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"Many have died from not protecting themselves from the rays of the moon."

-          Roger Bacon, English philosopher,  1200s

While other occult societies dealt majorly in blood and human life to gain power and wealth, the House of Stalis dealt more in manipulating and hijacking the destinies of men; what is commonly called ‘stars’. Their god was Stalis, the goddess of nocturnal oracles and fallen stars. The occult society, House of Stalis, through ancient rituals from Persian astrologers could see the stars (destinies) of men and women; and also had the ability to switch their stars. Their focus was on harvesting the stars of men and women, and using them to prosper. The members of the House of Stalis called themselves merchants of destinies.

This evil secret society saw itself and members as the followers of the Maji, ancient Persian astrologers who used their occult means to ascertain the “Star of Bethlehem” in order to determine Jesus’ birthplace, Matthew 2:1–12. They studied the alignment of the sun, moon and stars to know who shall be born and what destiny he or she shall have. They believed that the sun, moon and stars, had a powerful effect on human behavior. They held firmly the ancient belief about being "moonstruck," and lunacy. Lunacy, a term for madness, comes from Luna, the Latin name for the moon goddess. They believed that the moon was a god with powers to foretell the future. Their priests would study the moon's reflection in a mirror, believing that if they gazed directly at the moon, it might drive them mad. Superstitions about the moon's evil influence made some to refuse to sleep in a place where moonbeams could touch them.

Those who sought to prosper through any means in life were allowed to join the House of Stalis by submitting the destiny (star) of another person. Such destinies must be worth the attention of the house of Stalis; and afterwards such new members could then bring the names of those whose stars they want given to them and the leaders of the House of Stalis, known as 'Magoi', meaning 'bearers of the gift', would perform the necessary rituals and the gifts of the person whose name had been submitted would be transferred to the persons who brought the names. Stars were transferred from people to members of the House of Stalis by its members giving to the person whose star they want, gifts offered to Stalis as a sacrifice on her altar.

For the members of the House of Stalis to prosper all they had to do was to keep supplying destinies to the society. Their evil acts after a few years left men and women whose destinies had been robbed or switched languishing in abject poverty, pain and squalor. Nothing such people did could wield any good result or end in success. Those whose stars had been taken by the members of the House of Stalis were referred to as ‘Fallen Stars’. 


Franklyn, Ola and Ikenna were bosom friends with great dreams and ambitions in life. They all were certain life was going to play out for them the way they had dreamt it.  Franklyn after University education began to search for jobs, Ola didn’t have to search for job; immediately after school an oil company offered him a mouthwatering job.  Ikenna on his part started a small ICT firm of his own which after he it set up began to blossom rapidly.  While Ola and Ikenna both seemed on course to fulfill their dreams, Franklyn couldn’t get any meaningful job or business going for him.

Franklyn put his plight down to bad luck and believed that someday, his fortunes would turn for good. To get through each day, he had to survive on menial jobs and handouts from his friends. However things turned from bad to worse for him when he strangely suffered paralysis in his right leg, resulting in the total loss of the use of that leg.  Earlier before his paralysis, his friend Ola had been involved in an auto accident which claimed one of his limbs. Due to his rich background Ola was taken to one of the best hospitals in the city for treatment; however when they could not help him, he was flown out of the country, in the hope that he would find solution in one of the best hospitals in the world, but even there they still could not help him.

Three weeks after his return from abroad, the House of Stalis, through Ola’s father who was a senior member, offered a sacrifice which brought his dead leg back to life. The sacrifice transferred Ola’s dead leg to Franklyn and took his good leg to Ola. What no one knew was that Franklyn was a ‘Fallen Star’ to Ola. Back when they were all in school, Ola’s father had seen Franklyn’s  bright star and transferred it to his son, Ola. Matters took on a new twist when Jenifer, Ola’s girlfriend found out that Franklyn was Ola’s ‘Fallen Star’ and that Ola was a member of the House of Stalis. She told Ikenna of her discovery and two days later, Jenifer was found dead in a night club. However before her death, she had sent a text message (SMS) to a friend of hers and informed her of her discovery.  

Unknown to Jenifer, Ikenna was also a member of the House of Stalis. When she told Ikenna about what she found out about Ola, Ikenna quickly informed Ola about what she told him, and the two of them hastily put plans in place to take care of Jenifer. However before they could get to Deeva Night Club where Jenifer was, someone else had reached Jenifer before them at the club and shot her at point blank range. Jenifer’s death left Ola and Ikenna wondering who else might be after Jenifer. On the other hand, Franklyn had to be taken back to the village by his sister so their aging mother could take care of him.

Mr. Austin was supposed to be a dead member of the House of Stalis. However somehow he had returned from the dead to keep a promise he made to someone dear to him long ago. His world came crashing when he found out that his uncle before his death had been a member of the House of Stalis and had used his father’s star to prosper. Mr. Austin upon his discovery of what his uncle did to his father chose to return the stars of his brother and cousin which he had used to prosper, but was told by the Magoi, that once a person’s star has been taken,  Stalis their god, would never return it. To get his pound of flesh, he faked his death, and some years after he came back to stage a war on the House of Stalis and his uncle’s family.

While still an active member of the House of Stalis, Mr. Austin discovered that the pains and sufferings they went through as a family were all down to his uncle, Mr. Obieze, switching his father’s star. That act by his uncle caused his family to live through poverty, pain and deprivation. His father who was at some point a successful man had strangely fallen into poverty and died a pauper. It was the pains and poverty Mr. Austin suffered that drove him to join the House of Stalis. To be accepted as a member of the house of Stalis Mr. Austin had to offer the destiny of his blood brother and then took his cousin’s star, a promising medical student, to prosper. That his cousin woke up one morning and took a walk into the street. From that day he began to explain physics and chemistry to unseen students of his. He would explain biology on the tarred and set examination work for invisible students; in a nutshell, the bright medical student had gone nuts.

Jenifer’s friend, Ijeoma, whom she sent a text message to before she was killed at Deeva Night club was a mistress to Mr. Austin. The content of the text message was so shocking to her that she had to spill it to her lover. Having been a member of the occult group, Mr. Austin knew what was going to follow Jenifer’s disclosure of a secret from the House of stalis. So he moved quick and saved Jenifer by helping stage her death. However, that act of his left Ola and Ikenna hot on his heels as they tried to find out who killed Jenifer.

Jenifer’s discovery, her quest to stay alive and the desire to help Franklyn led her into dark magic, voodoo and occult powers. She began to search for a way to undo the curse of Stalis on People and to destroy the power its members wielded. Mr. Austin on his part began to slaughter the family members of his dead uncle.  Ikenna turned his company and recruitment process into a means to hunt for talented people whose stars he harvested through bumper gifts he gave to them as is employees at the end of every six months. After taking their stars through the gifts he offered them, he would sack some of them whose stars he had taken. Some of his ex-staff who found out what had been done to them and came back to threaten Ikenna for him to release their stars were made to disappear. Ola took advantage of the rich talent pool around him in the oil company he worked for to collect as much talents as he could. In the oil company, he was known for his generosity and was highly praised for this, but with time a pattern began to take shape, all those he helped began to have problems and would leave the company shortly after his help; while some others ended up dead.

Ola and Ikenna’s hunt to find out who killed Jenifer led them to the discovery that Mr. Austin, a supposedly dead member of the occult society, was alive and that it was he who staged Jenifer’s death. Fearing that Jenifer may have told Franklyn the truth about what Ola and his father did to him, they sent an assassin to finish him off in the village.  Ikenna and Ola had to inform the Magoi of the House of Stalis that Mr. Austin was alive, and that he helped Jenifer escape their net. The Magoi did not waste time to verify the claims of both young men, and found out that not only had Mr. Austin been alive, he was also slaughtering the members of their former colleague. Before death, the members of the House of Stalis are promised that their family members would be looked after upon their demise, so to attack such family was considered a grave sin by the House of Stalis, on the basis of this, the House of Stalis declared a full scale war on Mr. Austin.

To bring to a swift end the trouble which Jenifer caused them, the House of Stalis offered an evil sacrifice on their altar and summoned the soul of Jenifer to their coven. However, they did not know that Jenifer had become the mistress of dark powers herself; Jenifer repelled the force of darkness sent to her and instead summoned the soul of Mr. Ayo Bankole, the father of Ola, and slew him in his dream. Jenifer went down to Franklyn’s hometown with a few of her occult colleagues and arrived in time to stop the assassin sent to kill Franklyn. Franklyn was shocked to hear that his sufferings had been as a result of Ola taking his star. He could also not believe it that Ikenna was in the same cult with Ola. Jenifer and her colleagues whisked him off to the city to find a way to restore his star.

Mr. Austin could not stand the sight of the sufferings of his brother and cousin whose stars he had taken to become rich, so he offered his brother millions hoping that would change his fortunes, but much to his dismay, the money and the businesses he started went under in a matter of months. As for his cousin, he continued to raom the street until a truck rammed him to death. The war between the House of Stalis and Mr. Austin took on a new dimension when Mr. Austin killed one of the Magoi. To revenge, the House of Stalis broke their code of not hurting the family members of any House of Stalis follower, and in one day slaughtered half of Mr. Autin’s family, his soul was summoned to the altar of Stalis and was cursed by the goddess of nocturnal oracles and fallen stars. The curse placed upon him left him permanently afflicted by an evil spirit.

 Jenifer eventually found a way to destroy the power of the House of Stalis through a ritual called the ‘curse of Helena’. However she had one challenge, how to get the ritual into the coven of Stalis.  Mr. Austin who was under serious attack as a result of the curse placed upon him, offered to carry ‘the curse of Helena’ into the coven of Stalis, under the pretense of seeking forgiveness.  The curse was hidden under his Stalis robe when he carried it into the coven.  Just after few minutes of staying in the coven of Stalis, ‘the curse of Helena’ began to unleash its power on Stalis, goddess of nocturnal oracles and fallen stars, and the House of Stalis.  The altar of Stalis was destroyed and the coven collapsed. The Magoi and other members of the House of Stalis fled in fear from the coven. The curse upon Mr. Austin was broken; Franklyn was miraculously healed and Ola’s received his dead leg back. With his star returned, and his leg back to life, Franklyn went after Ola and Ikenna for revenge.


Written By:
Uzoma Ujor

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