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“I don’t even know what I am doing here,” Maureen said. “I am leaving. I am not sure Donald is in there.” “I agree with you,” Chinwe r...

“I don’t even know what I am doing here,” Maureen said. “I am leaving. I am not sure Donald is in there.” “I agree with you,” Chinwe responded. “There is no way anyone would be in there and not hear me knock this long.” Ibezim’s door flew open. “Hi, you are still here,” he said referring to Maureen. “Yes. It appears Donald is not back yet,” she answered. “I think so. I have not seen him all day.” “Well, when you do see him, please let him know that Maureen came calling at his door.” “I will do just that.” “Tell him also that Chinwe was here,” Chinwe added. “Yes I will.” Both girls walked out of the hostel and veered right towards the female hostels. “Well, it does not really matter since you don’t feel anything for him,” said Chinwe. “It does not matter to me. He can do whatever he wants with his life,” Maureen said with a dry smile on her face. Deep down inside, she was boiling. “Well, I am not willing to go home yet. I am going to ride out this storm. I am hanging out here to wait for him. I am pretty sure he is in his room with another girl, and I think I know who it is,” Chinwe said. Maureen looked bemused. She did not know how to respond. A part of her wanted to find out what Donald was truly up to, but staying back would give away her feeling for Donald, which she was desperately trying to mask.

“Hi girls!!!” A recognizable voice said to them. It was Wendy. She appeared from behind the shrubs where she had been lurking. “Hello Wendy,” they said in unison. “It looks like you two are busy worrying over Donald. Well, if you must know, he is in his room right now. He must be getting ready to quickly stow Enem out of his room. If any of you is in love with that guy, just forget him,” Wendy said matter-of-factly. “How do you know that?” Chinwe asked. “Because I saw Enem enter his room and she has not left yet. I wonder if they are busy watching TV or studying hard in his room all this while,” Wendy said sarcastically. “You are not saying anything and from the look on your face, you have fallen for him, haven’t you,” Wendy said pointing at Maureen. “Oh no, I am not in love with him,” she said snappily. Her voice was croaky. She could not fully mask her pain and disappointment. “If you say so, but I recommend you hang on to see who he really is for yourself in case you ever fall in love with him. Tomorrow, he might come to you to tell you he was not home. I suggest you hang around and see things for yourself.” Wendy suggested.

As if on cue, Donald emerged from his room and walked down the hallway with Enem. “I have to return to my room now,” Donald said. He wanted to go back to his room, get dressed and head to Maureen’s hostel. “You won’t even walk me down the road? Is that fair? I spent the entire afternoon and evening with you and you just want to drop me off like that?” Enem asked angrily. “I did not mean it like that dear. I am sorry. Of course I am more than happy to walk you down the road,” Donald lied. He wished he could get rid of her quicker. They both descended down the hill after turning right from the hostel. Enem held on to him like a toddler to her mother. “I had such a wonderful day honey,” Enem said. Her voice was slightly loud. “Me too,” Donald said in a lower tone. “We should hang out more often Donald. You have been paying less and less attention to me of late. I hope you are not serious about Maureen?” “Of course I am not! She is only a friend,” he replied. Wendy, Chinwe and Maureen could hear them very well from their hiding spot. Maureen wished she had a gun. She wanted to blast his brains off from behind. She felt her intestines knot painfully.

“What about Chinwe?” Enem asked. “Chinwe is a desperado, and you know that. I feel nothing for her.” Chinwe began to open her mouth to yell insults at Donald but Wendy placed a hand over her mouth. “Don’t.” she whispered. “You want to look him in the eye tomorrow and see what fabricated stories he has to tell you. Don’t give away your shots now…save them for later,” Wendy suggested. Chinwe was breathing heavily as anger shot through her veins like a rocket on its way to space. “So it is just you and me?” “Yes Enii baby, it will always be you and me.” Enem pulled him closer to herself. They were under a tree and the spot was poorly illuminated. She kissed him so hard as though her life depended on it. “I love you so much Donyy,” she said when their lips finally parted. “And I love you too Enii baby.” “I love it when you call me that,” she said, smiling childishly. “I will say that to you every day then,” Donald promised. “Awww!! You are so sweet.” “And you are even sweeter,” Donald lied. Shortly afterwards, Enem headed to her hostel while Donald walked quickly back to his room. Ibezim knocked on his door. He was dressing up briskly as he opened the door. “Men, what happened today? You should tell me the type of charm you use to snag these girls like a fisherman,” he teased.

“Boy, it was a real mess today,” Donald answered. “How do you mean. You were inside with some girl all day. How can that be a mess?” “Well, the one I really wanted was the one you spoke to at first. I have been chasing her for weeks now and she has been playing hard to get, and the day she walks into my hostel and knocks on my door, the one I have been trying to drop off was already in bed with me.” “Maybe you should not have been in bed with her if you meant to drop her.” “You know how it goes sometimes. She was looking sultry in that dress that I could not keep myself from jumping in the sac with her.” “Well, that was your choice. Men, I wish I could hook them in their numbers like you.” “Boy, I wish I had spent the whole day with Maureen and not Enem. Maureen is so hot!!” “I saw her. She was a tight fitting jean and a red top. She was smoking hot,” said Ibezim. “I am going to her hostel now. I have to see her. I will tell her that you informed me on my return that she was here.” “Man, you have not recovered from being with one all day and you are after another one.” “I need Maureen Ibezim. She is the one I am really angling for.”

“Well, girls, you have seen things for yourselves. Tomorrow, he will walk up to you with lies. You know better. It is up to you what you do with what you know about him. I don’t really blame Enem after all. Donald is the one who can’t resist anything in skirt,” Wendy rationalized. “I have to go now,” Maureen said. She could take it no more. She was on the verge of tears at this point. “It’s okay Maureen,” said Wendy. “You don’t have to pretend about it. We all fell for him at some point. It does not mean you are a fool. He presented a different fa├žade to you from his real personality. But now, you know better. He is not worth the pain. Forget him and carry on with your life,” Wendy encouraged her. She turned and left as balls of tears descended her face. She walked as fast as she could. She craved the comfort of her pillow and bed. “I guess I have to leave too. Poor Maureen. She was pretending, but she fell for him big time,” Wendy pointed out as she began to leave as well. “I am going to kill that idiot,” Chinwe threatened heading towards Donald’s room. “If I were you, I would use my head Chinwe. You like the guy far too much and he is a real charmer. I bet if you walk in there now, you’d probably end up in bed with him. Let the storms settle then you will deal with him maturely,” Wendy advised her. “No, I want to kill him now.”

Chinwe walked briskly to Donald’s hostel. She walked straight to his room. Donald was about to leave when she go there. Ibezim was just entering his room. He smiled at Donald as soon as he saw Chinwe walking towards them. “Chii baby,” Donald said. “Who is your Chii baby?” She asked him in a caustic tone. “What is the problem Chiichii?” “You are the problem Donald. You lie to every girl you meet. I am a desperado right?” “Where is that coming from? Come inside.” Chinwe followed him into his room. “I was out there. I heard you call me a desperado. I saw you kissing Enem. I knew you were sleeping with her, but seeing you and her just like that was like a sword to my chest. Why do you do this Donald?” “I am sorry Chiichii. It was the devil. I never meant to do it, but Enem seduced me. You should have seen how she was dressed. You know, I am a man, I fell for her.” “Because you are a man, you jump into bed with every girl that flashes herself at you? Can’t you hold yourself? How am I supposed to have a relationship with you?” Chinwe found herself crying. Donald walked over and wrapped his arms around her. “Let go of me!!!” She yelled, pushing him away.

Her nostrils were filled with the fragrance of his perfume, Acqua Di Gio. As she pushed him away, she craved him almost at the same time. His muscles bulged boldly under his short sleeves. He still managed a smile on his face…a smile that left her mesmerized. “I am sorry Chiichii. I am really sorry. I was just being nice to Enem when I said that. You know she has a low self-esteem, so I said that to make her feel good about herself.” “You had to call me a desperado to make her feel good?” “I am sorry baby,” Donald pleaded. He came back towards her again. The power of Acqua Di Gio caressed her senses and filled her brain with a lure that she could not resist. Again, he wrapped his arms around her. She resisted weakly for a moment and gave in. Soon, they were both in bed.

“You were fantastic!” Wendy said to Enem. “You did a great job. Both Chinwe and Maureen heard everything. Maureen is shattered,” Wendy said to Enem. They were both in Enem’s room. “But you said Chinwe went back to his room?” ‘Yes she did, but Chinwe is the little fry. Donald will use her and dump her soon. It is only a matter of time before he tells her to get off his back. He will be planning to do the same thing to you too as he did to me. But, we have him where we want him. He can’t have Maureen. She was the target and we succeeded. You pulled it off Enem. He thinks he is smart, but we are smarter. Also, it is awesome that Chinwe went back there. At least she will keep him from seeing Maureen tonight in her vulnerable state,” Wendy explained. “You are very correct Wendy. You are a genius. How do you see these things ahead of time and plan them so well?” “You can do anything you want if you use your head, girl. Donald thinks he can do whatever he wants because he is good looking with a sweet tongue that sends every girl into cloud nine. We are smarter girl.” She gave Enem a ‘high five’.

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