HA'KAMARA - Episode 13

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The sight of Ha’Kamara and Zaya turning boldly upon their enemies in spite of their numbers was a stunner to the white men who chased af...

The sight of Ha’Kamara and Zaya turning boldly upon their enemies in spite of their numbers was a stunner to the white men who chased after them. The speed of their attack was almost unreal. The British soldiers and citizens who came after them could not figure out what changed and gave Ha’Kamara and Zaya the guts to stop and fight. Guns and cannons were fired at them and unexplainably they missed them and instead hit slaves who tried to flee from Selay. British soldiers could not make out from the crowd, Samba, Wute and the warriors who had entered Selay. The table turned against the British army when Ha’Kamara hit the ground again with her hands in a bid to raise another round of dust, but instead she invoked a pool of ravenous Senge, the black serpent which protected her when she was thrown away into the forest, slithered out of the ground, hissing ominously. The sight of the snakes sent British men, women and soldiers running for cover. They did their best to blow to bits the snakes, but guns had no power over them. As they ran, Samba, Wute and the other warriors sprang upon them and began to take heads off as though they were clearing a field for the farming season.

The snakes multiplied rapidly, causing unusual panic amongst Britons and other Europeans. They tore their flesh easily and left them in their numbers on the ground panting for breath as their poison spread through their bodies. Adam Cox who matched from behind could not fathom why his men who seemed to have the upper hand would be running from their enemies. To yet again turn the tide of the battle to their side, he commanded his men to press forward. As they did, they came face to face with an innumerable brood of black serpents. At the sight of the serpents, the soldiers fled. Adam Cox shouted in vain for them to stand and fight, but his command fell on deaf ears. He tried to empty his gun barrel on the black serpents and soon found out for himself that the snakes were not of the human world. So Adam Cox joined his men and fled towards the ships. Sadly between the Britons and the ships they sought to take refuge in was a mammoth crowd of slaves who had broken free from the ships in which they were bound to be shipped out of Africa. The slaves were armed with every conceivable sort of weapon taken from the ships and from the battle ground and fiercely came at Adam Cox and his men with one thing in mind – determination to destroy the men who made them slaves in their own lands.

 In every corner of Selay, the hunted black men and women became the hunters. It was common to see women who earlier that day had been bound as slaves to be shipped out of their lands, sinking their teeth into white men they could lay their hands on. Some others fought with stones, cracking and smashing skulls with them. On the ground the white man could not find a spot to put his foot because Senge covered the ground and attacked them ruthlessly. As the battle raged on and all the blacks who could fight pressed upon British men and women, more warriors began to arrive at Selay eager to stain their machetes with the blood of their enemies. At this point Adam Cox had to find a way to save all British citizens in Selay. He instructed some of his men to raise a barrier of fire between them and the meandering snakes. He was not sure the fire would stop the snakes, but being out of options, he had to try that to see if it would work. As Adam and his men ran toward the brick houses which they hoped would afford them some protection, they began to burn whatever they could find, leaving behind them a blazing trail of fire. The serpents, Ha’Kamara, Zaya and the warriors were forced to slow down from chasing the white men because of the fire which covered their paths.

The battle began to peter out as many more British men and women made it to the brick houses. Those who were left behind fell to the machetes of the warriors of Ubukwu lands. Till nightfall warriors kept pouring into Selay; when British people who were behind brick walls saw their number they trembled greatly. With their heavy caliber weapons they held off the warriors of Ubukwu land. Though the warriors of Ubukwu land returned fire in form of arrows, they could only hit brick walls and a few men. The battle went in this fashion until dawn by which the warriors of Azara, Elumara, Uzaku, Ekejoko and Uzaa came to the bloody party. Behind the brick walls in which Adam Cox and all the men and women who survived the first battle of the war hid, ideas and opinions were bounced off as to how to defeat the mammoth army who had seized Selay. Adam Cox new it would take much more than their fire power to crush the army outside. Intensively he and the senior army officers with him devised means to infiltrate the army outside to divide or turn them against each other.

On the other hand, Wute was stunned when he saw Zaya. The sight of his once gentle and harmless wife slaying men and women in battle with two firmly held knives tore his heart to shreds. In the night after the battle had waned, he took her aside to have a chat with her, but when his eyes fell on her missing fingers he yelled so loud that some warriors had to restrain him from doing something stupid to himself until morning. By the full dawn of the day, Zaya asked the warriors to allow her and Wute some time.  In a mind snapping rage, Wute asked Zaya, “Some of your fingers are gone! What happened to them?” Zaya did not give him the answer her wanted, “Worry not about that Wute; many things have happened to me since I was taken from Azara and forced into slavery which you do not want to know. The missing fingers are the least of them.” “Tell me my darling! Please tell me! Who did this to you?!” “He who did this to me is dead. I killed him with twenty stabs to the chest. Even in his next life, she will bleed to death.” “I will take it that a white man did this to you, because I know that no man or woman in all the lands of Ubukwu would try this knowing you are from Azara.” “My slave master did it to me. I do not want you to talk about it anymore. Tell me, how are your parents, sisters and brothers?” Wute ignored her and picked his machete and took off toward the brick buildings. It was a little late by the time Zaya raised her head and spotted him running toward the brick buildings and she alerted others.

Warriors knew that if Wute was allowed to get close to those buildings, he would be blasted to death by the white man’s gun, and so they ran after him. Wute was very fast. From behind the walls of the buildings gunshots were fired but missed Wute. He kept running; his intention was to scale one of the buildings and slay as many as he could before he would be taken down. He knew he would die, but he was determined to take many with him. Zaya had thought that all the love he felt for him was gone, but the sight of him running to death because of her moved her to tears and she picked her blades and ran after him, not to stop him, but to die alongside him. When Ha’kamara saw Zaya running after Wute, she knew she was running to fight by his side and not to stop him from taking a stupid decision. Ha’Kamara had to provide them cover by raising dust yet again. The sight of the young girl raising dust was a marvel to many of the warriors who had heard about her but had not seen her in battle. All the warriors rose from their positions and ran after Wute, Zaya and Ha’Kamara. In fear British soldiers began to fire at them.

Many warriors were torn apart by bullets and cannon fire, yet many more ran toward the buildings eager to give their blades a taste of white man’s blood. When Wute reached one of the buildings he scaled it like a monkey and went in through a window. From inside the room he jumped into, shouts were heard and then severed white heads flew out the window. Zaya jumped in and so also the warriors that followed behind her. In the room, British men and woman sought means to escape from the bloodthirsty warriors who invaded their hide out. They found none as machetes hacked them from all sides.


Written by:
Uzoma Ujor

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HA'KAMARA - Episode 13
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