HA'KAMARA - Episode 14

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The feat of taking out all the British men and women inside the building which they invaded got them intoxicated and they surged out fo...

The feat of taking out all the British men and women inside the building which they invaded got them intoxicated and they surged out for the other buildings. Like ants the warriors of Ubukwu lands ran in every direction, wielding their machetes and taking heads off in breathtaking fashion. The British Calvary led by Adam Cox knew they had to make a brave stand or they would all perish; and a brave stand they made that morning. Not only did they blow to bits the warriors of Ubukwu lands, they also withstood and fenced them off with their swords. When the British firepower became too much for the army led by Ha’Kamara, she rallied them to retreat because they were losing warriors in large numbers. The warriors of Ubukwu lands were pleased with their feat that morning. Though they lost a lot of men, they were however proud of the number of white people they slaughtered. They held their shoulders high as they retreated. They were happy they had sent the right message to the white man that in spite of his firepower, they would attack him until the last of the white people on their lands were killed.

Wute’s blade was not only covered with blood, but his entire body was soaked in blood. Neither he nor any warrior amongst the fighting men of Ubukwu lands could count how many white soldiers he killed before Ha’Kamara called them off. While they gloated nobody bothered to look for Zaya; to them she was a killing machine and could look after herself. Ha’Kamara found out that Zaya was missing only when she wanted to consult with her about how to force Adam Cox and his soldiers out of the block buildings which provided them with good protection. Ha’Kamara was alarmed when she could not find her and so told the warriors to look for her amongst the dead. In frenzy the warriors of Azara ran through corpse strewn fields of Selay looking for their heroin, Zaya, and yet no sign of her was found. If Wute was mad earlier over what was done to Zaya, this time her unexplained absence amongst the warriors of Ubkwu lands snapped his mind. To restrain him, he had to be tied hands and feet.

In the midst of the confusion over Zaya’s whereabouts, the warriors from Bodgi, Zarafi and the River people arrived. They did not only swell the number of warriors out to see the end of slavery and the dominance of the white man in their lands, they brought with them the full strength of Ha’Kamara’s power. Their entrance into Selay caused the ground to crack open and dark mist began to belch from them. Ha’Kamara on her part fell to the ground and stopped breathing. Not a soul amongst the warriors could explain why the child collapsed. The unexplained whereabouts of Zaya and Ha’Kamara’s sudden collapse ripped holes in the confidence of the warriors of Ubukwu lands and they wondered hopelessly how they could take on the white man without the advantage which Ha’Kamara provided and the fear which Zaya instilled in their enemy.

To give the white man the impression that all was well, Samba, Inya and Nta’ko met and decided to send the warriors of Bodgi, Zarafi and the River people to the front. They were told not to engage the white man but to give the impression that they were about to attack the white man at any moment. While the warriors of Bodgi, Zarafi and the River people displayed their dreaded voodoo to intimidate the white man, Ha’Kamara began to convulse. Samba was troubled and did all he could to stabilize Ha’Kamara. While he was at it, Nta’ko and some men roamed Selay in search of Zaya. As the day wore down, the only hope left for the warriors of Ubukwu lands was the magic spells of the Bodgi tribe, Zarafi and the River people. In full glare of white men and women what watched from the cracks and crevices of the block buildings they holed themselves in, the warriors of the three tribes made themselves to disappear and their machetes to move and slash the air without any human hands holding them. Without being told, Adam Cox knew that the last batch of warriors to arrive were far more dangerous than the ones he had been fighting all along. He knew he had to find a way to out-smart the warriors who sought to spill his blood and those of the people under his protection; so he called a meeting yet again to deliberate how they would achieve that herculean task.

While Adam Cox and his men deliberated, a woman stirred from amongst the pile of dead bodies on the ground and headed to where Ha’Kamara was being attended to. When she drew closer to where Samba and some men of Azara tried desperately to revive Ha’Kamara, warriors intercepted her. The woman cut no figure of a warrior and looked more like a hag who communed with paranormal forces. She was covered in blood from head to toe and must have been hiding for long amongst the pile of dead bodies from under which she crawled out. “We can tell you were a slave brought here to be sold, but why do you seek to see our warrior child?” one of the warriors who withstood the woman asked. “I can help her wake up. I know why she has fallen ill.” responded the woman. “Why has she fallen ill?” “The time of her full power has come and she is in the fold of her people the Bodgi tribe and their half-brothers, Zarafi and the River people.” The warriors could not argue much further with a woman who seemed very sure of what she was saying and so took her to Samba.

“Samba! This woman thinks she might be able to help Ha’Kamara wake up,” said one of the warriors who led the woman to Samba. “Woman who are you?” Samba queried in anger. “My name is Usana, the wife of Basah of the tribe of Bodgi. I am Ha’Kamara’s mother.” Her words made even the air to stand still. Even Ha’Kamara who was convulsing stopped at the sound of her voice. Samba looked at her for a while and then asked, “How did you get here and how sure are you that you can wake her?” “Slave raiders brought me here on my way to Bada to see if the famed child warrior, Ha’kamara, was my child. I can help her. She is my daughter and I know why she is ill.” “Why is she ill?” “You ask many questions Samba,” Usana said and waltzed past Samba and then placed her right hand on Ha’Kamara’s forehead. Usana left her hand on Ha’Kamara’s forehead for a while as many eyes starred at her. While many wondered what she was up to, Usana yelled, “Ha’Kamara! I Usana your mother, a faithful servant of the guardians, summon you! Arise and make the fields of Selay red with blood!”

In that instance, Ha’Kamara snapped out of her unconsciousness and her eyes twinkled with a glow. The ground on which she kept her feet began to emit smoke. The smoke following cracks on the ground and wafted toward the block building in which Adam Cox and his men took refuge. Ha’Kamara and her mother starred at each other for a while and then Ha’Kamara said, “I have seen you before. You watch from afar and you sniff the ground to know where my feet go. Are you she who the gods could not stop from giving birth to a child on their day?” “Yes Child, I am she. And you are the child whom I gave birth to on the day of the gods.” “You are my mother then!” Ha’Kamara sprang to her feet and hugged Usana. Usana held her tight as tears flowed from her eyes. “While you were still covered with my blood, they took you from me. But I made sure you got a name before you were thrown away,” Usana whispered. “Thank you for not giving up mama. I know about the basket of eggs. After this war, my feet shall tread on the land Bodgi.” “I know and I will be here to watch you serve the proud white chicken what he deserves. Now be off child, your friend Zaya has been taken by the white man. They will try to use her to get on their ship. They know they have lost this war.”

Ha’Kamara let go of her grip on her mother, her eyes still glowing and turning to Samba and the warriors around him she said, “Samba, the white man has Zaya! She must have fallen into their hands during the last attack. Now send Inya and some warriors to Bada to bring Reverend Jeremy Dudley and Anne Cox here. We shall trade their lives for Zaya’s. After that, we shall kill all the white men and women in Selay and in all the lands of Ubukwu.” Immediately Inya took warriors with him and ran off to Bada to bring Anne Cox and Reverend Jeremy Dudley. When the men of Azara heard that the white man had taken Zaya captive and intended to trade her and some other warriors for a passage to their ships, they took their weapons and made to match upon the block houses in which the white man holed himself. However they were stopped by Ha’Kamara. “The warriors of Azara, you will not engage the white man yet. Yes they have Zaya, but I have two precious souls of theirs. I intend to trade them for Zaya. When I have done that, the white man will be yours for the taking. I promised Zaya that she will not die in Selay and I intend to keep that promise.” And so the warriors of Azara held their peace.


Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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Moofyme.com: An African Literary Blog: HA'KAMARA - Episode 14
HA'KAMARA - Episode 14
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