughtered men and women did not waste time to go after Kate and her team. However finding them was another matter. Kate did not care if she and her team were found or not; her most hated lord of the Elite, Frederick Edward, was dead and that was what mattered most to her. Like the rest his head was removed while he slept in his house. Not even all his voodoo, could keep him from the agents who came for him. However, against what was believed by many, Shepherd’s father was alive and was a middle cadre leader in the Elite. He was the one who removed his son’s name from the list. It was his way of telling Shepherd that he was alive and had come to see things with him that the Elite was indeed an evil group. Shepherd reciprocated his favour by removing his name from those who were hit. He was hoping to reach out to him at some point. He was too afraid to tell his team members; they would not believe him.

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Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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