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“I am deeply and sincerely sorry, Chidozie. Please forgive me. I did not intend to keep things from you. I am not proud to say this,...

“I am deeply and sincerely sorry, Chidozie. Please forgive me. I did not intend to keep things from you. I am not proud to say this, but…” Wendy paused. Tears rained down her face. She was on her knees in front of Chidozie, groveling like a beggar desperately begging for succor in the street. “I don’t know what Donald told you but I want you to know that I fell for your cousin and he shattered my heart to pieces. He broke me to a point where every ounce of emotion, love and passion that was in me was ruthlessly crushed into a heap of ash. It was before I met you. I will never cheat on you. I am completely faithful to you. If only there was a zipper on my heart, I would unzip my soul so that you could see the amount of love and adulation I have for you. Maybe I don’t say it well enough…I am afraid to do so because of…because of what your cousin did to me. Please don’t leave me. I love you very deeply. I can’t take it if you leave me, Chidozie,” Wendy pleaded frantically with him.

Her heart was beating ferociously against her rib cage. A dense streak of mucus dropped lazily from her nostrils. She reached for her nose and wiped it with her hands. Her eyes stared pleadingly at him. Chidozie looked down on her. He reached for her, lifted her off her feet and surprisingly planted his lips on hers. He could hear and feel the drumming of her heart. It was like a boisterous village drumming festival, releasing ebullient beats with ‘incandescent energy’. Her legs and hands shook. Her whole body quivered. Her lips could hardly stay still; they prodded and reached anxiously for his. Chidozie could feel the depth of her love for him. He pulled back slightly and stared at her. Her eyes stared back at him… piercingly. “You love me that much?” He asked. “I love you more than words can explain,” Wendy answered eagerly. “I can feel it in your heart; your eyes and your mouth. I am not sure anyone has ever loved me this much. I want you to know that I love you immensely, Wendy.” He paused and wiped her tears. Then, he pulled her closer and soon, the two of them fell into the couch behind him. Wendy was still quivering feverishly.

“I believe you Wendy. I wish you had told me about it, but that is not the sort of thing you go talking about with ease. However, I want no secrets between us. If you love me as much as I can see that you do, then you should be able to tell me anything. Nothing will shift my love for you. I have given my heart completely to you. It does not matter to me what transpired earlier between you and Donald in the past. What matters now is that you are here with me – you and I love each other very much. Together, we can conquer whatever life throws at us. We have to trust each other to be able to do that starting with complete honesty and openness with each other. It was not Donald that told me about it, by the way.” “Really? Who?” “It was a girl that called me unless he asked some girl to make the call for him.” Wendy wondered who it was. Her thoughts drifted to Enem. Could she have engineered all this? She thought. No, it has got to be Donald, she concluded, quickly dispelling the idea that Enem may be involved. “Lord, thank you for granting Chidozie the understanding to see my point,” she muttered to herself with her eyes closed. Chidozie was stroking her hair while watching TV as her head rested peacefully on his laps. A tidal wave of relief swept through her. She nearly fainted when Chidozie called to say that he knew of her relationship with Donald. She had quickly gone to his apartment to resolve the matter.

“Please be honest with me, Enem. Did you by any chance extract Chidozie’s phone number from my phone? Did you tell him that I had dated Donald and that I was still having an affair with him?” Wendy asked Enem the next day. “No, I did not. Why would I do a thing like that? You know I am genuinely happy for you!!!” Enem protested. “Someone told Chidozie. All I can say is that God worked things out by Himself. Now I know how much he loves me.” “He is fine with that?” “Yes. He understands that it was before I met him. I told him everything.” “Including the pictures?” “No, I did not. I am going to destroy the pictures. Donald can do whatever he wants with his life. God has given me a loving man. I should not hold onto those pictures anymore.” Enem looked intently at Wendy. “Someday, I want to have what you have. I can see the look in your eyes right now. You are a changed person. Love can really change one’s perspective on life,” Enem replied. “You are right; it does.” “So, was it Donald that told Chidozie about you two? Why did you think it could have been me?” “He said it was a girl who called him.”

“I told Chinwe about your burgeoning love with Chidozie. Do you think she could have done a thing like that?” Wendy said nothing for a moment. She was clearly in a deep thought. “When did you tell her about us?” “A few days ago. The day after you shared about you and Chidozie with me.” Wendy looked up at the ceiling again. She recalled that Chinwe had held her phone while she ran across the street to fetch a drink for her. “Why did she visit me out of the blues? It had been ages since she last checked in on me, and within hours after you had told her about Chidozie and I, she was in my room.” “She visited you?” “And she held my phone while I ran around to buy her a drink.” Enem held a hand over her mouth in utter shock.

Maureen walked into the hallway and then descended the stairs as she headed into the open. It had been a very hot and humid day. She wanted to catch some fresh air. The power company had struck as they often did, leaving the most of the city of Enugu in darkness and sweltering heat. She walked along the street until she found a seat at the intersection between Mbonu Ojike and Mbadiwe Halls. A cool breeze blew gently by, caressing her with much needed gentility. “Hello,” a voice she recognized very well said from behind. She turned and looked angrily at Donald. “What are you doing here?” She queried him. “I…I just wanted to say hi.” “Hello then and carry on. Please I don’t need you to ruin this moment for me. I did not do so well in the quiz on contract law today. All I want is to sit here and soak in this evening breeze. Please leave me alone, Donald.” He stared imploringly at her. “Okay, I will leave you alone.” As he turned to leave, Enem and Wendy emerged. They were walking briskly by. Donald stopped and looked at them as did Maureen.

“You two are walking like soldiers on a mission. I hope we are safe?” Maureen asked. “We are looking for Chinwe. She is an evil girl,” Enem answered quickly. “Whose boyfriend did she sleep with this time?” Maureen teased. “It is worse than that!” Enem replied ebulliently. Wendy and Donald said noting to each other. Donald avoided eye contact with her. He turned away and began to walk in the opposite direction. “Donald, can I say something to you?” Wendy asked. He stopped and looked at her. “What do you want to say to him? The guy is a loser and a very bad one for that matter. Let’s go and find that evil Chinwe. I will rip her hair off today,” Enem continued to pout and puff. “No, I really have to say this. You should listen too, Maureen,” Wendy insisted. “I was in a very bad position yesterday but somehow God worked it out for me. First of all, I would like to ask you Donald…Did you say anything about you and I to Chidozie?” “Of course not. I would never do that,” he answered calmly.

“What is this all about? Is he sleeping with another girl?” Maureen asked. “No he is not,” said Wendy. “I think Donald truly loves you Maureen. Like I said, two days ago I wanted to see him suffer, but somethings happen to you and you realized how precious life is. I know deep down you love him but you are still disgusted by what he did, and rightly so. Take your time to recover from the pain and the shock, but if you find out that you still love him, why don’t you give him a chance…if he decides to clean up his acts. Love is such a precious thing…I think you two still have feelings for each other. Make time to talk to each other. Try to work things out. Donald was horrible to you...and me…and Enem and Chinwe too. In the end, people can change. Ten years from now, you would look back and realize how precious this moment is. If you still love each other…do something about it. And you Donald, you must confess your terrible acts to her and start afresh…and never do them again,” Wendy warned. Donald looked at Maureen who stared back at him. A slender stretch of tears began to journey down Maureen’s face as emotions she had been trying to put to rest came storming back. “I am very sorry!!!” Donald said. “I am genuinely sorry. I am not even worthy to ask you to consider me, but please listen to Wendy. Ten years from now, we may regret it if…if we left this moment go by without making an effort to fix what went wrong between us, which was largely me.”

Donald slowly walked closer to her. Maureen looked bemused. All she could do was cry. She still loved him, but his actions were staring back at her as though they had happened last night. “Let’s just take some time to talk and explore, Maureen. Let’s take things one day at a time,” Donald pleaded. Carefully, he reached out and touched her arm. Then, he sat beside her and placed his arm on hers. “Let’s leave,” said Wendy. She and Enem headed down the street. “I will see you two soon,” Wendy said as they walked away. “Tell me everything. I want to know everything that you did behind my back. I don’t want any more chilling surprises. Who else have you consorted with? Especially the ones that I know?” “I will tell you everything. Please remember that it is all in the past now.” “I know, but I need to be in the loop. If I decide to date you, I don’t want to be walking along the street with you while another girl is laughing at me or planning to murder me.” “Well, there is one more apart from the ones that you already know.” “Who is it?” “It is…it is…it is…” Donald choked on his words. “It is who?” “It is your best friend Foluke.” “What?” “It was before I even met you or any of the other girls. We got registered in the department the same day and…” “And you jumped into bed with her right away?” “It was not like that.” “I can’t believe my ears. Foluke of all people?” Maureen asked. “I don’t think I can do this, Donald.”

Wendy decided to use psychology on Chinwe. “So you thought you could get away with this? You did not realize that even when you hide your number to make a call, your number can still be traced?” she asked. Fear quickly crept into Chinwe’s eyes. “What are you talking about?” She asked, pretending to be unaware of what Wendy was referring to. “We already know it was you, so stop pretending Chinwe,” Enem said aggressively. She was bouncing around in anger, ready to throw a punch or two. “You are evil!!! You wanted to destroy my relationship. For what?” Wendy probed. “Is it Wendy’s fault that Donald would not take you after everything?” Enem fired at her. “You told Chidozie about Wendy and Donald to destroy her relationship. It did not work out for you. Love is thicker than lies and empty words. The guy loves Wendy very much, so your evil scheme did not work!!!” Enem continued. “And we are filing a police report against you. We have evidence that you actually went through my phone without my consent. You attempted to blackmail me. That is a serious offence, as I am sure you already know as a law student,” Wendy added. “And so what? What makes you think you are the most important girl in the world? You throw your weight around as if you owned everyone. You did it with Donald and now you want to be happy? After you destroyed my relationship with him?” “Donald was a loose cannon at the time. He did not love any of us, idiot!!!” Enem shouted. “Except Maureen,” added Wendy. “Mind you, I got Donald’s naked pictures and yours too from your phone,” Chinwe said disturbingly. “I sent them from your phone to mine via WhatsApp. If you talk to the police or anyone else, I will release them to the public,” Chinwe continued. “We‘ll soon find out what your lover boy, Chidozie says when he sees the pictures!!!”

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